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Families covered: Staverton (Stafferton) of Eversley, Staverton of Staverton, Staverton of Strodehall (Strode Hall), Staverton (Stafferton) of Warvyle (Warfield)

Although we use "Staverton" throughout, the following family's name is often spelt "Stafferton".
Rafe Staverton of Staverton Manor, Berkshire
m. Elizabeth Haydock (dau/heir of Thomas Haydock of Grewell)
1. William Staverton of Staverton
  A. daughter
  m. _ Waterhouse
  B. Maria Staverton
  m. John Norreys (Norris) of Fyfield
2. Richard (or Ralph) Staverton of Strodhall, Berkshire
Visitation (Hampshire), supported by Berry, identifies both this Richard's wife and his son Richard's wife as _ Siferwast. Visitation (Berkshire), which names him Radulphus (Ralph), suggests that he m1. Elizabeth (mother of his children) m2. Syfer or Syfen and does not name a wife for his son Richard.
  A. Richard Staverton of Bray Strodhall & Wingfield (Berkshire)
  i. Humphrey Staverton of Wingfeld
  m. Maud
  a. Ellen Staverton
  m. Robert Loggins of Bray
  ii. Richard Staverton
  m. Joan Moore (dau of Sir John Moore, sister of Sir Thomas the Chancellor)
  a. Richard Staverton
  m. Lettice Patten (dau of Richard Patten)
  (1) Thomas Staverton of London
  m. Magdalen Flower
  Visitation (Berkshire) inserts a generation here, a Parr Staverton of London who, by dau/coheir of _ Dudley of Hackney, was father of 3 children. Visitation (Hampshire) shows that it was Thomas & Magdalen who were parents of ...
  (A)+ issue - William, Peter, Henry
  (2) Thomas Staverton (dsp, 2nd of the name)
  B. Rafe Staverton of Strodehall
  m. ?? (dau/heir of Dampreticourt)
i. Rafe Staverton of Strodehall
  m. Agnes Rogers (dau of William Rogers of Bradford (Wiltshire))
  a. Richard Staverton of (Heathley Hall in) Warvyle, Berkshire
  m. Margaret Weston (dau of (Sir) Richard Weston of Camells)
  Richard & Margaret had a large family! Visitation (Berkshire) shows 9 sons (Richard+, Rafe+, Walter (sp), William+, Mathew (sp), Deodatus (sp), Henry+, Nichola (sp), Arthur+) plus Margaret. Visitation (Hampshire) shows 14 sons (Richard+, Rafe+, William, William+, Humfrey+, Richard (sp), Henry+, Theodicius (sp), Reignald (sp), Nicholas, Thomas + Richard, Henry & David) but no daughters. Berry shows 13 sons (Richard+, Rafe+, William, William+, Humfry+, Richard (sp), Henry+, Theodosius (sp), Reginald (sp), Nicholas, Thomas+ & Henry-David) but no daughters.
  (1) Richard Staverton of Warvyle (Warfield)
m. Anne Norris (dau of John Norris of Fifield)
  (A) Richard Staverton of Warvyle (Warfield)
  m. Elizabeth Butler (dau/coheir of Edward Butler of Reading)
  (i) Edward Staverton of Warfield (dsp?)
  (ii) Richard Staverton
  (a) Elizabeth Staverton (heir) probably of this generation
  m. Henry Nevill
  (iii) Anne Staverton
  m. John Austin
(iv)+ other issue - William, Elizabeth
  (B) Humfrey Staverton
  m. _ Lowther
  (C) Francis Staverton
  (2) Rafe Staverton
  m. _ Cobham
  (A)+ issue - Hector, Robert
  (3) William Staverton (4th son?)
  m. Anne Barker (dau/(co)heir of William Barker of Wokingham)
  (A) George Staverton
  m. Joane Mariott of Henley
  (i) Henry Staverton
(B)+ other issue - Francis (dsp), William
  (4) Deodatus (Theodicius or Theodosius) Staverton of Eversley, Hampshire (6th son?)
  Deodatus/Theodicius is shown by the Visitations as having dsp but it appears that that should read dspm. CV (mentioned below) drew our attention to Wikipedia ('Eversley Manor') which indicates that Deodatus acquired Eversley and left the manor to his brother Thomas who "before 1616 had been succeeded by another Deodatus Staverton". CV also drew our attention to this web page which, whilst focusing on Amy Robsart, has a note on Mrs/ Odingsells that identifies Deodatus's wife as ...
  m. (13.06.1567) Edith Williams (dau of Reginald Williams of Burfield, widow of Edmund Odingsells)
  (A) Edith Stafferton probably of this generation
  m. Nathaniel Lacy of Stamford (a 1625)
(4) Humfrey Staverton of East Hampstead, Berkshire (d 06.08.1592, younger son)
  CV drew our attention to this web page which gives more information on Humfrey and his family, identifying him as the 3rd son and mentioning his brothers Thomas, William & Deodatus plus Richard & Henry with mention also (without the relationship being confirmed) of Arthur & George. Whereas the Visitations identify his wife as Lettice Ludlow, that page identifies her as ...
  m. (c1557) Lettice Lovelace (d before 08.1592, dau of William Lovelace of Culham)
  (A) Elizabeth Staverton (b c1562, d 1587)
  m. (c1582) John Reade of Hertfordshire
  (B) Mary Staverton
  m. _ Thompson
  (C) Lettyce Staverton
m. (William?) Hyde @@ see here @@
  (D) Edith Staverton
  m. _ Loueden
  (E) Margaret Staverton
m. _ Nutting
  (5) Henry Staverton of Durley, Southamptonshire (younger son)
  m. Catherine Williams (dau of Reginald Williams of Burfield)
  (A)+ issue - Reginald, Richard, Henry, Daniell, Mabell
  (6) Thomas Staverton, later of Eversley (d before 1616?, younger son)
  m. Felice Rookes of Oxfordshire (widow of William Lovelace of Kilham)
  (A) Theoditus or Deodatus Staverton of Eversley
  m. Anne Rowe (dau of Sir Henry Rowe, Mayor of London) possibly Theoditus's wife
  Wikipedia ('Eversley Manor') reports that Eversley was succeeded to by ...
  (i) Francis Staverton of Eversley (dsp?)
  (ii) Anne Staverton of Eversley
  m. William Lucy
(B) Thomas Staverton
  (7) Arthur Staverton (younger son)
  (A) William Staverton
  (8) Margaret Staverton
  m. Francis Broughton of Staffordshire
  (9) Mabel Staverton probably of this generation
  m1. Francis Waferor (Waferer) of London
  m2. Nicholas Williams of Burghfield (b 1531/2, dspm 01.04.1568)
  m3. Sir Read Stafford (a 1601, dsp)
  (10)+ other issue - William (Walter? d young?), Matthew (sp), Richard (dsp), Reignald (dsp), Nicholas, Henry, David
  b. Christopher Staverton
  ii. William Staverton
  iii. Elizabeth Staverton
  m. Thomas Burgoyn of Long Stratton
  C. Joyce Staverton
3. Elizabeth Staverton
  m. Richard Patten alias Wainfleet of Lincolnshire

Main source(s): Visitation (Berkshire, 1623, 'Staverton of Warvile'), Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575-1622-34, 'Staverton') with support from CountyGen (Berry, Hampshire, p178+) and some links kindly provided by a regular contributor (CV, 27.12.20) as reported above
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