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Families covered: Salkeld of Alnwick, Salkeld of Fallodon, Salkeld of Fifehead Neville, Salkeld of Hulne Park, Salkeld of Rock, Salkeld of Swinhoe
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Of "the family of Salkeld of Corby', who are shown on Salkeld1 (and Salkeld2?), was ...
John Salkeld
1. Thomas Salkeld of Hulne Park & Bassington (d before 27.07.1577)
m. Agnes Ogle (a 1577, dau of _ Ogle of Ogle Castle)
  A. John Salkeld of Hulne Abbey (bpt 12.03.1662, d 09.03.1693)
  m. Catherine Forster (dau opf Nicholas Forster of Newham)
  i. John Salkeld of Hulne Abbey & Rock (b c1593, d c1673)
  m. Dorothy Carnaby (dau of William Carnaby of Farnham)
a. John Salkeld of Rock (b 1616, d 02.06.1705, Lt. Colonel)
  (1) Elizabeth Salkeld
  m. Martin Fenwick of Ellingham ("of the Kenton family")
  (A) Robert Fenwick (bur 2.11.1691)
  (B) Elizabeth Fenwick
  m. (c1695) Thomas Proctor of Shawdon
  b. Catherine Salkeld (a 1663)
  m1. Ralph Read of Chirton (bur 24.11.1646)
  m2. (09.09.1648) Ralph Gardner of Chirton
  c. Ann Salkeld
  m. William Armorer of Middleton
  (1) Dorothy Armorer of Middleton (d unm before 13.04.1695)
  d.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Ralph, Mary (a 1615)
  ii. Ralph Salkeld of Fallodon, Mayor of Berwick (d by 1679, youngest son)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 2, Edward Bateson, 1895, 'Salkeld of Fallodon' (p117).
  m. Ann (bur 05.06.1638)
  a. Samuel Salkeld of Swinhoe (bpt 24.06.1636, bur 24.03.1698/9)
  m. Catherine (bur 17.07.1683)
  (1) William Salkeld of Swinhoe & Fallodon (b v1672, a 1715, serjeant-at-law)
  m. Mary Ryves (dau/heir of John Ryves of Fifehead Neville)
  (A) William Salkeld of Fifehead Neville, Dorset (b c1708, of the Middle Temple)
  (B) Robert Salkeld of London
  (i) William Salkeld of Fifehead Neville
  m1. Elizabeth Palmer
  m2. Anne Clitheroe
  (a) Robert Salkeld (b 1794-5, a 1817, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Wilson
  (b)+ other issue - William John (b 1793), (3?) daughters
  (C) Charles Salkeld (d before 30.11.1767)
  (2) Ralph Salkeld of Swinhoe (youngest son)
  m. Catherine
  (A) Katherine Salkeld (bpt 25.05.1700)
  m. (24.04.1722) Robert Fenwick of Beadnell
  (B) Mary Salkeld (bpt 07.05.1702)
  (3) Katherine Salkeld
  m. (02.11.1700) Joseph Nicholson (vicar of Whittingham)
  (4) Mary Salkeld (bpt 28.09.1682)
  m. (03.10.1706) George Hodgson of Newcastle
  (5)+ other issue (a 1674) - Samuel, Thomas
  b. Ann Salkeld (a 1695)
m1. (02.11.1654) William Hilton of Newcastle
  m2. (08.06.1676) Lancelot Hilton of Durham
  c.+ other issue - Benjamin of Newcastle (bpt 04.06.1638, bur 04.03.1669, draper, had issue), Sarah (bpy 10.1631, bur 25.12.1631), Martha (bpt 01.05.1633, bur 31.01.1636)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas of Fallodon, Tyneley & Rock (a 02.1655, had issue), William of Bassington & Shipley
  B. Ralph Salkeld
  m. Dorothy Forster (natural dau of Sir John Forster of Bamburgh)
  C. Margaret Salkeld
  m. _ Baker
  D.+ other issue - William, Marion
2. Ingram Salkeld of Alnwick (d before 18.03.1599, 3rd son)
  A. George Salkel of Hulme West Park (d c11.1631)
  m. Ursula (bur 24.01.1648)
  i. John Salkeld of Hulne Park House (bur 09.08.1651)
  m. Eleanor (bur 21.04.1650)
  a. Nathaniel Salkeld of Hulne Park House (b c1645, bur 24.06.1692)
  m. (c1664) Margaret Craster (b c1628, d 04.01.1714)
  (1) Elizabeth Salkeld
  m. Michael Browning of Alnwick
  (2) Margaret Salkeld (bpt 11.08.1674)
  m. Timothy Punshon of Killingworth
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - Nicholas of Alnwick (bpt 03.03.1667, a 1698), John (bpt 17.11.1677)
  b. Mary Salkeld (bur 10.01.1672/3)
  m. Thomas Metcalf of Alnwick
  c.+ other issue (d infant) - John, Margaret, Elizabeth
  ii. Ingram Salkeld probably father of ...
  a. John Salkeld of Alnwick (d 29.08.1688)
  m. Margaret (d 09.05.1689)
  (1) George Salkeld of Alnwick (bpt 12.03.1662, d09.03.1693)
  m. (c02.1688) Margaret Carr of Alnwick
  (2) Barbara Salkeld
  m. (14.08.1687) Adam Thompson of Alnwick
  (3)+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 27.12.1670), Jane (bpt 09.01.1674)
  iii. Philis Salkeld
  m. _ Ridley
  iv. Anne Salkeld
  m. _ Spoore
  v.+ other issue - Edward, Thomas (dsp), Catherine
3.+ other issue (had issue) - William, Gawen of Rosgill

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 2, Edward Bateson, 1895, 'Salkeld of Hulne Abbey and Rock', p140+) with input as reported above
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