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Families covered: Prendergast of Croane, Prendergast of Gort, Prendergast of Enniscorthy, Prendergast of Newcastle (Tipperary)

Maurice, lord of Prendergast in Pembrokeshire (d 1205, to Ireland in 05.1169)
1. Philip de Prendergast of Enniscorthy (d 1226)
  m. Maude de Quincy (dau of Roger de Quincy)
  A. Gerald de Prendergast of Enniscorthy (& Douglas) (d 1251)
  m1. Matilda (dau of Theobald le Botiller)
  i. Maria de Prendergast
  m. John de Cogan (d 1278)
  m2. Matilda de Burgo (dau of Richard de Burgo, sister of Earl of Ulster)
  ii. Matilda de Prendergast
  m. Maurice de Rochfort
  B. William de Prendergast of Newcastle, co. Tipperary
  m. Alianore (probably a co-heir of William de Bermingham)
  i. John de Prendergast (dsp 1275)
  ii. Jeffrey de Prendergast of Newcastle (a 1281)
a. Sir Philip de Prendergast (d 1303)
  (1) Jeffrey de Prendergast of Newcastle, Sheriff of Tipperary (a 1327)
  m. Isolda (dau of Piers de Bermingham, '3rd Lord of Athenry')
  (2) Maurice de Prendergast
  (A) John de Prendergast of Newcastle
  (i) ?? de Prendergast
  (a) ?? de Prendergast
  ((1)) ?? de Prendergast
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  ((A)) ?? de Prendergast
  ((i)) ?? de Prendergast
  ((a)) James FitzThomas Prendergast of Newcastle (d 03.02.1575) - continued below
  m. Eleanor Grace (dau of Sir John Grace of Courtstown)
  (3) Sir Philip de Prendergast of Drangan
  C. David de Prendergast (a 1215)
2. Gerald FitzMaurice de Prendergast
  BP1934 reports that Gerald was ancestor of "the Prendergasts of Mayo, whose Irish title of MacMaurice gave name to the barony of Clanmorres".



James FitzThomas Prendergast of Newcastle (d 03.02.1575) - continued above
m. Eleanor Grace (dau of Sir John Grace of Courtstown)
1. Jeffrey Prendergast of Newcastle (d 12.03.1615)
  m. Joane Butler (dau of Thomas, 1st Lord Cahir, by Ellen, sister of James, 13th Earl of Desmonde)
  A. Thomas Prendergast of Newcastle (d 01.03.1626)
  m. Eleanor Butler (dau of John Butler, sister of Walter, 11th Earl of Ormonde)
  i. James Prendergast of Newcastle (dsp 12.12.1627)
  m. Catharine Fitzgerald (dau of Sir John Fitzgerald of the Decies)
ii. Robert Prendergast (dsp)
  iii. Edmond Prendergast of Newcastle (d c1656)
  a. Jeffrey Prendergast had issue
  b. Thomas Prendergast of Croane (b by 1625, d 1725)
  m. Eleanor Condon (dau of David Condon, chief of that sept)
  (1) Sir Thomas Prendergast of Croane, 1st Bart of Gort (d Malplaquet 09.09.1709, Brigadier)
  m. (10.08.1697) Penelope Cadogan (d 1746, dau of Henry Cadogan, sister of Earl William)
  (A) Sir Thomas Prendergast, 2nd Bart of Gort (dsp 23.09.1760)
  m. (1739) Anne Williams (dsp 12.1770, dau of Sir Hugh Williams, Bart)
  (B) Juliana Prendergast (d 12.12.1758)
  m. (13.12.1731) Chaworth Brabazon, 6th Earl of Meath (b 1686, dsp 14.05.1763)
(C) Elizabeth Prendergast
  m1. Sir John Dickson Haman, Bart (dsp 26.01.1727-8)
  m2. (21.11.1728) Charles Smyth (d 18.08.1784, MP)
  Their 2nd son inherited Gort, assumed the name Prendergast, and later became 1st Viscount Gort.
  (D) Anne Prendergast
  m. Samuel Hobson of Muckridge
  (2) Jeffrey Prendergast of Croane or Crohane had issue
  m. Margaret Daniel (dau of William Daniel)
  (A) Penelope Prendergast probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Greene of Clonmel
  m2. Ellen White (dau of Nicholas White)
  iv. Margaret Prendergast
  B.+ other issue - James (dsp), Robert of Ballybeg, Richard
2.+ other issue including Edmond of Tullaghmelan (a 1585, MP)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Gort)
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