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Families covered: Rotheram of Farley, Rotheram of Someryes (Someries), Rotheram of Triermore

Visitation (1566) starts with a _ Scott of Rotheram, father of Thomas Scott alias Rotheram, the Archbishop, and his brother Sir John Rotheram. 'Memorials of the Family of Scott, of Scot's Hall ...', the Main Source used for Scott05, includes a 'Thomas Scot of Rotherham, Archbishop of York, Chancellor' as younger brother of Sir William Scot of Scot's Hall but does not mention any younger brother called John. Various web sites note that he was sometimes called Thomas Scot. We provisionally follow Wikipedia in showing the following parentage & details for the Archbishop.
Sir Thomas Rotherham of Brookgate in Rotherham, Yorkshire
m. Alice Scott
1. Thomas Rotherham or Rotheram, Archbishop of York, Lord Chancellor of England (b 24.08.1423, d 29.05.1500)
2. Sir John Rotheram of Someries or Someryes in Luton, Bedfordshire
  m. Alice Beckett
  A. Sir Thomas Rotheram of Someryes
  m. Katherine Grey (dau of (Anthony??) Lord Grey de Ruthyn)
i. Sir Thomas Rotheram of Someryes
  m. Elizabeth St. John (dau of Sir John St. John of Bletnesho)
  a. Thomas Rotheram of Someryes
  m. Alice Welleford (dau of Thomas Welleford or Wellesford)
  (1) Thomas Rotheram (d young)
  (2) George Rotheram of Someries (Someryes) 'of Luton' (d 1599)
  m1. Jane Smith (dau of Christopher Smith of Annables)
  (A) Sir John Rotheram of Someryes
m. Agnes Snagg (dau of Thomas Snagg 'of Marston Morteyne', serjeant-at-law)
  Visitation (1566) shows Sir John & Agnes as parents of only Sir Thomas, shown as parents of the children shown below plus a 2nd Elizabeth (m. Sir Francis Crawley). We follow Visitation (1634) which does not name the children of Sir Thomas but shows the Elizabeth who m. Sir Francis Crawley as dau of Sir John as that is supported by the Crawley sources.
  (i) Sir Thomas Rotheram
  m. Elizabeth Evington (dau of Francis Evington or Ermington of Enfield)
  (a)+ issue - John, John, George, Nicholas, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane
  (ii) Elizabeth Rotheram
  m. Sir Francis Crawley of Someries (judge, son of Thomas of Nether Crawley (by Dorothy, dau/heir of John Edgerley of Milton), son of John of Nether Crawley)
  (B) Nicholas Rotheram of London (3rd son)
  m. Agnes Atwood (dau of Thomas Atwood of Luton)
  (i) George Rotheram
  (a)+ issue - Nicholas, George
(ii) Thomas Atwood Rotheram (a 1637, minister of Luton then of Ickleford)
  m. Anne Browne (dau of John Browne of Tring)
  (a)+ issue (a 1637) - John (b c1600), Thomas (b c1633), Nicholas (b c1635)
  (iii) Anne Rotheram
  m. Richard White (minister of Carington)
  (vi) Jane Rotheram
  (C) Agnes Rotheram
  m. Thomas Snagg
  (D) Cordall Rotheram
  m. William Dobson of London
  (i)+ issue - Jane, Elizabeth
  (E) Elizabeth Rotheram
  m. Robert Payne of Medlow
  (F)+ other issue - Sir Thomas in Ireland, Cheney
  m2. Elizabeth Barnes (dau of Richard Barnes of London, widow of Richard Hare of London, m3. Sir George Peryn)
  (H)+ other issue - Edward, Hugh
  (3) Jane Rotheram
  m. Humphry Bury of Tuddlington or Tuddington
  b. Elizabeth Rotheram
  ii. Elizabeth Rotheram
  B. George Rotheram of Farley, Bedfordshire
  partner unknown
  i. George Rotheram of Farley
  m. Alice Weltche
  a. George Rotheram of Farley (a 1566)
  m1. Elizabeth Bardolf (dau of Edmond Bardolf of Harpeden or Harpden)
  (1) George Rotheram of Farley
  m1. Joane (dau of Richard Helder alias Spicer of Lilly)
  (A) George Rotheram of Henston, later of Farley (a 1634)
  m. Ollife Morton (dau of Henry Morton of Olney)
  (i)+ issue - Anne, Mary
  m2. Elizabeth Wallop
Visitation gives conflicting information on whether the following Thomas was son of Joane or Elizabeth.
  (B) Thomas Rotheram
  m. Talbott Norton (dau of Luke Norton of Offley)
  (2)+ other issue - Ralph, Elizabeth
  m2. Anne Gower (dau of William Gower)
  (4)+ other issue - Isaac, Edmond, Anna
  b. Jane Rotheram
  m. William Catlyn of Lygrave
  c. Elizabeth Rotheram
  m. John Grene of Chiltern Grene
  d.+ other issue - William, John, Julyan, Mary, Awdrey
  B. Alice Rotheram
  m. Thomas St. George of St. George Hatley (d 1543-4)



Said to be descended from the Yorkshire family of Rotheram (see Rotheram2) was ...
Thomas Rotheram
1. Edward Rotheram
  m. Catherine Schoales (dau of John Schoales of co. Derry)
  A. George Rotheram 'of Crossdrum' of Triermore (b 1763)
  m. Catherine Margaret Smith (dau (sb sister?) of Henry Smith of Beabeg)
  i. Edward Rotheram of Crossdrum, Sheriff of Meath & Cavan (b 25.03.1789, d 1881) had issue
  m. (11.04.1822) Barbara Crofton (d 1863, dau of Sir Hugh Crofton, 2nd Bart of Mohill)
  ii. Thomas Rotheram of Triermore (b 1793, d 1861) had issue
  m. (28.07.1814) Martha Cox (dau of Rev. Willia Cox of Lusk)
  iii. George Smith Rotheram (d 26.12.1878)
  m. Jane Coates (dau of W. Coates of co. Kildare)
  iv. Margaret Catherine Rotheram
  m. (1799) Thomas Battersby of Newcastle House
  v. Mary Anne Rotheram
  m. Thomas Gerrard of Liscarton Castle
  vi. Elizabeth Jane Rotheram
  m. Francis Battersby of Listoke (Lt. Colonel)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566+1582+1634, Rotheram of Someries in Luton), Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566+1582+1634, Rotheram of Farley in Luton)
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (Rotheram of Crossdrum)
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