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Families covered: Sinclair of Roslin (Rosslyn)

Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslin (d after 1509)
m. Margaret Borthwick (dau of William Borthwick, 3rd Lord)
1. George Sinclair (dvp)
  m. Agnes Crichton (dau of Robert Crichton, Lord of Sanquhar)
  A. Sir William Sinclair of Roslin (d 1540)
  Douglas identifies Sir William's wife as Alison, daughter dau of George Home, 4th Lord, but TSP (Home) identifies her as ...
  m. Alison Home (dau of Sir Patrick Home of Fastcastle)
  i. Sir William Sinclair of Roslin (d before 1567)
Douglas identifies Sir William's wife as Isabel, daughter of Sir Walter Ker of Cessford (ancestor of Roxburgh). The dates given some uncertainty as to which generation Isabel belonged to and hence which laird of Cessford was her father.
  m. Isabel Ker (dau of ?? Ker of Cessford)
  a. Edward Sinclair of Roslin (dsp)
  m. _ Douglas (dau of Sir George Douglas of Parkhead)
b. Sir William Sinclair of Roslin (a 1583)
  m. Janet Edmonston (dau of ?? Edmonston of that ilk)
  (1) Sir William Sinclair of Roslin (a 1617)
  m. Anne Spotswood (dau of John Spotswood, Archbishop of St. Andrews)
(A) Sir William Sinclair of Pentland (dvp unm)
  (B) James Sinclair of Roslin
  m. Jean Spotswood (dau of Sir Henry Spotswood, Sheriff of Dublin)
  (i) Alexander Sinclair of Roslin
  m. Jean Semple (dau of Robert Semple, 7th Lord)
  (a) William Sinclair of Roslin (Rosslyn)
  TCP (Rosslyn) reports that Rosslyn Castle was "acquired by the St. Clairs of Herdmanston ... on the resignation of Sir William Sinclair of Rosslyn, 30 Nov. 1652."
  m. Cordelia Wishart (dau of Sir George Wishart of Cliftonhall)
  ((1)) Sarah Sinclair
((2))+ other issue (d young) - 2 sons and 4 daughters
  (b)+ other issue (d young) - 2 sons and 3 daughters
  (ii) Thomas Sinclair
  m. Elizabeth Wauchope (dau of Capt. _ Wauchope, brother of Niddery)
  (a) James Sinclair had issue
  m. _ Wedderburn (dau of Comissioner _ Wedderburn)
  (b) (Margaret) Sinclair
  m. (Alexander) Bower of Methie & Kincaldrum
  (c)+ other issue - Francis, daughter
(iii) Helen Sinclair
  m. Henry Ker of Graden
  (C) Helen Sinclair possibly of this generation
  m. (mcrt 27.08.1654) Sir John Rollo of Bannockburn (b 22.02.1602, d 1666)
  B. Alexander Sinclair
2. Henry Sinclair of Stevenson, Bishop of Ross (b 1508, d 01.1565)
3. Sir Oliver Sinclair of Pitcairnie (b 1498, a 1546, General) had issue
  m. Katherine Bellenden (b 1497, sister (not daughter) of Thomas Bellenden of Auchinoul)
4. John Sinclair, Bishop of Brechin (d 1566)
5. James Sinclair
6. Margaret Sinclair possibly of this generation
  Although the death dates of the husbands make it look as though there must have been 2 different Margarets, it is not clear which other "laird of Rosslyn" might have been the father of Thomas Kirkpatrick's wife whilst the Lauder records indicate that the wife of Robert Lauder (who appears to have lived to an old age) was of this generation.
  m1. Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburne (d 1515)
  m2. Robert Lauder of Edrington & The Bass (d 06.1576)

Main source(s): Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland', volume i, printed in 1798 (Sinclair of Roslin)
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