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Families covered: Raymond of Chard, Raymond of Ilchester (Ilcester), Raymond of Thornbury

Visitation (Somerset) starts with 2 brothers, sons of ...
?? Raymond
1. George Raymond of Ilchester, Somerset
  Visitation (Somerset) identifies George's wife as Elizabeth, dau of William Hodges of Cherock. Visitation (Gloucestershire), which starts with this George, identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Hodges (dau of Henry Hodges of Laiston (Liston))
  A. William Raymond of Ilchester (a 1623, dsp)
  m1. Philippa Rose
m2. Mary Ivory (dau of Sir _ Ivory of Dorset)
  B. George Raymond of Ilchester, later of Thornbury, Gloucestershire (b c1574, d 1642)
  m. Anne Smith (dau of Captain Mathew Smith of Cheshire)
  i. George Raymond of Thornbury, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b c1600, d 1657)
  m. Ann Lawrence (d 1677, dau of John Lawrence of Thornbury)
  a. George Raymond of Thornbury & Yate (b c1631, a 1683)
  m. Anne Webb (dau of Christopher Webb of Ashwick, widow of Robert Burnell of Yate)
  (1)+ issue - George (b c1657, d unm 1677), Giles (b c1658, d unm c1677?), William (d infant), Christopher (b c1665, a 1683), William (b c1666), Anne (b c1663)
  One of these sons, or one of their cousins, was probably ancestor of William Raymond of Thornbury (## see here ##) whose son inherited The Mynde in Herefordshire and assumed the name Symons.
  b. William Raymond of Thornbury (d 1682)
  m. Mary Large of Bristol
  (1) William Raymond
  c. Laurence Raymond of Thornbury (d c1671)
  m. Elizabeth Atwell (dau of John Atwell of Cromhall)
  (1)+ issue - William (b c1669), George (b c1670), Anne (b c1667)
  d. Elizabeth Raymond
  m. John Clarke of Alveston
  e. Anne Raymond (d infant)
  ii. Matthew Raymond of Puck Shipton in Stoke Beauchamp, Wiltshire
  m. Mary Venner (dau of Charles Venner of Salisbury)
  a. Charles Raymond of Shipton (a 1683)
  m. _ Weston (dau/heir of _ Weston of Weston, Dorset)
  b. George Raymond of Dublin
  m. ??
  c. Mary Raymond
  m. _ Sanders of Milborne Port
  d. Susannah Raymond
  m. _ Cox of London
  e.+ other issue (d unm) - Mathew, Giles, John, Anne, Cecilie
  iii. Elizabeth Raymond
  m. Thomas Seymor of Lambourn
  iv. Susann Raymond
  m. Richard Guy of Auston
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - Anne, Mary, Eleanor
  C. Giles Raymond of Ilcester
  m. Anne Tyndall (dau of Thomas Tyndall of Eastwood)
  D. Arthur Raymond of Ilcester
  m. Elizabeth Browne (dau of Richard Browne of Ilcester)
  i.+ issue - George, William, Arthur, Mary, Oriana
  E. John Raymond of Norwich
  m. Anne Acton
  F. Elizabeth Raymond
  m. Andrew Atwood of Beech
  G. Mary Raymond
  m. Thomas Trumplin of Curse Maverd
  H. Sarah Raymond
m. _ Pyne of Eastwood
  I. Eleanor Raymond
  m. Richard Scott of Chippenham
  J.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), Ursula (d young?)
2. William Raymond of Ilchester of Ilchester & Chard (Somerset)
  A. Thomas Raymond of Chard
  m. Julia(na) Drake (dau/heir of John Drake of Axmouth by Julia Hurst)
  i. Thomas Raymond of Chard (a 1623)
  ii. William Raymond of Chard
  m. Frances Lawrence
  a.+ issue (a 1623) - John (b c1620), Thomas, Frances
  iii.+ other issue (a 1623) - Ambrose (b c1583), Hugh (b c1593)

Main source(s): Visitation (Somerset, 1623, 'Raymond'), Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1682-3, 'Raymond of Thornbury')
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