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Families covered: Scott of Calverley, Scott of York
[We are not aware of any connection between the following families. They share the page for our convenience.]

John Scott moved from Scotland to England temp King Henry I (1100-1135)
m. Landerina (dau of Alphonsus Gospatrick, lord of Calverley)
1. John Scott of Calverley (a 1136)
  m. _ Luttrell (dau of John Luttrell of Hooton Pannel)
  A. William Scott of Calverley
  m. Joan Scollington (dau of Sir John Scollington) ## sb Swillington? see here ##
i. William Scott of Calverley (a 1217)
  m. Mabel Stapleton (dau of Sir Nicholas Stapleton) ## see here ##
  a. Walter Scott of Calverley (a 1273)
  m. _ Normanville (dau of Sir John Normanville)
  (1) William Scott of Calverley (a 1355)
  m. _ Goldsborough (dau of Sir John Goldsborough of Goldsborough)
  (A) John Calverley of Calverley
  m. Margaret
  (2) son ancestor of Calverleys of Hayton, Clarebrough, Lound, ≈ in Nottinghamshire
  ii. Sir Roger Scott
  iii. Henry Scott of Pudsey
  iv. Thomas Scott ancestor of Scotts of Newton
  v. Barnard Scott (d unm)
  vi. Mary Scott
  m. Jeffrey (son of Peter of Arthington)



William Scott of York (d 05.02.1599-1600, Chamberlain)
m. Catherine (bur 27.10.1631)
1. William Scott, Sheriff of York (bur 31.12.1651)
m. (14.10.1606) Margaret Weddell (a 07.1674, dau of Leonard Weddell of Clifton)
  A. Robert Scott, Sheriff of York (bpt 03.08.1610, d before 13.08.1674)
  m. Alice (a 08.1674)
  i.+ issue - William (bpt 27.05.1640, bur 16.11.1641), William (bpt 24.01.1647-8), Rebecca (bpt 11.06.1641, d infant?), Rebecca (bpt 23.11.1646)
  B. Leonard Scott of York (a 1674)
  i. William Scott (a 1674)
  C. Joseph Scott of York (a 08.1692)
m. Sarah Thomson (a 1692, dau of John Thomson of York)
  i. Henry Scott of York (b 1657, d 10.09.1748, 3rd son)
  m. (14.04.1688) Jane Rokeby (b c1662?, d 16.03.1717-8, dau/cloheir of William Rokeby of Ackworth Place by Emma, dau of Sir William Bury of Linwood & Grantham)
  a. Joseph Scott of London & York (bpt 20/30.01.1690-1, d before 13.12.1779)
  m. (25.08.1720) Mary Marsh (bpt 18.12.1688, bur 16.11.1742, dau of John Marsh of London)
  (1)+ issue - Joseph (b 01.11.1724-5, dvp unm), Mary (b 18.10.1721, d unm before 09.1803), Jane (b 21.12.1722), Elizabeth (b 19.03.1728, d unm before 04.03.1805)
  b. William Scott (a 1704)
  m. Catherine Weston
  c. Rokeby Scott (bpt 14.03.1696, bur 03.10.1767, Rector of Arthingworth)
m. (08.04.1724) Mary Herbert (bur 21.01.1774, dau of Rev. William Herbert of Normanton by Elizabeth, sister of Edmund Bunney of Newland)
  (1) Thomas Scott (b 09.03.1725-6, d 08.1799, Rector of King's Stanley, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Taylor of Dunstable (b 25.03.1748, d 14.05.1827)
  (A) Sarah Scott (b 30.041786, dsp 03.02.1806)
  m. (31.08.1803) William Adams of Thorpe (b 13.01.1772, d 11.06.1851. m2. Mary Anne Cokaye, niece/heir of Borlase, 6th Viscount Cullen)
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - son (d infant), 2 daughters (d infant), Mary (b 18.06.1780, d 01.07.1857), Emma Anne (b 31.03.1782, d 09.02.1851)
  (2) Rokeby Scott (b 11.12.1732, d 28.10.1773)
  m. (05.05.1764) Grace Blake (d 14.01.1774, dau of Richard Blake of Trelogan, relict of John Dade)
  (A) Maria Elizabeth Scott (b 09.10.1767, d 13.03.1828)
  m. (|before 10.1792) William Mead (b c1757, d 29.01.1823, Rector of Dunstable, m1. ??)
  (B) Emma Anne Scott (b 05.09.1769, d 09.01.1849)
  m. (28.01.1790) Thomas Maddock (b c1762, d 12.02.1825, Rector of Northenden, son of Rev. Thomas of Liverpool)
  (C) Graciana Jane Scott (b 09.12.1770, d unm 15.04.1829)
  (3)+ other issue - William (b 27.01.1724-5, d 12.05.1725), Mary (b 27.01.1724-5, d unm), Jane (b 27.01.1728, d unm before 19.10.1797), Elizabeth (b 02.06.1730, a 1757)
  d. Jane Scott (bpt 24.08.1703, a 1740)
  m. (before 1731) _ White (a 1740)
  (1) Henry White
  e.+ other issue - Elizabeth, (bpt 28.02.1689, bur 07.03.1692), Mary (bpt 17.07.1699, a 1749, d unm?), Emma (bpt 22.05.1701, a 1760, d unm?), Susan (bpt 19.04.1707, a 1749, d unm?)
  ii. Joseph Scott of York
  a. Richard Scott
  iii.+ other issue - William (a 07.1674), John (a 07.1674), Thomas (a 07.1674, 08.1692), Zachary (a 07.1674, dsp 25.03.1733), Mary (a 08.1692)
  D. Catharine Scott
  m. Rowland Watson
  E.+ other issue - Mary (bpt 25.03.1607), Janet (bpt 14.09.1608)

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(1) For upper section (uploaded 25.10.03) : BEB1844 ('Calverley of Calverley')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 19.11.20) : MGH (NS3, vol 1 (1896, #7, September 1895), 'Pedigree of Scott', p204+)
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