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Families covered: Preston of Craigmillar, Preston of Dingwall, Preston of Gorton, Preston of Whitehill

Leophus de Preston (a temp King William the Lion who r. 1165-1214)
1. ?? de Preston
  A. Sir William de Preston (a 1291)
  i. Nicholas de Preston (d c1330)
  a. Sir Laurence de Preston
  (1) Sir John de Preston of Gorton (d by 1346)
  (A) Sir Simon de Preston of Craigmillar, Sheriff of Edinburgh and of Lothian (a 1360)
BP1870 & ElectricScotland suggest that there was another generation, also called Simon, between the above Simon and George (ancestor of Craigmillar) and Andrew (ancestor of Dingwall) but TSP suggests that that Simon was the eldest son of the above Simon.
  (i) Sir Simon de Preston
  (ii) Sir George de Preston of Gorton & Craigmillar
  (a) John Preston of Craigmillar (d before 1421) mentioned by TSP but not by BP1870
  ((1)) Sir William Preston of Craigmillar (b by 1417, d 07.1453)
  ((A)) William Preston of Craigmillar (d c1478)
  ((i)) Sir Simon Preston of Craigmillar (b c1450, d 1519) - continued below
  ((ii)) Henry Preston
  m. Mary Napier (dau of Napier of Merchiston)
  ((a)) James Preston, 1st of Valleyfield (a 1544)
  m. Margaret Home (dau of Home of Prendergast)
  (iii) Sir Henry de Preston mentioned by BP1870 but not by TSP
  (iv) Andrew de Preston - continued below



Andrew de Preston - continued above
1. George Preston of Whitehill mentioned by BP1870 but not by TSP
  A. ?? Preston presumed intermediary generation
  BP1870 suggests that Richard, 1st Lord Dingwall, was great-grandson of the above George of Whitehill but this seems to involve too few intermediary generations. TSP reports that, whilst George's father Andrew is believed to have been ancestor of Lord Dingwall, the first certain ancestor was ...
  i. Thomas Preston of Magdalen & Whitehill (d before 11.10.1483)
  m. Alison widow of Thomas and possibly mother of ...
  a. Archibald Preston of Whitehill (a 1511)
  (1) Thomas Preston of Whitehill
  m. Christian Seton
(A) Richard Preston of Whitehill (d 10.1571)
  m. Helen Coutts (d 10.1575, dau of Alan Coutts of Bowhill)
  (i) John Preston of Whitehill (d 14.06.1587)
  m. Jean Crichton (d 16.06.1587, dau of John Crichton of Brunstane)
  (a) David Preston of Whitehill
  This apoears to be the David who, according to ElectricScotland, obtained Craigmillar. However, various of the dates given by ElectricScotland contradict and are inconsistent with those given by TSP.
  m1. (1608) Margaret Ker (dau of George Ker of Fawdonside) presumed mother of ...
  ((1)) George Preston of Whitehill & Preston, last of Craigmillar
  m. (mcrt 15.06.1640) Jean Gibson (dau of Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie)
  ((2)) John Preston
((3)) Agnes Preston
  m. (mcrt 05.10.1630) Francis Hepburn (son of Patrick of Smeaton)
  m2. (1620) Susanna Colville (dau of Alexander Colville, Commendator of Culross)
  (b) Marion Preston
  (ii) James Preston
  (iii) Sir Richard Preston, Lord Dingwall, Earl of Desmond (d 28.10.1628)
  m. (1614) Elizabeth Butler (d 10.10.1628, dau of Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory and Ormond)
  (a) Elizabeth Preston, 'Baroness Dingwall' (b 25.07.1615, d 21.07.1684)
  m. (09.1629) James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde (b 19.10.1610, d 21.07.1688)
  (iv) Elizabeth Preston
  (B) Archibald Preston (a 1550)



Sir Simon Preston of Craigmillar (b c1450, d 1519) - continued above
1. William Preston (b c1480, dvp c1519)
  m. Elizabeth Hepburn
2. Sir George Preston of Craigmillar (b c1480, d 1543)
  m. Isabella Pringle
  A. Sir Simon Preston of Craigmillar, Provost of Edinburgh (b c1510, d by 1575)
  m1. Janet Beaton
  i. Sir David Preston of Craigmillar (b c1530, d 02.1593)
  a. Sir George Preston of Craigmillar (b c1560, d 18.05.1625)
  b. Sir Robert Preston of Craigmillar (b c1563, dsp 1639)
  c. Richard Preston (b c1565, d 1638/9)
  m2. (by 1549) Elizabeth Menteith

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