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Families covered: Rossell of Ratcliffe (Radcliffe)

Simon de Rosell of Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire
1. Wilfrid de Rossell
  A. John de Rossell
  i. John de Rossell (a 1288)
a. John de Rossell (a 1317)
  (1) John de Rossell (a 1347)
  (A) Thomas Rossell
  (i) John Rossell
  (a) Thomas Rossell
  ((1)) Thomas Rossell
  m. _ Basille (dau/heir of Robert Basille)
  ((A)) Robert Rossell of Radclyff
  Visitation indicates that Robert was living temp Henry IV (who r. 1399-1413). That makes it look like there are too many generations shown before him.
  ((i)) John Rossell (a 1414)
  ((a)) John Rossell - continued below
  m. Isabell Babington



John Rossell 'of Radclyffe' - continued above
m. Isabell Babington (dau of John Babington)
1. Harold or Henry Rossell of Radclyff-upon-Trent, Nottinghamshire
  m. Dorothy Cranmer (dau of Thomas Cranmer of Aslerton)
A. John Rossell
  m. Catherine Sacheverell (dau of Henry Sacheverell of Radcliff)
  i. John Rossell
  m. Mary Cranmer (dau/heir of Thomas Cranmer of Aslerton)
  a. George Rossell of Radcliffe (a 1614)
  m. (c07.1605) Margaret Whalley (dau of Walter Whalley of Cotgrave)
  (1) Gervase Rossell of Ratcliffe (b c1603, d 1660)
  m1. Elizabeth Hacker (d 1633, dau of Francis Hacker of Bridgford)
  (A) George Rossell (b 1626-7, dsp 1661)
  m2. Jane Ascough (b c1602, a 1662, dau/coheir of Sir Roger Ascough)
  (B)+ other issue (a 03.1662) - Elizabeth (b 1642-3), Katherine (b 1644-5), Mary (b 1646-7)
  (2) Elizabeth Rossell (d 1647)
  m1. Nicholas Strelley of Strelley
m2. Richard Byron, 2nd Lord of Rochdale (d 04.10.1679)
  b. Jane Rossell
  m. Alfred Bayley
  c. Dorothy Rossell
  m. (c12.1617) Francis Bayley of Newark-on-Trent
  d. Mary Rossell
  m. Oliver Middrington or Witherington (rector of Gotham)
  e. Gertrude Rossell
  m. John Kime of Stickford
  f. Elizabeth Rossell
  m. (c10.1619) Robert Leeke of Nottinghamshire
  B. Isabel Rossell
  m. Edward Warham of Wyngham

Main source(s): Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Rossell), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662, Rossell of Ratcliffe-upon-Trent)
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