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Families covered: Pulter of Broadfield (Bradfield), Pulter of Wymondley, Forrester of Broadfield

The pedigree on this family in 'The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire' starts with the following few generations but appears not to connect them with the Sir Humphrey who heads the remainderof the tree. It is not clear whether we should anticipate a connection between the two parts of the tree, albeit being unsure on the number of intervening generations (of which would there could not be many), or we should accept that the connection between them has been unproved. For prudence's sake, we follow the latter course but keep the top part of the tree (in italics) for their interest value.
John Pulter of Loughborough, Leicestershire (a 1101)
1. Thomas Pulter
  m. _ Bronce
  A. Stephen Pulter
  m1/2. _ Knell (dau of Sir Robert Knell)
  i. Ralph Pulter
  m. _ Lowth (dau of John Lowth)
  ii. Edmond Pulter
  m. _ Oritra (Oritea?)
  iii. James Pulter
  m2/1. _ Orseley
The family tree is unbroken from ...
Sir Humphrey Pulter in Leicestershire
m. _ Hough (dau of John Hough)
1. Thomas Pulter
  m. _ Jantheby (dau of John Jantheby)
  A. Richard Pulter
  m. _ Jonstall (dau of Sir Marmaduke Jonstall)
  i. Robert Pulter
  m. _ Handby (dau of John Handby)
  a. Brian Pulter
  m. _ Hansard (dau of Thomas Hansard)
  (1) Richard Pulter
  m. _ Clifford (dau of Thomas Clifford)
  (A) Oliver Pulter
  m. Margaret Hunday (dau of John Hunday)
  (i) Henry Pulter
  m. _ Beck (dau/heir of Richard Beack or Beak)
(a) Anthony Pulter
  m. _ Franke (dau of Thomas Franke)
  ((1)) John Pulter in London (d 02.1421, 3rd son)
  ((A)) John Pulter of Hitchin (d 1485)
  ((i)) William Pulter, Sheriff of Hertfordshire & Essex (d 20.05.1513-4)
  ((a)) William Pulter (d 23.05.1549)
(((1))) Edward Pulter - continued below
  m. Julian Cave (dau/heir of Edward Cave of London)
  ((ii)) John Pulter
  ((a)) Anne Pulter
  m. Thomas Mayor of Sutton Hone
  ((iii)) Nicholas Pulter
  ((iv)) Lucy Pulter
  Lucy is identified as the 4th son (m. _ Brocket) but this is probably in error as this is presumably the Lucy who married ...
  m. John Brocket of Brocket Hall
  ((2))+ other issue - Robert, William
  (b) Robert Pulter
  (ii) John Pulter
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, John, Henry
  (2) Thomas Pulter
  m. _ Read (dau of John Read)
  (3) Mary Pulter
  m. William FitzWilliam of Maplethorp
  ii.+ other issue - Henry, Margaret, Jane
2. Robert Pulter



Edward Pulter of Great Wymondley, Hertfordshire - continued above
m. Julian Cave (dau/heir of Edmond Cave of London, m. Sir Thomas Cotton of Oxenheath & _ Hanshott)
1. Edward Pulter of Bradfield & Wymondley
  m. Mary Lytton (dau of Rowland Lytton or Litton of Knebworth by Margaret Tate)
A. Litton Pulter of Cottered (dvp 26.06.1608)
  m. Penelope Capell (dau of Sir Arthur Capell of Hadham)
  i. Arthur Pulter of Bradfield (Broadfield), Sheriff of Hertfordshire (b 1603-4, d 1689)
  m. Hester Ley (dau of James Ley, Earl of Marlborough)
  a. Arthur Pulter of Cottered (dvpsp 02.1689)
  b. Margaret Pulter (dvp)
  m. John Forrester of London
(1) James Forrester of Broadfield (d 28.03.1696)
  m. Martha Chauncy (dau of Sir Henry Chauncy)
  (A) Pulter Forrester of Broadfield (b 1689-90, d 1753)
  m. Agnes Hervey (dau of William Hervey of Chigwell)
  (i) William Forrester of Broadfield (dsp)
  m. ?? (aunt of Millicent of Broadfield, dau of Wrightston Mundy of Markeaton Park)
  (B)+ other issue - James, Margarert, Martha, Penelope, Jane
  c. Penelope Pulter (dvpsp)
  m. Sir Thomas Longueville of Bradwell, later of Caurus
  d. Anne Pulter (dvp)
  m. Thomas Fairclough of Weston
  e. Mary Pulter (dvp)
  m. William Capell of Stanton
  f.+ other issue (dvpsp) - James, William, Charles, John, Hester, Elizabeth
ii. Margaret Pulter
  m. Richard Newman (rector of Datchworth)
  iii.+ other issue - Henry, John
  B. Edward Pulter of Bradfield (3rd son)
  C. Eleanor Pulter
  m. Thomas Morryson or Morrison of Lincolnshire
  D. Mary Pulter
  m1. (Sir) John Fishe of Southill
  m2. Sir John Philpott (judge)
  E. Ann Pulter
  m. Tyndall Perte of Fryherne, Middlesex
  F. Margaret Pulter
  m. Raphe Wilson
  G.+ other issue - John (dsp), William, Thomas, Rowland, Samuel
2. Alice Pulter
  m. Sir Henry Boteler of Hatfield, Woodhall

Main source(s): 'A Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire' by Sir Henry Chauncy (1826) with support & input for the lower section from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, Pulter of Wymondley (in Appendix)), Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, Pulter of Bradfield), VCH (Hertfordshire vol 3, Broadfield)
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