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Families covered: Lords of Kylsant (Cilsant), Philipps of Cymgwili, Philipps of Penty Park

Reported by BP1934 to be "of the same tribe as Vortigern, King of Britain, paternally descended from Maximus, King of Britain and Emperor of Rome", was ...
Cadifor ap Colwyn, 'Cadifor Vawr of Blaenkych', lord of Dyvett (d 1089)
m. Elen (dau of Llwch Llawen Fawr, lord of Cilsant or Kylsant)
1. Bledri 'Latimer', lord of Kylsant (3rd son)
  BP1934 reports that Bledri "being acquainted with the language of the invaders of Dyvett, became interpreter betwixt them and the Britons, and was therefore surnamed by them "Latimer", or the "Interpreter".
  m. Clydwen (dau of Griffith, lord of Gwynfy, ap Cydrych ap Gwaethfoed)
  A. Rees, lord of Kylsant (d 1194)
  BP1934 shows Rees's wife as Ancreta (Ankaret), dau of Rees ap Gryffydh, Prince of South Wales, but, noting that BE1883 (Martin) identifies her as wife of William FitzRobert FitzMartin, we follow BLG1952 in identifying Rees's wife as ...
  m. Angharad (dau of Llewellyn, lord of Llandovery)
  i. Sir Aron or Aaron (a 1190)
  BP1934 reports that one of Aron's daughters married Edmund Fychan, Lord Erygyath (steward & councillor to Prince Llewellyn) but BLG1952 identifies his father-in-law as that steward.
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Ednynet Fychan, lord of Crygaerth)
  a. Gwyllym of Kylsant
  m. Jenette (dau of Meyric ap Traharne of Garthunell) = Sioned (dau of Meurig ap Trahaiarn ab Iorwerth, lord of Garthmul)
  (1) Madog
  m. Genet (dau of Griffith ap Ivor of Castleddwm) = Sioned (dau of Gruffydd ab Ivor of Castle Oddwyn and Cardigan)
  (A) Evan of Kylsant
  m. Catherine (dau of Sir Elidor Ddy or Ddu)
  (i) Philip, lord of Kylsant
  m. Helen or Sioned (dau of William ap Caradog ap Henry)
(a) Meredith, lord of Kylsant
  m. Gwendolina or Sian (dau of Evan ap Gwyllym)
  ((1)) Philip of Kylsant
  m. Jenette (dau of Jenkyn Lloyd of Pwlldyfarch or Bwll Dyfach)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Philips of Kylsant or Cilsant
  m. Jane Donne (dau of Henry Donne of Picton Castle)
  ((i)) John Philips of Kylsant and Picton (d 1551)
  m. Elizabeth Griffith (dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn, Chamberlain of North Wales)
  ((ii)) William Philipps - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Bowen (dau of Sir James Bowen of Pentre Evan)
The following comes from "Genealogies of the Carmarthenshire Sheriffs" (compiled by James Buckley 1910), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 29.09.12) for bringing this to our attention.
  ((iii)) Owain Philips
  m. Janet (dau of Thomas ap John of Cwmgwili)
  ((a)) David Philipps of Cilsant
  m. Margaret Vaughan (dau of Sir John Vaughan)
  (((1))) Jane Philipps
  m. David ap Rhys ap William, of Rhydodin



William Philipps 'of Penty Park' - continued above
m. Elizabeth Bowen (dau of Sir James Bowen of Pentre Evan)
1. James Philipps of Penty Park
  m. Jane Griffiths (dau of Edmond Griffiths, son of Sir William of Penrhyn)
  A. John Philipps of Penty Park, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire
  m. Grace (dau of Richard Vychan of Llandigwydd)
  i. James Philipps of Penty Park, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire
  m. Elinor Butler (dau of Hugh Butler of Johnston, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire)
  a. James Philipps of Penty Park
  m. _ Barlow (dau of William Barlow of Cryswill)
(1) John Philipps of Penty Park
  m. Ann
  (A) James Philipps of Penty Park (b 1672, d 27.11.1730)
  m. Jane Scurlock (dau of John Scurlock)
  (i) James Philipps of Penty Park, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire (b 1710, d 26.10.1794)
  m. (1733) Jane Pryce (d 1762, dau of Lewis Pryce of Gogerdan)
  (a) Mary Philipps (b 1737, d 26.08.1815)
  m. (02.06.1764) Sir Richard Philipps, 7th Bart of Picton Castle, Lord Milford (b 1744, dsp 28.11.1823)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - Anna Louisa, Jane (b 1736)
  (ii) Mary Philipps (d 1781)
  m. (1716) John Lloyd of Ffos-y-Bleiddied
  Penty Park later passed to one of their grandsons who took the name Lloyd-Philipps.
  (B) John Philipps
  m. Elizabeth Philipps (dau of Francis Philipps of Waungron)
  B. Griffith Philipps
  m. Mary Jones (dau of Thomas Jones)
  i. Richard Philipps
  m. Catherine Llloyd (dau of William Lloyd of Llanarthney, sister of Griffith of Cwmgwili)
  a. John Philipps of White House, nr. Llandilo
  m. Elizabeth Grismond of Ludlow
  (1) Grismond Philipps of Cwmgwili (b 1686)
  m. Jane Stedman (dau of Miles Stedman of Dol-y-Gaer)
(A) Griffith Philipps of Cwmgwili (d 1781)
  m. Lucretia Elizabeth Folkes (dau of Henry Folkes)
  (i) John George Philipps of Cwmgwili, Sheriff (d 05.1816)
  m. Anne Ball (d 04.1806, dau of John Ball of Aberystwith)
  (a) Grismond Philipps of Cwmgwili (d 28.04.1850) had issue
  m. (11.07.1822) Catherine Warlow (d 20.05.1854, dau of Thomas Warlow of Castle Hall)
2. Anne Philips possibly of this generation
  m. John Stedman of Strata Florida (d 12.1607)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Philipps of Cwmgwili) with support (for upper section) from BP1934 (St. Davids) and input (for lower secton) from BLG1952 (Lloyd of Penty Park)
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