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Families covered: Priaulx of Du Comte, Priaulx (Preaux) of Guernsey

Berry reports that the following family "is of Norman origin. The Barony is situated two leagues from Rouen. the Seignior de Prealx resided near Darnatel, where he had a considerable estate, and was living in the year 913, bearing for arms, Gules; an Eagle displayed Or". Berry also reports that "Sire Jean de Preaux, who accompanied William the Conqueror to England in 1066, possessed this property".
Peter, Sn de Preaux (bur 1311)
m. ?? la Marche (dau of the Count of Marche) possibly parents of ...
1. John, Sn de Preaux
  m. _ Mallet
  A. William de Preaux (d 1364)
  B. Peter, Sn de Preaux (from Normandy to England in 1365)
  i. John de Preaux (from England to Guernsey in 1400)
  m. Rachel Gouii ("a Norman lady")
  a. Peter Preaux (a 1430)
  m. Mary de la Cour (dau of Thomas de la Cour, Bailiff of Guernsey)
  (1) Peter Preaux (a 1455)
m. Olimpe Roland
  (A) Peter Preaux or Priaulx (a 1499)
  m. Isabel Gouii
  (i) John Priaulx (a 1536, 2nd son)
  (a) John Priaulx (a 1565)
m. Mary le Marchant
  ((1)) Peter Priaulx of Du Comte (a 1604) - continued below
  m. Rebecca Saumarez (sister of Rev. John Saumarez)
  ((2)) Collette Priaulx
  m. Daniel de Beauvoir
  (b) Jane Priaulx
  m. William de Marchant
  (ii) Peter Priaulx (a 1564 in London)
  (iii) Elizabeth Priaulx
  m. Peter de Beauvoir of the Granges
  (iv)+ other issue - Colin (dsp), Collette
  (2) Thomasse Preaux
  m. Thomas Aderley
  (3) Mary Preaux
  m. George Stanley of Southampton



Peter Priaulx of Du Comte, Guernsey (a 1604) - continued above
m. Rebecca Saumarez (sister of Rev. John Saumarez, Dean of Guernsey)
1. Peter Priaulx of Du Comte (a 1637)
  m. Olimpe le Marchant (dau of Joshua le Marchant)
  A. Peter Priaulx of Du Comte (a 1665)
  m. Anne Andros ("of the family of Fashion Andros")
i. Thomas Priaulx of Du Comte
  m. Rebecca le Marchant (dau of John le Marchant)
  a. Carteret Priaulx 'of Beaulieu, Guernsey'
  m. Mary le Marchant (d 1812, dau of John le Marchant)
  (1) Jane Mary Priaulx (3rd dau) probably the Jane Mary (d 15.01.1882, coheir) who married ...
  m. (11.08.1824) Samuel Dobreé of The Priory in Wellington & Eastbourne (b 1793, d 1862)
(2)+ other issue - Helen Rebecca, Matilda, Mary Anne
  b. Thomas Priaulx 'of Montbello House, Guersney'
  m. Anne Lihou
(1) Mary Priaulx
  m. William Henry Brock (son of Henry of Belmont)
  (2) Emma Priaulx probably the Emma who married ...
  m. (20.11.1827) John Priaulx Armstrong (b 1802, d 1879, 'cousin')
(3)+ other issue - James, Thomas, Letitia, Francse Henrietta, Eliza Jane, Ane, Louisa, Julia Anne
  c. Anthony Priaulx (d 1820, 4th son)
  m1. Martha Gore (d 1811, niece of Sir Ralph Gore, Bart)
  (1)+ issue - Joshua, Osmond Beauvoir, Grace Martha, Elizabeth Louisa
  m2. Catherine Lihou
  d. Elizabeth Priaulx
  m. (14.02.1792) Thomas St. George Armstrong of Castle Carey (b 1765, d 1844)
  e. Mary Priaulx
  m1. Joshua Gosselin
  m2. Henry Lewis of Ireland
  f.+ other issue - John (a 1815), Anne (d unm?)
  B. Joshua Priaulx
  m. Mary le Pelley
  i. Thomas Priaulx (2nd son?)
  m. Catherine Gibault
  a.+ issue - Joshua (dsp), daughter (b c1735?, a 1815)
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - Joshua, Catherine
  C. Anne Priaulx
  m. Ezekiel Carre
2. John Priaulx
  m. ?? le Marchant (sister of Gomar le Marchant)
  A. Anne Priaulx
  m. Thomas de Lisle
  B. Rebecca Priaulx
  m. John le Marchant
3. William Priaulx
  m. Mary de Saumarez (m2. Eleazar le Marchant)
  A. Peter Priaulx
  m. Mary Soyer
  i. Charles Priaulx
  m. Mary de Jersey
  a.+ issue - Elizabeth, Mary
4. Rebecca Priaulx
  m. John le Marchant
5. Mary Priaulx
  m. Richard de Beauvoir of Barm

Main source(s): 'Prealx, Preaux, or Priaulx' in the Appendix (pp 342-343) of 'The History of the Island of Guernsey' by William Berry (1815)
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