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Families covered: Redman of Bossall, Redman (Redmayne) of Harewood Castle, Redman of Levens, Redman of Yealand

It is possible that the following Adam was descended from the family shown here.
Adam de Avranches (or d'Averenge) of Yealand & Silverdale
1. Roger de Yealand (d before 1207)
  m. Sueneva (dau of Grimbald de Ellel)
  A. William de Yealand
  B. Sir Adam de Yealand, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1230)
  i. Alice de Yealand
  m. Robert de Coiners or Conyers
2. Norman de Hielans (Yealand), later de Redman of Redman (Redemayne), Yealand, Levers (b c1140, d c1184)
  m. ?? (possibly a de Stuteville)
  A. Sir Henry de Redman of Levens (d c1225)
  m. (c1184) ?? (dau of Adam, Dean of Lancaster, son of Waldeve of Ulverston)
  i. Sir Matthew de Redman of Levens, Sheriff of Lancashire (b c1190, d c1250, 2nd son)
  m. Amabel (possibly dau of either William, Lord Greystoke, or Nicholas, lord of Stuteville, or _ Harrington)
  a. Henry de Redman of Levens, Yealand, Lupton, etc. (d 1278)
  (1) Sir Matthew de Redman of Levens, Warden & Sheriff of Dumfries (b c1270, d 1319)
  m. Goditha (possibly de Camberton)
  (A) Henry de Redman (dvp?)
  m. Mariota or Maria (d c1359)
  (B) Sir Matthew de Redman, Sheriff of Cumberland, Governor of Carlisle (b c1320 d before 04.1360)
  m1. ??
Greenwood provides a pedigree/tree for the family which suggests that the next Matthew was son of this Sir Matthew by his widow Margaret. However, in the text Greenwood makes it clear that Margaret could not have been the mother of Matthew.
  (i) Sir Matthew de Redman 'of Levens', Governor of Roxburgh then Berwick (d c1390)
  m1. Lucy
  (a) Marthew Redman (dvp)
  (b) Sir Richard Redman of Levens & Harewood Castle - continued below
  m1. Elizabeth Aldeburgh (d 1417-8)
m2. Elizabeth Gascoigne (d 1434)
  (c) Felicia Redman
  m. Sir John de Lumley (son of Lord Ralph)
  m2. Joan FitzHugh (dau of Henry, Lord FitzHugh, widow of William, 4th Lord Greystoke, then Anthony, 3rd Lord Lucy)
  (ii) John de Redman
  m2. (after 1349) Margaret (d 05.1374, widow of Hugh de Moriceby)
  (C) Adam de Redman de Yealand (d before 12.02.1338)
  m. Elena (m2. Thomas de Blenkensop)
  (i) John de Redman or Yealand (dsp 04.04.1350-1)
  (ii) Margaret de Redman or Yealand (b 1335)
  m. John Boteiler of Merton
  (iii) Elizabeth de Redman or Yealand (b 1336)
  m. Roger de Croft
  Roger was father of Eleanor (not clear whether or not Elizabeth was her mother) who m. Nicholas de Croft (b c1390, a 1420).
  (D) William de Redmand (d before 1318)
  (2) Henry de Redman
  b.+ other issue (a 1254) - Ingram, Randle, Nicholas, Juliana, Agnes
  ii. Thomas de Redman (a 1247, 4th son)
  a. Norman de Redman
  m. Matilda de Camberton (d before 04.01.1300-1, dau/coheir of _ Camberton of Camberton, m2. William de Bretby)
  (1) Thomas de Redman
  iii.+ other issue - Benedict (dvpsp), Norman (d before 1247)
  B. Nicholas de Redman



Sir Richard Redman of Levens & Harewood Castle, Sheriff of Yorkshire & Cumberland (b by 1360, d 22.05.1426, Speaker of the House of Commons) - continued above
m1. (c1394) Elizabeth Aldeburgh (d 1417-8, dau/heir of William, 1st Lord Aldeburgh (of Harewood), widow of Sir Bryan Stapleton)
1. Matthew Redman (dvp 1419)
  m. (c1416) Johanna Tunstall (dau of Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle)
A. Sir Richard Redman of Levens & Harewood (b c1418, d 21.03.1476-7)
  m. Margaret Middleton (dau of Thomas Middleton of Middleton Hall)
  i. Sir William Redman of Levens & Harewood (dspm 1482)
  m. (c1459) Margaret Strickland (dau of Sir Walter Strickland of Sizergh Castle)
  a. Ayme Redman
  m. Adam Beckwith of Thurcroft (dsp)
  ii. Sir Edward Redman of Isell, Levens & Harewood, Sheriff of Cumberland, Somerset & Dorset (b c1456, d 27.09.1510)
  m. Elizabeth Huddleston (dau of Sir John Huddleston of Millom Castle (by Joan Stapleton), widow of Sir ?? Leigh of Isell
  a. Henry Redman (dvp)
m. Alice Pilkington
  (1) Joan (Jane) Redman (b 1507)
  m1. William Duckett of Flintham
  Greenwood mentions this reported marriage but indicates some doubt as Joan/Jane would have had to have been a very young bride (and quickly produce 2 sons by this marriage).
  m2. Marmaduke Gascoigne of Caley (son of Sir William of Gawthorpe)
  b. Sir Richard Redman of Levens & Harewood (d 1544)
  m1. Elizabeth Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne)
  m2. Dorothy Layton (dau of William Layton of Dalmain)
  (1) Matthew Redman of Levens & Harewood (b c1527, a 1600)
  m. Bridget Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe)
  (2) Cuthbert Redman, probably of Little Ouseburn (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Wilstrop (dau of Sir Oswald Wilstrop by Agnes, dau of Thomas Redman of Bossall by Ann Scrope) @@ below
(A) Wilstrop Redman possibly of this generation
  m1. Jane
  m2. (c1608) Grace Leadbitter of Leeds
(B) Thomas Redman of Newton in Lythe (a 1593) probably of this generation
  m. Isabell (a 1615)
  (C) William Redman of Stowbrowe in Fylinge possibly of this generation
  (D) Elinor Redman
  m. Edward Wythes of Westwick
  (3) Ann Redman
  m. (27.08.1545) John Lambert of Calton
  (4) Grace Redman
  m. (1558-9) Richard Travers of Nateby or Neatby
  (5) Maud Redman
m. Christopher Irton of Irton
  (6) Margaret Redman
  m. Thomas Gargrave of Bolton-in-Craven
  (7) Elizabeth Redman mentioned by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Redman)
  m1. Lawrence Lynley of Letheley (Leathley)
  m2. Thomas Lynley of Dene Grange
  (8)+ other issue - William, Francis, Richard
  c.+ other issue - Helen (d young), Magdalen
  iii. Richard Redman
a. Matthew Redman (dvp)
  (1) Richard Redman
  (A)+ issue - William (dsp), Edward
  iv. Elizabeth or Margaret Redman
m. John Preston of Preston Hall & Levens
  v.+ other issue - Walter, 8 others (d young?)
2. Richard Redman of Bossall (a 1471)
  A. Brian Redman of Bossall (d 1483)
  m. Alice
  i. Thomas Redman of Bossall (d 15.08.1514)
m. Anne Scrope (dau/coheir of Robert Scrope, son of Henry, Lord of Bolton)
  a. Thomas Redman (d before 20.01.1514-5)
  b. Elizabeth Redman (b c1501, a 1528)
  m. William Thwaites of Marston (a 1528)
  c. Anne Redman (b c1505, a 1577)
  m. Sir Oswald Wilstrop (d by 1577, son/heir of Guy Willestrope)
  (1) Francis Wilstrop (dsp(s))
  m. Eleanor Everingham (dau/heir of Sir Henry Everingham)
  (A) Charles Wilstrop (dsp) mentioned in Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, Cressey of Birkin)
  (2) Elizabeth Wilstrop
  m. Cuthbert Redman of Usborne @@ above
  (3) Eleanor Wilstrop (dsp)
  ii. Dorothy Redman
  m. Marmaduke Thwenge
  B. Richard Redman, Bishop of St. Asaph, Exeter & Ely (d 24.08.1505)
3. Joan Redman
  m. Sir Thomas Wentworth
4. daughter possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Richard Ducket of Grayrigg
m2. (c1420) Elizabeth Gascoigne (d 21.12.1434, dau of Lord Chief Justice Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe)

Main source(s): 'The Redmans of Levens and Harewood' by W. Greenwood (1905), available at www.archive.org, with thanks to a contributor (OWC, 29.10.10) for drawing our attention to that book and for drafting a schedule which made it easier for us to work on this family
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