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Families covered: Revel of Brampton, Revell of Carlingthwaite, Revel of Chesterfield, Revell of Ogston, Revel of Whiston, Revell of Wooley

Thomas Revel of Whiston (a 1623)
1. John Revel of Whiston (a 1662)
  A. John Revel of Whiston (a 04.1662)
  m. Alice Stacye (dau of Robert Stacye of Owlerton by Margaret, sister of Thomas Rawson of Whiston)
  i. Thomas Revel
  ii. Elizabeth Revel (b c1658, d 1690)
m. (03.06.1674) Robert Jorsby of Sheffield
  The connection to the following John appears to be dotted, probably thereby indicating that the connection has not been fully proved.
  iii. John Revel of Chesterfield (d before 22.04.1736)
  m1. (09.04.1685) Elizabeth Adshead
  a. John Revel (dvp?)
  m. (08.06.1714) Barbara Bright
  (1)+ issue - John, Adshead, Richard, Barbara, Ann, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  b. daughter
m. _ Dobson
  (1)+ issue - John, Robert
  m2. (03.1722-3) Dorothy Milnes (sister/coheir of William Milnes of Tapton)
  B. Nathaniel Revel of Brampton (a 1699)
  m. (10.1652) Alice Eyre (bpt 06.07.1632, dau of Nathaniel Eyre of Bramley Hall)
  i. John Revel of Brampton & Chesterfield (a 1699)
  m. Juliana Clarke (dau of Richard Clarke of Chesterfield)
  a. Ann Revel (b c1697, d 1747)
  m. Thomas Homfray of Wales (Yorkshire) (d 1733)
b. Alice Revel
  m. John Webb
  (1)+ issue - John, Elizabeth
  c.+ other issue - Sir Henry, John, Samuel of London
  ii.+ other issue - Nathaniel Thomas, Henry, William
  C. Rebecca Revel
  m. Nathaniel Hurst of Little Dalton (d by 1671)
2. Thomas Revel of Brampton
  m. (c1630) Margaret Bate (dau of Rev. Henry Bate of Rawmarsh & Acton)
3. Rowland Revel (d 1636, curate of Hansworth)
  A. Mary Revel (bpt 1634)
4. Sarah Revel
  m. Thomas Dickinson of Rotherham
5. Anne Revel
  m. John Borough
  A.+ issue - Robert, Richard, John, Margaret, Sarah



Possibly connected to the early ancestors of the above family was ...
William Revell of Warwickshire
1. Simon Revell (3rd son)
A. Thomas Revell of Higham
  m. Alice Downan of Higham
  i. John Revell (dvp?)
  m. Margaret North of Bucknell
  a. John Revell of Sherland 'of Ogston'
m. Margery Eyre
  (1) Robert Revell
  m. Alenor Frechville (dau of Aucher Frechville of Staveley)
  (A) John Revell
  m. _ Comberford of Staffordshire
  (i) John Revell of Ogston, Derbyshire
  m. Margaret Beighton (dau of Robert Beighton of Hallam in Sheffield)
  (a) Edward Revell of Ogston (dsp by 1647)
  m. Jane Lucy (dau of John Lucy of Brereley)
  (b) John Revell of Wooley, Derbyshire (d c1632)
  m. Anne Knolles of Dethick
((1)) Edward Revell of Wooley (d 1661)
  m. Margaret Calton (dau of Ralph Calton of Higham)
  ((A))+ issue (a 08.1662) - Elizabeth (b 1641-2), Frances (b 1644-5)
  ((2)) William Revell of Ogston (b 1624-5, a 08.1662)
  m. Mary Sitwell (dau of George Sitwell of Renishaw)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Revell probably of this generation
  m. Samuel Gardiner (d 1721, rector of Eckington)
  ((B))+ other issue - Margaret (b 1647-8, a 08.1662), Anne
  ((3)) Jane Revell
  m1. Robert Braithwait of Chesterfield
  ((A))+ issue (a 08.1662) - Revell (b 1641-2), Gertrude, Anne
  m2. Godfrey Swift
  ((D))+ other issue (a 08.1662) - George, Robert, William
  ((4)) Dorothy Revell
  m. Edward Curtis of Higham
  ((A))+ issue (a 08.1662) - John, Robert, Mary
  ((5)) Alice Revell
  m. Henry Strelley of Okerthorp
  ((A)) issue (a 08.1662) - Francis, Philip, George, William, John, Mary
  ((6)) Anne Revell
  m. John Curtis of Foard
  ((A)) Thomas Curtis
  ((7)) Elizabeth Revell
  m. William Lee of Durham
  (c) George Revell (5th son)
  m. Judith
(d)+ other issue - Michael, John, Thomas
  We presume that the following John was of this family but we have not been able to find out how he connected to the ahove. We speculate that he was son or grandson of one of the above younger sons. The following information comes from 'Pedigrees of the County Families of England' (vol 2, Yorkshire - West Riding, 'Pedigree of Woodyeare of Crookhill') by Joseph Foster (1874) and is partly supported by TCB (vol 4, 'Jenkinson of Walton', p138).
  ((1)) John Revell of Ogston (b c1667, d 14.08.1699) dates from a web site
  m. Elizabeth Copley (b c1666, d 27.02.1721, dau of Robert Copley of Doncaster, m2. John Battie of Warmeworth)
  ((A)) William Revell of Ogston (b c1689/1694, d 03.04.1706)
((B)) Mary Revell (b 1685-6, d 09.07.1724)
  m. Richard Turbutt of Doncaster
  ((C)) Catherine Revell (b c1695, d 26.08.1748)
m1. Sir Paul Jenkinson of Walton, Bart (d 1721)
  m2. William Woodyeare of Crookhill (d 1748)
  ii. Hugh Revell of Carlingthwaite in Normanton, Derbyshire
  m. Mary Grenhalgh of Teversall
  a. Tristram Revell of Carlingthwaite
  m1. Jane Blith (dau of William (sb Thomas?) Blith of Barnby)
  (1) Thomas Revell of Carlingthwaite (a 1569)
  m. Anne Eyre (dau of Edward Eyre of Holme)
  (A) Edward Revell
  m. Anne Cudworth (dau of Ralph Cudworth of Hampshire)
  (i) George Revell (b c1561, a 1611)
  (ii) Edward Revell of Brockhall
  m. Dorothy Columbell (dau of Roger COlumbell, widow of Henry Chaworth)
  (B)+ other issue - Francis, James (priest), Robert, Adam
  (2) Mary Revell
  m. William Hall of Reyton
(3) Margery Revell
  m1. Philip Bullock of Nutcome
  m2. George Vernon of Tideswell
  (4) Anne Revell
  m. John Oteley of Whittington
  m2. Benet Foljamb (dau of John Foljamb of Peckhouses in Wilford)
  (5) Hugh Revell
  m. Katherin Davenport (dau of William Davenport of Bromhall)
  (6) Margaret Revell
m. John Ritchin of Gray's Inn
  b. Rowland Revell
  m. Mary Eland (dau of Robert Eland of Algerthorp)
  c. Katherin Revell
  m. Edward Sandford of Thorphall
  iii.+ other issue - Robert, Sir Richard
  Richard was "made Kt, at Bosworth by R.3.". It looks as though these were the brethren mentioned on Revel1.
  B. daughter
  m. _ Carneswith
  C.+ 2 daughters
2.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : FMG (vol 1, MS172 (part), Revel)
(2) For lower section : Visitation ('The Genealogist' (NS, vol 7 & 8, 1890-1), Derbyshire, 1569-1611, Reynell of Ogston & Reynell of Carlingthwaite), Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Revell of Ogston)
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