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Families covered: Scroggs of Chute Lodge, Scroggs of Patmore Hall, Scroggs of Weald Hall

Thomas Scroggs of Patmore Hall in Albury, Hertfordshire (d 16.07.1538)
m1. Agnes Harleston (dau of John Harleston of Cambridgeshire)
1. Francis Scroggs of Patmore Hall (bur 09.10.1585)
  m1. Joane Newport (dau of John Newport of Sandon)
  A. John Scroggs of Patmore Hall (d 30.08.1592)
  m. Mary Burton (dau of Edmund Burton of Stapleforth (by Dionise, dau of John Knighton of Beyford), m2. Sir Thomas Stanley of Lee, m3. John Smith of Little Bardfield)
  i. Edward Scroggs of Patmore Hall (bpt 06.07.1591, d by 10.1622)
m. Penelope Smythe (dau of John Smythe of Bardfield)
  a. John Scroggs of Patmore Hall (bpt 25.06.1612, d 13.06.1692)
  m1. Elizabeth Bancroft (bur 30.09.1640, dau of Thomas Bancroft of Santon)
  (1) Margaret Scroggs (bpt 07.1636)
  m. Nicholas Cunliffe of Chiselhurst (b 1632-3, d 22.06.1677)
  (A) Isabella Cunliffe (b c1666, d 10.10.1678)
  m2. Elizabeth Lytton (d 08.01.1698, dau of Sir William Lytton of Knebworth)
  (2) John Scroggs of Patmore Hall (b 20.08.1654, dvp bur 08.01.1685)
  m. _ Meade
  (A) Thomas Scroggs of Patmore Hall (b 1685, d unm 18.07.1710, of the Middle Temple)
  (B) Mary Scroggs (b 1664, d 19.10.1737)
  m. Charles Dartiquenave of Patmore Hall (d 26.10.1737, Surveyor General, Keeper of Hampton Court, etc.)
  (i) Charles Dartiquenave (Captain)
  (a) Charles Peter Dartiquenave, last of Patmore Hall (a 1775)
  (ii) Mary Dartiquenave
  m. Stafford Eyre, Governor of Galway
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Lucy (bur 19.09.1733)
  (C) Elizabeth Scroggs
  (D) Judith Scroggs
  m. John Lance
  (3) Elizabeth Scroggs (bpt 10.06.1652)
m. (1672-3) Charles Ballet of Hollingbury
  (4) Judith Scroggs (bpt 06.11.1655)
  m1. _ Ashby
  m2. John Chramphorne
  (5)+ other issue - Rowland (bpt 21.07.1663, bur 28.11.1710), Anne (bpt 15.05.1657), Jane (bpt 1665, bur 16.08.1687)
  b. Penelope Scroggs (bpt 17.11.1610)
  m. (c11.1627) Christopher Purple of FitzSimons, Bardfield
  c. Smithe Scroggs (bpt 12.08.1614, bur 28.06.1651)
  m. William Harlackendon of Newhouse in Earls Colne (d 1674)
  d. Susan Scroggs (bpt 14.11.1616)
m. (John) Goad (possibly Rector of Yarnton)
  e.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 25.08.1613), Francis in London then Coldaston (bpt 24.07.1615), Elizabeth (bpt 11.11.1619, bur 29.11.1619), Anne of Earls Colne (bpt 28.10.1618, d by 09.1641)
  B. William Scroggs of London (a 1591, 4th son)
  m. (12.07.1585) MaryWright of Forneaux Pelham
  i. William Scroggs of Rainham, Essex (d 1647)
  m. Elizabeth (d 1651)
  a. Sir William Scroggs of Weald Hall, Lord Chief Justice of England (b c1623, d 10.1683) - continued below
  m. Anne Fettiplace (b c1623, d before 30.10.1689, dau of Edmund Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis)
  ii. Margaret Scroggs
  m. _ Raymond
  iii. Jane Scroggs
  m. _ Games
  C. Alice Scroggs
  m1. Edward Randall of Hackney
  m2. John Leake of London
  D. Elizabeth Scroggs
  m. (21.09.1578) James Anton of London (son of Thomas of Stratfieldsaye)
  E. Susan Scroggs
  m. (27.05.1577) Thomas Paye
  F. Jane Scroggs
  m1. (c1584) William Dean of Great Dunmow
  m2. _ Clarke
  G. Grace Scroggs
  m. Thomas Crabbe
  H.+ other issue - Henry, Thomas of Trimley St. Mary (dsp by 06.1589)
m2. (12.11.1565) Dionise Snell (d before 09.01.1620-1)
  J. Lettice Scroggs (bpt 08.1570)
  m. Henry Eyres of Abingdon
  K.+ other issue - Francis of Little Munden (a 11.1589), Mary (bpt 14.12.1572, bur 19.06.1574)
2. Katherine Scroggs
  m. _ Surrye
  A. Raffe Surrye (bur 08.06.1614)
m2. Jane Browne (dau of Sir Wiston Browne, m1. Walter Bridges)
3. Alexander Scroggs of Renhold & Goldington, Bedfordshire (d 25.08.1569, Exigenter of London)
  m. Johanna
  A. Oliver Scroggs of Renhold & Goldington (a 15897)
  m. ?? ("a recusant")
  B. William Scroggs of Caldecott, Bedfordshire (d 12.07.1606)
  m. Margaret Dowman (dau of James Dowman of Newnham, m2. Humphrey Fishe of Northill)
  i.+ issue (a 1606) - John (b c1592), Mary (b c1596), Jane (b c1603)
4. Richard Scroggs of St. Ives (Huntingdonshire) & Renhold (d 1601)
  A.+ issue - Richard, William, Alexander, Oliver, Thomas, Arthur, Elizabeth



Sir William Scroggs of Weald Hall (Essex), Lord Chief Justice of England (b c1623, d 10.1683) - continued above
LeNeve suggests that "an ancestor (of William) was a butcher therefore called in Lampoons of the race of Kill Mad Ox." Wikipedia reports that (William) "Scroggs was the son of an Oxford landowner: the story of him being the son of a butcher of sufficient means to give his son a university education is merely a rumour, although one which was widely believed."
m. Anne Fettiplace (b c1623, d before 30.10.1689, dau of Edmund Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis)
1. Sir William Scroggs of Weald Hall & Chute Lodge (Wiltshire) (d 01.1694-5)
  m1. (c01.1684) Mary Churchill (d 1684, dau/coheir of Sir John Churchill (Master of the Rolls))
  m2. (01.12.1685) Anne Black (b 1664-5, d 23.04.1746, dau of Mathew Black of Hunsdon House (d 23.04.146, Usher of the Rolls)
  A. William Scroggs of Chute Lodge (bur 03.05.1756)
  m. Anne Seymour (bur 11.01.1755-6, sister of Sir Edward Seymour, 8th Duke of Somerset)
  i. William Scroggs of Letcombe Regis, Berkshire (bpt 11.09.1718, d by 04.1767)
m. Elizabeth Mansell (d by 1776)
  a.+ issue - William (b 11.02.12752), Elizabeth (bpt 24.06.1744), Frances (bpt 02.01.1750)
  ii. Thomas Scroggs (bpt 25.02.1725-6, bur 02.04.1731)
  iii. Edward Scroggs of West Hanney (bpt 06.09.1724, d 06.08.1784)
  m. Mary Pulse (d 15.01.1805, dau of James Pulse of Standen by Constance, dau of Sir Philip Meadows (Knight Marshall))
  a. Sydney Edward Scroggs of Standen, Wiltshire (b 1764-5, d 11.04.1845, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Sibyll Jane Dansey (b c1784, d 31.01.1848, dau of Col. _ Dansey (ADC to Kinh George II))
  b.+ other issue - Caroline, Frances
  iv. Anne Scroggs (bpt 30.10.1719)
  m. (after 11.1759) Rev. Thomas Fisher
  v. Letitia Scroggs (b c1722, d by 03.1800)
  m. (01.11.1742) John Lee Hill of West Chadderton, Wilshire (d 26.02.1760)
  a.+ issue - William (Rector of Sampford), 8 others
  B. John Scroggs
  i. John Scroggs
a.+ issue - John, Thomas, Mary Anne
  ii. Elizabeth Scroggs
  C. Anne Scroggs (bur 26.05.1743)
  m. George Popham (bur 21.02.1743-4, Rector of Chilton, son of Alexander of Littlecote)
  D.+ other issue - Charles (bur 31.07.1707), Thomas (bpt 01.08.1695, a 1715), Elizabeth of West Hanney (bur 13.12.1783)
2. Mary Scroggs (d unm 18.07.1675) mentioned by Le Neve & Wikipedia but not by MGH
3. Anne Scroggs (d 1713)
  m. (024/4.04.1681) Sir Robert Wright, Lord Chief Justice of England (m1. ??, m2. ??)
4. Elizabeth Scroggs (b 1648-9, d 22.05.1724)
  m1. Anthony Gilby of Everton (d 09.06.1676)
  m2. Charles Hatton (d by 06.1723, son of Christopher, Lord of Kirby)

Main source(s): MGH (NS5 vol 3 (1918), 'Pedigree of the Scroggs Family', p69+)
[Parts of the lower section formed a section which was uploaded into SZmisc21 on 20.12.21, having been prepared using MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), p100) with support from Le Neve's 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (1696, edited by George Marshall 1873, p346) & Wikipedia ("William Scroggs"). They have since been absorbed above.]
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