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Families covered: Selby of Newcastle, Selby of Selby, Selby of Whitehouse, Selby of Winlaton

Commoners (vol II, Selby of Biddleston) reports "The Selbys have been seated time out of mind in Northumberland: but, by a fire which unfortunately occurred in the year 1721, at Allenton, the parish in which they usually resided, the greatest part of their deeds and evidences were destroyed, and they are thereby deprived of the means of ascertaining with more exactness the remote line of their ancestry." Accordingly, it is not possible/easy to connect the various branches of the family. The earliest member of the family from whom a continuous descent has so far been found (by us) was ...
Bryan Selby of Selby (a cc1200??)
1. Edmund Selby of Selby & Thorp
  m. _ Methley (dau of _ Methley of Methley)
  A. Thomas Selby of Selby
  m. _ Haydon (dau of Sir Bryan Haydon)
  i. Sir Walter Selby
  Visitation continues with the undermentioned Christopher. This may be the Sir Walter (a 1272) identified by Commoners as father of the following Sir Walter with the implication being (but without it being specifially stated) that he was 'of Biddlestone'.
  a. Sir Walter Selby, Governor of Liddell Castle (d 1342) possibly father of ...
  (1) ?? presumed intermediary generation
  (A) James de Selby of Biddlestone (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
b. Christopher Selby
  m. Margaret Plumpton (dau of Sir William Plumpton)
  (1) Sir Bryan Selby
  m. _ Hopton (dau of _ Hopton of Hopton)
  (A) Walter Selby
  m. Margaret Bristowe (dau of Sir Hugh Bristowe)
  (i) Anthony Selby
  m. Jane Vavasour (dau of ?? Vavasour of Spaldington)
  (a) Sir Walter Selby
  m. _ Brandling (dau of John Brandling)
  ((1)) William Selby of Newcastle the first mentioned by BEB1841
  m. Elinor Hebborne (dau of John Hebborne)
  ((A)) George Selby (alderman of Newcastle) - continued below
  m. _ Anderson



George Selby (alderman of Newcastle) - continued above
m. _ Anderson
1. William Selby, Mayor of Newcastle (a 1573)
  m. Elizabeth Fenwick (dau/heir of Gerard Fenwick of Newcastle)
  A. Sir George Selby 'of Whitehouse', Sheriff then Mayor of Newcastle (b 1576-7, d 30.03.1625)
  m. Margaret Selby (dau of Sir John Selby of Twisell)
  i. Margaret Selby
  m. Sir William Belasyse
  ii. Elizabeth Selby
  m. Sir John Delaval
  iii. Barbara Selby
  m. Robert Delaval (dvp 04.03.1622/3)
iv. Isabel Selby (d 07.01.1666)
  m. (28.02.1619) Sir Patrick Curwen, Bart of Workington
  v. Dorothy Selby
  m. Sir William Darcy of Wilton Castle
vi. Mary Selby
  m. John Fenwick (son/heir of Sir John Fenwick of Wallington)
  B. Sir William Selby of Winlaton (Durham) & Bolam (Northumberland) (d 1649)
  m. Elizabeth Widdrington (dau/heir of William Widdrington, younger son of Sir John of Widdrington)
i. Sir George Selby of Whitehouse & Winlaton, 1st Bart (d 09.1668)
  m. Mary Molyneux (dau of Richard, Viscount Molyneux)
  a. Sir George Selby, 2nd Bart (d infant 09.1668)
  b. Frances Selby (d 1710)
  m. Sir Piers Mostyn of Talacre
  c. Julia Selby (a 1668) probably the Juliana (bur 09.06.1688) who married ...
  m. (c1683) Sir Thomas Manby
d. Elizabeth Selby (a 1668) probably the Elizabeth (bur 08.11.1700) who married ...
  m. (08.12.1654) William Ord of Prudhoe & Sturton Grange (d 1675)
  e. Barbara Selby (bur 12.09.1714) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. (c01.1665) William Sanderson of Healey
  f.+ other issue - Clare (bur 01.10.1660), Mary (a 1668), Charlotte (a 1668)
  ii. Thomas Selby
  m. Dorothy Swinburne (dau of John Swinburne of Black Heddon by Mary, sister of Robert Collingwood of Eslington)
  iii.+ other issue - William (dsp 04.12.1636), John (d unm)
  C. Margaret Selby
  m. Sir William Fenwick of Wallington
  D. Jane Selby
  m. William Wray of Beamish
  E. Elizabeth Selby
  m. William Simpson of Newcastle
  F.+ other issue - Isabel, Mary, Eleanor, Barbara, Grace, others

Main source(s): Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Selby of Whitehouse), BEB1841 (Selby of Whitehouse)
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