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Families covered: Quiney of Stratford-upon-Avon, Quartermain of North Weston

Richard Quiney (a 1547, "Master of the Guild at Stratford")
1. Adrian Quiney of Stratford-upon-Avon (a 1559, 1582, "High Bailiff of Stratford")
  A. Richard Quiney of Stratford-upon-Avon (d 1602, "High Bailiff of Stratford")
m1. (24.01.1581) Elizabeth Phillips (dau of Thomas Phillips of Stratford son of William of Stratford)
  i. Richard Quiney of Stratford-upon-Avon (b 1587, d 05.1656, 2nd son)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3, 'Quyney of Shottery').
  m. (1613) Eleanor Sadler (b c1599, d c1655, dau of John Sadler of Stratford-upon-Avon)
  a. Ellen Quiney
  m. Edward Pilkington of London
  b. Elizabeth Quiney
  m1. William Cooper of London
  m2. Richard Pile ("Cheif Serjeant Chirurgion" to King Charles II)
  c. Anne Quiney
  m. Thomas Booth of London (brother of Alderman Booth)
  d. Isabel Quiney
m. John Lilburne of London (grocer)
  e. Sarah Quiney
  m. Jervise Cooper of London (grocer)
  f.+ issue - Richard of Shottery (b c1624, a 1682, d unm?), Adria of London (b c1632, a 1682, d unm?, Lt. Colonel), Thomas of London (b c1640, a 1682, d unm?), William of Shottery (b c1645, a 1682), Mary (d young)
  ii. Thomas Quiney (b 1589, (a 1655, 'Chamberlain of Stratford')
  m. (10/20.02.1616) Judith Shakspeare (b 02.02.1585, d 1661, dau of William Shakspeare (Shakespeare))
  a.+ issue (dsp) - Shakespeare (bpt 23.11.1616, bur 08.05.1617), Richard (bpt 09.02.1618, bur 26.02.1638/9), Thomas (bpt 23.01.1620, bur 28.01.1638/9)
  iii.+ other issue - Adrian, William, John, George, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary
  m2. Susanna Sturley (sister of Abraham Sturley of Stratford)
  B. Anne Quiney
  m1. Richard Bailey 'of Lichfield'
  m2. William Wheate of Coventry



Thomas Quartermain 'of North Weston, Buckinghamshire' (d 1432)
m. Katherine de Breton (dau/heir of Guy de Breton by Joan, dau/heir of Thomas (d by 1313) son of Sir Robert de Grey by Joan (who d c1313), dau of Thomas de Valogne)
1. (Thomas) Quartermain of North Weston
  (1) Visitation identifies the father of the Maud who married John Bruley as Thomas of Westocke.
(2) MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), p96) shows Thomas of North Weston (d 06.05.1399, cf his father's date of death) as father of Elizabeth, 2nd daughter and sister of Richard, by ...
  m. Joane (dau of Sir Robert FitzEllis of Waterperry) mother of Elizabeth, presumed also of ...
  A. Richard Quartermain of North Weston & Rycote, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b 1392, dsps 1477, MP, 3rd son)
  VCH notes that Richard (a 1458) was succeeded, at least for his property at Ickford, by his sister/coheir Maud. Thanks to a contributor (DR, 18.01.12) for drawing our attention to a web page (here) which provides more information about him, makes it clear that Maud was his sister, not his daughter (as shown by some sources), and shows that he dsps so he could not have been the father of Agnes, wife of Sir Robert Danvers.
m. (c1415) Sybil Englefield, heiress of Rycote
  B. Maud Quartermain see the note below on 'the other Maud'
  m. John Bruley identified by Visitation as son of William of Waterstock
  i. Joan Bruley
  m1. John Danvers
m2. Sir Walter Mantell of Harford
  C. Elizabeth Quartermain see the note under her father Thomas above
  m1/2. John Beck or Beek
  i. Margaret Beck
  m. Peter Fettiplace of North Denchworth (d 31.05.1494)
  ii. Joane Beck
  m. Thomas Rous of Stocking Pelham
  iii. Sibell Beck
  m1. Robert Pointz
m2. Robert Restwold
  m3. Humphrey Forster
  m2/1. Nicholas Englefield of Rycote (d 01.04.1415)
  D.+ 2 sons (dvpsp)
2. Maud Quartermain
  (1) BE1883 (Lyttleton of Frankley) identifies the Maud who married Thomas de Luttleton as dau of Richard Quartermain by Joan, dau/heir of Grey of Rotherfield, with Maud being heiress of estates at Ricote & North Weston. VCH suggests that the connection with the Grey family was more distant, as shown above.
(2) Note that what we show is based on a presumption that there has been confusion between a Maud of this generation and the Maud we show above as this one's niece. However, it is not impossible that (for example) we have shown the Mauds the wrong way around OR that they were in fact the same person (who married 3 times, if these marriages are correct) OR that they were sisters (possibly but not necessarily with the name of one of them being mistaken).
  m1. Thomas de Luttleton of Frankley (d 1422)
  m2. John Massy

Main source(s):
(1) For Quiney (uploaded 12.04.17) : 'Shakespeareana Genealogica' by George Russell French (1868, 'The Family of Quiney', p391)
(2) For Quartermain (first uploaded to a Temporary page on 19.01.12, expanded there 15.12.21, moved here 15.05.22) : VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 4, 'Parishes: Ickford') with a little input from Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1634, 'Danvers of Waterstock') and cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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