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Families covered: Perry of Essex, Perry of Moyloughmore, Perry of Perrymount, Perry (Perrye) of Water

Berry identifies the arms of the following family, quartered with those of Watlington as "gules and or, on a bend argent three lions, passant proper". See Perry1.
Philip Perry of Woolwich then Blackwall (b 1777-8, d 26.09.1742)
m. Elizabeth Manley of Plymouth
1. Philip Perry (b 03.10.1710, 2nd son)
  m. Eleanor
  A. Elizabeth Perry (b c11.1735, d 20.121735)
  B. Dudsnns Perry (b 1738, d 26.05.1818)
  m. _ Taylor
  i. Elizabeth Taylor (b c1760, dsp 26.12.1815)
  m. _ William
2. John Perry
  m1. Ann Watlington (b 1717-8, d 06.08.1752, dau of Samuel Watlington of Reading)
  A. John Perry, Sheriff of Essex (b c1743, d 07.11.1810)
  m1. Elizabeth Brown (dau of John Brown)
  i. Thomas Perry of Moor Hall, Harlow, Sheriff of Essex (d 15.10.1833) had issue
  m. Maria Jane Watlington (d 26.02.1839, dau of George Watlington of Caldecot Hill)
  ii. Eliza Perry (b 16.01.1772, d 14.01.1337)
m. William Layman (Captain RN)
  iii. Sarah Perry (b 1777-8, d 18.05.1806)
  m. George Green of Blackwall
  iv.+ other issue - John (b 1767-8, dsp 05.07.1824), Richard (dsp 08.06.1796), Philip (b c1770, dsp 19.01.1830), Eliza (b 16.01.1767, d 25.01.1767), Louisa
  m2. Mary Green
  ix. George Perry (b 02.06.1802, cleric) had issue
  m. _ Smith
  x.+ other issue - Richard (b 14.02.1801), Charles (b 17.02.1807, cleric), Caroline (b 05.09.1805, d infant), Amelia (b 18.11.1808)
  B. Ann Perry (d 05.03.1803)
  m. Joseph Hankey
  C.+ other issue - Philip (b 1736-7, d 05.07.1776), John (b 13.09.1742, d 23.11.1742), Thomas (b 03.04.1745), Samuel (b 07.05.1747, d infant), Elizabeth (b 16.08.1748, d infant), Elizabeth (b 29.08.1749, d infant)
  m2. Mary Gibson of Pinner (dsp)
3. Elizaberth Perry (b 27.02.1715)
  m. John Brown
  A. son (d infant)
  B. Sarah Brown
  m. Richard Hall (Captain)
  C. Elizabeth Brown
  m. John Perry
  D. Catherine Brown
  m. _ McNab (Captain)
  E. Anne Brown
  m. _ Jones (Captain)
4. Susannah Perry (b 01.03.175)
  m. Philip Gilbert
5. Sarah Perry (b 27.05.1719, dsp 26.05.1804)
  m. E.R. Sull
6.+ other issue - Thomas (b 07.12.1708), Fleming (b 04.01.1717, d infant)



Of Welsh descent was ...
James Perry of Moyloughmore (a 06.1662)
1. Francis Perry of Tityreagh (Tattyreagh) (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Lowry (dau of John Lowry of Ahenis or Pomeroy)
2. Samuel Perry 'of Moyloughmore' (d 1730)
  m1. Catherine Lowry (dau of John Lowry of Ahenis or Pomeroy)
  A.+ issue
  m2. Isabella Graham (dau of Hector Graham of Lee Castle & Coolmain House)
  B. Edward Perry (Captain)
  m. Margaret Perry (dau of George Perry) @@ below
  i. Catherine Perry (d unm)
  ii. Angel Perry
  m. William Brooke
  C. Catherine Perry
m. Henry Richardson of Rich Hill & Rossfad (Colonel)
3. George Perry of Moyloughmore
  m. Angel Sinclair (dau of Rev. James Sinclair of Holyhill)
  A. Samuel Perry of Perrymount & Moyloughmore
  m. _ Oliphert (dau of _ Oliphert of Ballyconnell House)
  i. George Perry of Perrymount & Moyloughmore (b 1762, dsp)
  m. Mary Burgess (dau of John Burgess (Burges), niece of Sir John Smith-Burgess, Bart)
  ii. Mary Perry
  m. (12.1781) Alexander McClintock of Newtown (b 30.03.1746, brother of John of Drumcar)
  B. George Perry
m. _ Crawford (dau of _ Crawford of Cooley)
  i. Sinclair Perry had issue
  m. _ Dick
  ii. George Perry
  m. _ Porter
  iii. Mary Perry
  m. Oliver Speer
  C. Margaret Perry
  m. Edward Perry (Captain) @@ above
  D. Letitia Perry
  m. _ Johnston
  E. daughter
  m. _ Dick



Christopher Perrey (or Perrye) of Water, Devon
m. Emme Hele (dau/heir of Thomas Hele of Hele, son of Nicholas by Isabell, dau/heir of William Water son of Symon of Water)
1. William Perrye of Water
m. _ Frye (dau of John Frye)
  A. William Perrye 'of Membury' of Water
  m. Joane Holcombe (dau of Roger Holcombe)
  i. William Perrye of Water (a 1564?)
  m1. Barbara Dawtree (dsp, dau of Sir John Dawtree of Hampshire)
  m2. Thomasine Chase (dau of Walter Chase)
  a.+ issue - Emmerence, Jane, Bridgett, Elizabeth
  ii. Alice Perrye (bur 26.10.1593)
  m. Roger Preston of Up Awtrey
  iii. Joan Perrye
  m. Robert Fowell
  B. Elizabeth Perrye
  m. _ Rosseter

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