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Families covered: Plumptre of Fredville, Plumptre (Plumtre) of Nottingham

BLG1886 reported that "The family of Plumptre, settled for centuries in the town of Nottingham, represented that borough in Parliament from the time of the Plantagenets."
Thomas de Plumptre (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. William de Plumptre
  A. Paul de Plumptre (a 1286)
  i. Henry de Plumptre
  a. William de Plumptre (a 1330)
  (1) Henry de Plumptre (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  BLG1886 reported that Henry was great-great-great-grandfather of Nicholas (MP in 1570-1).
  (A) ?? de Plumptre
  (i) ?? de Plumptre
  (a) ?? de Plumptre
  ((1)) John Plumptre or Plumtre of Nottingham - continued below
  m1/2. Catherina
  m2/1. Agneta
  (2)+ other issue - John (MP for Nottingham), John (2nd of that name)



John Plumptre or Plumtre of Nottingham - continued abovethe first mentioned by Visitation
m1/2. Catherina
1. Nicholas Plumptre or Plumtre of Nottingham (MP in 1570-1) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Anne Sharpe (dau of Nicholas Sharpe of Frisby)
  A. Henry Plumptre of Nottingham (bpt 19.09.1579, d 26.07.1642)
  m. (25.08.1597) Anne Parkyns (dau of Richard Parkyns of Boney (Parkins of Bonney))
i. Nicholas Plumptre of Nottingham (d unm 03.04.1644)
  ii. Huntingdon Plumptre of Nottingham (bpt 05.02.1601, d 06.1660, physician, 3rd son?)
  m1. (18.07.1638) Jane Scott (dsp 05.06.1641, dau of Richard Scott of Byshopdicke Hall)
  m2. (14.08.1642) Christian Brooke (dau of Sir Richard Brooke of Norton by Catherine, dau of Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere)
a. Henry Plumptre of Nottingham (b 19.09.1644, d 29.12.1693)
  m1. Mary Blayney (d 1673, dau of Thomas Blayney of Hereford)
  (1) Christina Plumptre (d unm 1693)
  m2. Joyce Sacheverell (d 1708, dau of Henry Sacheverell of Barton, widow of John Milward of Snitterton)
  (2) John Plumptre of Nottingham (b 1679, d 29.09.1751)
  m. Annabella Molyneux (d 27.06.1745, dau of Sir Francis Molyneux, 4th Bart of Teversall)
(A) John Plumptre of Fredville (Kent) & Nottingham (b 10.02.1710)
  m1. (1756) Margaretta Bridges (dsp, dau of Sir Brook Bridges, Bart of Goodnestone)
  m2. (1758) Mary Glover (dau of Philips Glover of Wispington)
  (i) John Plumptre of Fredville & Nottingham, Sheriff of Kent (b 18.09.1766, d 07.11.1827)
  m. (24.05.1788) Charlotte Pemberton (b c1763, d 05.01.1853, dau of Rev. Jeremy Pemberton of Trumpington)
(a) John Pemberton Plumptre of Fredville (b 03.05.1791, d 07.01.1864) had issue (3 daughters)
  m. (02.04.1818) Catharine Matilda Methuen (d 02.12.1886, dau of Paul Cobb Methuen of Corsham House)
  (b) Charles Thomas Plumptre (b 08.11.1799, d 01.1862, rector of Wickhambreux) had issue
  m1. (25.05.1825) Caroline Lucas-Calcraft (d 12.06.1833, dau of John Charles Lucas-Calcraft of Ancaster)
  m2. (09.04.1835) Elizabeth Wright (d 18.10.1892, dau of John Wright of Langar & Lenton Halls)
  Fredville passed to the son of the 2nd marriage.
(c) Henry Western Plumptre (d 23.04.1863, rector of Eastwood) had issue
  m. (10.04.1828) Eleanor Bridges (d 24.01.1892, dau of Sir Brook William Bridges, 4th Bart of Goodnestone Park)
  Through this marriage arose a claim to the Barony of FitzWalter. Their eldest son's eldest son was summoned to Parliament in 1924 as the 20th Lord FitzWalter.
  (d) Emma Maria Plumptre (d 1874)
  m. Rev. Henry Gipps
  (e) Maria Louisa Plumptre (d 21.01.1833)
  m. John Smith (Captain)
(f) Frances Matilda Plumptre (d 22.04.1837)
  m. (29.07.1816) Robert Ramsden of Carlton Hall
  (g)+ other issue - Charloitte Sophia (d unm 22.08.1809), Annabella Helen (d unm 1842), Augusta Catherine (d 04.1867), Emilia Septima (d unm 11.1878), Octavia Anna
  (ii) Mary Plumptre (d 02.08.1832)
  m. (02.08.1785) Sir Richard Carr Glyn, 1st Bart of Gaunts (d 27.04.1838)
  (B) Charles Plumptre (b 16.07.1712, d 14.09.1779, Archdeacon of Ely)
  (C) Francis Plumptre
  m. (07.04.1755) Dorothy Berry
  (D) Polydore Plumptre (b 01.11.1714, d 15.04.1777)
  m. (11.12.1760) Elizabeth Eyre
  (E) Robert Plumptre (d 1778, Rev., Master of Queens' College, Cambridge)
  m. Anne Newcome
  (i) Diana Plumptre
  m. (07.04.1781) John Plumptre (b 11.03.1754, d 1825, Dean of Gloucester) @@ just below
  (ii) Jemima Plumptre
  m. Frederick Layton (Captain)
  (iii)+ other issue - Joseph (dsp, Rev.), James (dsp, rector of Great Grandsdon), Robert of Norwich (had issue), Anne (d unm, authoress), Lydia, Arabella
(F) Septimus Plumptre (b 1718, d 04.02.1782, 7th son?)
  m. (1753) Catharine Young
  (i) John Plumptre (b 11.03.1754, d 1825, Dean of Gloucester)
  m. (07.04.1781) Diana Plumptre (dau of Rev. Robert Plumptre) @@ just above
  (a) John Plumptre (b 04.12.1781, d 01.05.1864)
  m. Caroline Carter of Foxley
  (b) Robert Bathurst Plumptre (b 27.09.1792, d 03.04.1883, rector of North Coates, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (07.04.1825) Susannah Nicholl (d 15.03.1849, dau of Rev. Iltyd Nicholl)
  (c)+ other issue - Henry Scawen (b 11.12.1789, d 15.09.1862), Maria, Dorothy (d 04.1876)
  (ii) Charles Plumptre (b 13.02.1755, d 05.1812, rector of Teversall then Long Newton)
  m. (14.01.1780) Mary Mellar (d 08.03.1840, dau of Joseph Mellar of Mansfield)
  (a) Edward Hallows Plumptre of the Middle Temple (b 27.10.1785, d 25.11.1851) had issue
  m. (10.1816) Eliza Pitfield (d 25.11.1837, dau of Jacob Pitfield of Symondsbury)
  (b)+ other issue - Kaye Francis (b 09.07.1784, d unm c1805), Frederick Charles (b 17.08.1796, d 11.1870, Master of Univeristy College, Oxford, Rev.)
  (iii) Edward Plumptre (d 1768)
  (iv) Dorothy Plumptre
  m. (07.04.1783) Francis Evans of Nottinghamshire
  (G) Maria Plumptre
  m. (1752) Thomas Wilbraham (Dr.)
  (H) Annabella Plumptre
  (2) Henry Plumptre
  (A) Russell Plumptre (b 04.01.1719, d 10.1793, professor at Cambridge)
  (i) daughter
  m. _ Ward of Wilbraham
  (3) Fitzwilliam Plumptre (b 24.10.1686, d 03.12.1749)
  m. Jane (widow of Commodore _ Owen)
  b. Faustina Plumptre (bpt 11.11.1651)
  m. (c08.1680) Drue Cressener (rector of Soham)
  c. Amanda Plumptre (bpt 26.01.1657)
  m. William Orde of Beale
  d.+ other issue - Richard, son, Amanda (bur 19.12.1652), Arbella (bpt 15.01.1654)
  iii. Anne Plumptre
  m. Ralph Hannsbie
  iv.+ other issue - Richard, John, Elizabeth, Catherine, Elizabeth
m2/1. Agneta

Main source(s): BLG1886 & 1952 (Plumptre of Fredville), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1663, Plumtre of Nottingham)
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