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Families covered: Shedden of Beith (Beath), Shedden of Marshyland, Shedden of Morris Hill, Shedden of Roughwood

John Shedden of Beath, Ayrshire
1. Robert Shedden of Beath (a 1675)
  A. Robert Shedden of Millburn & Coalburn, later of Roughwood, Ayrshire (a 1690)
  m. (1685) Jean Harvie (dau of John Harvie or Harvey of Greenend)
i. John Shedden of Roughwood & Millburn (d 1770)
  m. (1727) Jean Ralston (dau of Gavin Ralston of that ilk by Anna Porterfield)
  a. William Ralston Shedden of Roughwood & Millburn, later in Virgina then Bermuda then New York (b 23.04.1747, youngest son)
  m1. (1785) Rachel Kennedy (d 1786)
  (1) Annabella Shedden (married and had issue)
  m2. Anne Wilson (dau of David Wilson of New York)
  (2) William Patrick Ralston Shedden in Calcutta had issue
  m. (1822) Frances Browne (dau of William Browne of Calcultta)
  (3) Jean Ralston Shedden
  b. Marion Shedden (b 11.1733)
  m. (1761-2) John Patrick of Trearne
  c.+ other issue - John (d infant), Gavin (d infant), John (b 1741, dvp Havanna 1763, surgeon), George (d infant), Elizabeth (d infant), Annabella (b 1742, d unm in Bermuda), Jane
  ii. Robert Shedden of Colburn (d unm)
  iii. William Shedden of Aughingree & Kerse (b 17058, d 1751)
  Paterson mentions just 1 younger son, Robert, suggesting that it was him who married a dau of Robert Dobie. BLG1952 shows that it was William who married ...
  m. Beatrix Dobbie (dau of Robert Dobbie, Chamberlain of Giffen)
  a. Robert Shedden of London then Virginia then Bermuda then New York then London (b 1741, d 26.09.1826)
  m. (1767) Agatha Wells Goodrich (d 1837, dau of John Goodrich of Nanesmond Plantation)
  (1) George Shedden of Paulerspury Park (Northamptonshire), Knockmarloch (Ayrshire) & Hardmead (Buckinghamshire) (d 21.03.1855) had issue
  m. (04.09.1796) Mary Goodrich (d 02.12.1827, dau/coheir of William Goodrich of Spring Hill, Isle of Wight, cousin)
  (2) Robert Shedden of Brooklands (Hampshire) & Mary Church (Devon), Sheriff of Hampshire (a 1822) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Millicent Munro (dau of Robert Duncan Munro)
  (3) John Shedden of Eastonton & Efford, Hampshire (Colonel) had issue
  m. (1802) Sophia Elizabeth Lewis (dau of Matthew Gregory Lewis, Under-Secretary of War, sister/coheir of Matthew Gregory Lewis, the poet)
  (4) William Shedden of London (d 1820) had issue
  m. Wilhelmina Miller (dau of Captain William Miller RN)
  (5) Bartlett Bridger Shedden of Aldham Hall, Suffolk (d 1820) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Mary Shedden Goodrich (dau of Bartlett Goodrich of Saling Grove, cousin)
  (6) Margaret Shedden
  m. (03.12.1807) Edward Allfrey of Banstead & Robertsbridge (d 01.06.1834?, son of George of West Dean)
  (7) Agatha Beatricx Goodrich Shedden (b c1784, d 29.12.1859)
  (8) Mary Elizabeth Shedden
m. Rev. G.S. Griffin Stonestreet of Halton
  b. Elizabeh Shedden
  m. John Shedden of Muirston
  (1)+ issue - John in London, Agatha in Beith
  c.+ 1 son + 2 daughters
  iv. Elizabeth Shedden
  m. George Browne of Knockmarloch
  B. John Shedden of Marshyland (a 1686)
The following comes from Paterson (p275+) & BLG1863 ('Shedden of Morris Hill').
  m. Margaret Montgomerie (dau of Matthew Montgomerie of Bogston by Janet, dau of William Muir of Bruntwood)
  i. John Shedden of Marshyland
  ii. Robert Shedden of Morris Hill, Ayrshire (a 1748)
  m. (1752) Margaret Simson (dau of William Simson of Willowyard)
  a. John Shedden of Morris Hill & Broadstone (d 01.1833)
  m. (18.06.1787) Barbara Wilson (dau of John Wilson of Kilmarnock (Bailie), half-sister of Robert William Montgomerie of Bogston)
  (1) Alexander Shedden of Morris Hill (b 29.04.1791, 2nd son) had issue (1 dau)
  m1. (15.06.1841, spm) Jessie Glasgow Henderson (dau of James Henderson of Greenock)
  m2. (22.04.1851, sp?) Martha Wilson (dau of James Wilson, professor in London)
  (2) Janet Shedden
  m. James Adam of Edinburgh (WS)
  (3) Margaret Shedden
  m. (1815) James Dobie of Beith (WS)
  (4) Elizabeth Shedden
  m. William Barr of Ferguslie Place, Paisley
  (5)+ other issue - Robert (d unm 1828, Captain), John (d yoing)
  b. William Shedden (d young)
  c. Elizabeth Shedden (dsp)
  m. William Reid (sculptor)
  d. Margaret Shedden
  m. Charles Watson of Loindon (upholsterer)
  e. Janet Shedden
  m. James Scrimgeour formerly of Fox Hall (West Lothian) then London
  (1) Jessie Janet Scrimgeour
  m. James Arthur Wison of London (son of professor James, cousin)
  (2)+ other issue - James, Robert Shedden of Totteridge, William, John, Margaret, Dorothea

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Shedden of Hardmead'), 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p274+), BLG1863 ('Shedden of Paulerspury Park')
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