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Families covered: Prowse of Axbridge, Prowse of Compton Bishop, Prouze of Exeter, Prowse of Simonsborough, Prowse of Tiverton

The Arms shown for the following family as "Sa., three lions rampant Arg." which are the same as for the Prouz family shown on Prouse1. Vivian starts with 2 brothers.
?? Prowse
1. John Prowse of Tiverton
  m. _ White (dau/heir of _ White of Tiverton)
  A. John Prowse of Tiverton (b c1547, a 1586)
  m. _ Colleck (dau/heir of _ Colleck of Tiverton)
  i. Richard Prowse of Tiverton (bpt 11.01.1568-9)
  m. Elizabeth Staplehill (dau/coheir of Hugh Staplehill of Bremble in Ashton)
  a. John Prowse of Tiverton (b c1595, a 1620)
  b. Richard Prowse (bpt 28.08.1599) had issue
  m. (c07.1623) Dorothy Wood (dau of Henry Wood of Culmstock)
Identifying the following Robert as of this family of the next generation is speculative but seems reasonable given the dates & designation and given that he is identified as "descended from the House of Prouz" (which, from the family's arms, would be consistent with this connection). However, showing him as son (or grandson) of Richard rather than of one of his brothers is done simply because he named his own son Richard. The following comes from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham' (George Lipscomb, vol 4 (1847), 'Pedigree of Hassel of Wyrardisbury', p604).
  (1) Robert Prowse of Tiverton
  (A) Richard Prowse of Tiverton (d before 22.01.1706)
(i) John Prowse (dsp before 14.08.1712)
  (ii) Elizabeth Prowse
  m. John Hassel of Wyrardisbury & Croydon (d before 23.12.1718)
  c. George Prowse (bpt 26.11.1609)
  B. Robert Prowse, Mayor of Barnstaple (d 29.06.1591)
  m. (05.10.1573/8) Jane Wichalles (dau of Nicholas Wichalles of Barnstable, m2. Jasper Bridgman)
  i. Humfry Prowse of Barnstaple (bpt 24.03.1584-5, a 1620)
m. (c09.1617) Grace Legg (dau of William Legg of Lime Regis)
  a. Robert Prowse (b c1618, a 1620)
  ii. Phillipa Prowse
  m. (11.10.1603) John Worth
  iii.+ other issue - Robert (bur 01.04.1582), Mary (bpt 27.12.1588), Elizabeth (bpt 030.4.1592), Jone (bur 02.02.1580-1)
  C. Richarda Prowse (bur 28.12.1604)
  m1. (Richard) Waldron
  m2. (04.05.1580, sp) Roger Gifford
  D. Wilmot Prowse
  m. Roger Colman
  E.+ other issue (a 1586) - Thomas, Richard, George
2. Robert Prowse of Tiverton
  m. _ Tucker
  A. Richard Prowse of Tiverton (a 1620)
  m. ?? of Tiverton
  i.+ issue - Robert, Richard, Thomas, George, John, Edward, Richard(a), Jone, Ellinor



MGH, which shows the following family as having the same arms as above, starts with cousins, shown as connected by ...
?? Prowse
1. ?? Prowse (of Simonsborough?)
  A. William Prowse of Axbridge, Somerset (b c1590, d 31.03.1670)
  m. (05.11.1645) Frances Jeffrey (bur 22.10.1666, dau of James Jeffrey of Axbridge)
  B. John Prowse
  C. Susan Prowse
  m. _ Salter
  D. Agnes Prowse
  m. William Spearing
  i. Anna Spearing (b 1644-5, d 21.05.1668)
  m. (10.02.1665) John Prowse of Compton House, etc. @@ just below
2. ?? Prowse
  A. John Prowse of Simonsborough (d 1667)
  i. John Prowse of Compton House, Axbridge & Compton Bishop (d 1668)
  m1. (10.02.1665) Anna Spearing (d 1668, dau of William Spearing by Agnes Prowse) @@ just above
  m2. (1670) Anne Newborough (dau of Roger Newborough of Berkley)
  a. John Prowse of Compton Bishop (bpt 11.03.1676, bur 10.04.1710, MP)
m1. Margaret Bragge (bur 1702, dau of William Bragge of Sadborough)
  m2. Abigail Hooper (b c1683, d 21.11.1763, dau of George Hooper, Bishop of Bath & Wells, by Abigail, dau of Richard Guildford)
  (1) Thomas Prowse of Compton Bishop (bpt 10.01.1678, bur 12.01.1767, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Sharpe (bur 06.1780, dau of John Sharpe of Grafton Park by Anna Maria, dau/coheir of Charles Hosier of Wicken Park)
  (A) George Prowse of Compton Bishop (b 1736-7, dsp bur 03.09.1767)
  m. Elizabeth Sharpe (b 1732-3, d 23.02.1810, dau of Rev. Thomas Sharpe (Archdeacon of Northumberland) by Judith, dau of Sir George Wheeler)
  (B) Mary Prowse (b 23.08.1745, d 04.1800)
  m. (1783) John Methuen (b 1748-9, d 22.08.1834, rector of Berkley)
  (i) son (d infant)
  (C) Elizabeth Prowse (b 25.09.1749, d 05.10.1826)
  m. (03.0/051.1769) Sir John Mordaunt, Bart
  (D)+ other issue - John (b c1733, d 27.02.1758), Charles (b 21.01.1747, d 15.06.1756), Elizabeth (b 30.10.1736, bur 24.01.1742), Susanna/Susan (b 27.05.1742, bur 24.02.1758), Elizabeth (b 10.03.1744, bur 27.03.1746)
  b.+ other issue - William (bur 1677), Thomas (bpt 10.01.1678, d young), Newborough (bpt 17.03.1672, d young), Mary, Elizabeth (d 1725), Ann (bpt 24.03.1675, d 1729)
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, William



The following family is shown as having similar arms to the above, differenced only by the background: "Ermines, three lions rampant argent".
Richard Prouze, Mayor of Exeter
m1. Richord Vincent of Exeter
1. John Prouze, Mayor of Exeter (a 1620)
  m1. Judith Oliver (dau of Eustace Oliver of Exeter)
  A. Richard Prouze
  m. Honor Turberville (dau of Nicholas Turberville of Kirton)
  i.+ issue (a 1620) - John (b c1612), Sarah, Mary
  B. Judith Prouze
  m. Nicholas Spicer of Exeter
  m2. (sp) Grace Chappell (dau of William Chappell of Exeter)
2. William Prouze
  m. Dorothy Strowd (dau (sb sister?) of Sir Robert Strowd)
3. Philip Prouze
  m. Margaret Bule of Cornwall
4. Mary Prouze
  m. Edward Harte of Exeter
5. Wilmot Prouze
  m. Thomas Dowrish of Heath Barton
m2. Ann Vaughan

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (originally uploaded 23.01.12 within Prouse1, moved here to facilitate review & expansion): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Prowse of Barnstaple and Tiverton', p627)
(2) For middle section : MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Prowse of Compton House, Compton Bishop, co. Somerset'. p167+), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 2, 1841, 'Hosier, Sharp, Prowse and Mordaunt of Wicken Park', p255+)
(3) For lower section : Visitation (Somerset, 1620, 'Prouse')
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