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Families covered: Rushton (Rishton) of Dunkenhalgh (Dunkenhawe, Donkenhalgh, etc.), Rishton of Rishton

Flower (1567) identifies the arms of the Rushtons of Donkenhagh as "Or, a lion passant sable, a chief argent, a crescent for difference". St. George (1613) identifies the arms of the Rishtons (of Dunkenshawe) as "Argent, a lion passant sable, a chief of the last". Dugdale (1664-5) identifies the arms of the Rushtons of Antley as "Argent, a lion passant, sable, a chief of the last", those of the Rishtons of Pontalghe as "Argent, a fess crenelle sable, and two mullets in chief of the last", and those of the Rishtons of Dunnishope (shown as a cadet of Antley) as "Argent, a lion passant-guardant, sable, and a chief of the second". With the exception of the Rishtons of Pontalghe, these indicate that the families are connected with each other. Noting that various cross-references to the family identify it as "Rishton or Rushton", it seems clear that "Rishton" should be viewed as a variation of "Rushton' - or vice versa. Although we give precedence to Rushton, through our naming this page Rushton rather than Rishton, that is simply because Rushton appears to be the more modern version of the name. Indeed, the following section covers the earliest generations for which we have developed a pedigree, all using Rishton. Note that the following has been pulled together from VCH which, although it normally refers to sone & fathers, may nevertheless have confused some of the generations.
Henry de Rishton (a 1258) probably father of ...
1. Richard de Rishton of Rishton (b c1280, d c1320, younger son)
  A. Henry de Rishton of Rishton (a 1332)
  i. Richard de Rishton of Rishton & Dunkenhalgh (a 1340, 1376)
  m. Joan
  a. Richard de Rishton of Rishton (a 1379) who appears to have married ...
  m. ?? (heiress of Holt of Holts Place in Studley)
  (1) Richard de Rishton of Rishton & Holts Place (a 1414, dsp?)
  ii. Henry de Rishton (a 1404) probably of this generation
  m. ?? (co-heiress of Clayton)
  a. Henry de Rishton (a 1427)
  m. Margaret (a 1449) widow of Henry, presumed mother of ...
  (1) Richard Rishton of Studley, later also of Rishton & Clayton (b by 1432?, a 1466)
  m. Margaret
  (A) Henry Rishton of Dunkenhalgh the first mentioned by St. George
m. (mcrt 1448) Agnes Shireburne (dau of Richard Shireburne 'the younger')
  (i) Nicholas Rishton or Rusheton of Dunkenhalgh (Donkenhagh) (d 1508) the first mentioned by Flower
  m. (1471) Margaret Radcliffe (dau of John Racdliffe of Peasfurlong, "of the Towre")
  (a) Richard Rishton or Rusheton of Dunkenhalgh & Clayton (d 1530)
m. Anne Talbot (dau of John Talbot of Salesbury)
  ((1)) Henry Rishton or Rushton of Dunkenhalgh (b c1507, d 1549)
  m. Ellen Butler (dau of John Butler of Rawcliffe)
  ((A)) John Rishton or Rushton of Dunkenhalgh (a 1567)
  VCH reports that in 1556 John "alienated his manor of Dunkenhalgh to Ralph Rishton of Ponthalgh". That appears to be the Ralph shown here.
  ((B)) Grace Rishton or Rushton
m. Roger Rushton or Rishton of Powtoppe
  ((C))+ other issue - Diegory ('Degre' or Gregory?), Anne, Dorothe, Jane, Elizabeth, Alice, Bennett
  ((2)) Rauf (Ralph) Rishton or Rusheton (dsp, 7th son) possibly the Ralph of Dunkenhalgh who married ...
  m. Ann Stanley (dau of Sir James Stanley of Crosshall)
  ((3)) Alexander Rishton or Rushton of Sparth this line followed by St. George
  m. Helene Mercer (dau of Edward Mercer or Marsar of Harwood)
  ((A)) Richard Rishton of Sparth (a 1613)
  m. Elyza (Elizabeth) Greenhaugh (dau of John Greenhaugh of Brandlesholme)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1613) - Ann (b c1602), Elizabeth (b c1606), Allice (b c1608), Mary (b c1611)
  ((B))+ other issue - Anne, Elizabeth
((4))+ other issue - John, Nicholas, Robert, William (dsp), George (dsp), Elizabeth
  (b) Agnes Rishton or Rusheton
  m1. _ Holcroft
  m2. _ Worthington of Blainsco
  m3. Robert Bowlton of Boulton
  (c) Isabell Rishton or Rusheton
m. _ Hothersall of Hoethersale
  (d) Elizabeth Rishton or Rusheton
  m. (div c1525) Roger Nowell of Reade
  (e)+ other issue - Henry, Nicholas
  (B) Isabel Rishton possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Grimshaw (b c1442)
  (C) Joan Rishton possibly of this generation
  m. Ralph Holden of Holden
  (2)+ other issue - John, Nicholas of Winckley's Place (dsp by 1449?), Ellen
  b. ?? Rishton ancestor of Roger of Pontalgh, possibly fits here
  This connection is speculative! The Roger below could have been a younger brother of the above Henry of Dunkenhalgh. Note that Roger's grandson married a daughter of a Roger Nowell of Read, probably the Roger Nowell who had married one of Henry's granddaughters.
  (1) ?? Rishton
  (A) Roger Rishton of Pontalgh (a 1474)
  Roger is the first mentioned in Visitation (Chetham Society (vol 84, 1872, pp249-251), Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, 'Rishton of Pontalghe'). That the arms of this (branch of the) family are very different from the arms of the other Rishton & Rushton families could easily be because they chose their arms at different times, now knowing or not caring that they were (or may have been) connected.

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, 'Townships: Clayton-le-Moors', 'Dunkenhalgh'), Visitation (Chetham Society (vol 81, 1870, p40), Flower, Lancashire, 1567, 'Rushton of Donkenhalgh'), Visitation (Chetham Society (vol 82, 1871, p94), St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Rishton')
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