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Families covered: Pembridge of Clehonger, Pembridge of Mansell (Maunsell) Gamage, Pembridge of Pembridge (Pembrugge of Pembrugge), Pembridge (Pembrugge) of Tong, Pembridge of Wellington (Wallington)

(1) This family's name is often spelt Pembrugge or Pembruge. The family probably took its name from Pembridge in Herefordshire. It appears that there was a Pembridge Castle both in Pembridge and (c25 miles away) in Welsh Newton (also in Herefordshire but closer to the border with Wales), the latter formerly being known as Newland Castle. Either we have become confused on this point (which is quite possible) or some of the web sites we have seen that mention Pembridge Castle have sometimes confused them.
(2) As far as we are aware, the early generations of this family have not yet been clarified & confirmed so most of the upper section should be viewed with caution. It appears that there were several early generations of Ralphs and that Henry became a popular name in the family, possibly leading to confusion between sons & nephews.
Ralph de Pembridge of Pembridge, Herefordshire
1. Ralph de Pembridge of Pembridge Castle
  m1. ??
  A. Ralph de Pembridge of Pembridge & Newland (d 1216)
  i. Ralph de Pembridge of Clehonger, last of Pembridge Castle
One web site which mentions Pembridge Castle (see here) reports that Pembridge Castle was confiscated following Ralph's son's Henry's support of Simon de Montfort (who was defeated at Evesham in 1265).
  a. Sir Henry de Pembridge of Newland & Clehonger
  We speculate that this was the Henry who is the first mentioned in 'A History of Tong, Shropshire' by George Griffiths (1894, p11+) which reports his descendants by ...
  m1/2. Orabel (Arabella) de Harcourt, heiress of Tong (dau of William de Harcourt by Alice, sister of Alan la Zouche (son of Roger))
  (1) Fulk de Pembridge or Pembruge of Tong, Salop (b c1270, d 1296)
  m. Maud de Harcourt (dau of Sir Richard de Harcourt by Margaret Beke)
(A) Fulk de Pembridge or Pembrugge of Tong (b 1291-2, d 1326)
  m. Marilda de Bermingham (dau of Sir William de Birmingham)
  (i) Fulk de Pembridge or Pembrugge of Tong (b c1311, dsp?)
(ii) Sir Robert de Pembridge or Pembrugge of Tong & Bromscroft, Hampshire (a 1351, d 1371?, MP?)
  HoP ('Fulk Pembridge') identifies Fulk's mother as Juliana. Some sources, such as BP1934 (Vernon), identify her as Juliana Zouche but various web sites identify her as ...
  m. Juliana Trussell (dau of Sir William (probably not Robert) Trussell)
  (a) Sir Fulk de Pembridge or Pembrugge of Tong (dsp 24.05.1409, MP)
m1. (before 08.1363) Margaret Trussell (b 21.05.1348, d 10.06.1399, dau of Sir William Trussell, brother of Sir John)
  m2. (before 10.1405) Isabel Lingen (d 12.1446, dau of Sir Ralph Lingen of Wigmore, widow of Sir Thomas Peytevyn & Sir John Ludlow of Hodnet)
  (b) (Juliana) de Pembridge
  m. (Sir Richard) Vernon
  (c) daughter shown by some sites as of this generation, possibly named Agnes or Matilda
  m1. Thomas Oldcastell
  m2. Thomas de Norbury 'of Webley'
  (iii) Margery Pembridge probably of this generation
m. Ralph Lingen of Lingen (a 1377)
  We speculate also that this was the Henry, son of Ralph (and brother of Sir Foulk, Sir John & Sir Richard), who was progenitor of the Pembridges of Mansell Gamage by ...
  m2/1. Elizabeth Gamage (dau of Sir Godfrey Gamage)
  (2) William Pembridge - continued below
  m. Eufenia Lingen (dau of Sir Ralfe Lingen)
  b. Sir Richard Pembridge of Clehonger, Herefordshire brother of the Henry who m. Elizabeth Gamage
  (1) Sir Richard Pembridge of Clehonger & Ayot St. Lawrence (Hertfordshire) (d 1375, KG)
  (A) Henry Pembridge (dsp)
  (2) Walter Pembridge
  (3) Amy or Alice Pembridge
  m. Sir John Burley (KG)
  (4) Hawise Pembridge probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Barre (b c1349, d 1419)
  c.+ other issue - Sir Foulk, Sir John brothers of the Henry who m. Elizabeth Gamage
  ii. Henry de Pembridge
  m2. ??
  B. Henry de Pembridge



William Pembridge - continued above
m. Eufenia Lingen (dau of Sir Ralfe Lingen)
1. William Pembridge
  m. Margery Burley (dau of Sir John Burley)
  A. Henry Pembridge this generation given by Visitation (Herefordshire) but not by Visitation (Shropshire)
  m. Margaret Sarnfeld (dau of John Sarnfeld)
  i. John Pembridge
  m1. Elizabeth Grey (dsp, dau of Sir Geffrey Grey) father named by Visitation (Herefordshire) but not by Visitation (Shropshire)
  m2. Sibill Essath (dau of Roger Essath or Essach)
  a. John Pembridge
  m. Agnes Plowfield (dau of Hugh Plowfield)
  (1) Thomas Pembridge
  m. Isabell Joyce (dau of James Joyce (Joyes) of the Forest of Dean)
  (A) John Pembridge of Mansell (Maunsell) Gamage
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Pembridge of Wellington', p43+).
  m. Katherine Bromwich (dau of Thomas Bromwich of Sarnfield or Samefeild)
  (i) Walter Pembridge
  m. Joane Herbert (dau of William Herbert by _ Harwell)
  (a) John Pembridge (dsp)
(b) Elizabeth Pembridge
  m. Sir Rowland Moreton
  (ii) John Pembridge of Mansell Gamage (3rd son)
  m1. Joan Gomond (dau of John Gomond)
  (a) Thomas Pembridge of Wallington (Wellington), Herefordshore
m. Jane Baskerville (dau/coheir of William Baskerville of Wellington)
  ((1)) James Pembridge
  ((A)) John Pembridge (dsp)
  m. _ Delahay
  ((B)) Walter Pembridge of Mansell Gamage (dsp)
  m. Fortuna Tompkins (dau of Richard Tompkins of Monington, m2. Robert Perrott of Morton-upon-Lugg)
  ((2)) Anthony Pembridge or Pembrugg of Wellington (younger son)
  The following comes mostly from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1682-3, 'Pembrugg of Maisemore') which shows Anthony's only marriage to Anne Brianion or Breynton, mother of Anthony. However, Siddons (which follows this line) shows that he married twice and had children as follows.
  m1. Griswold Woodrose of Northamptonshire
  ((A)) Anthony Pembrugg or Pembruge of Wotton (in Wellington) & Hereford (a 1634)
  m. Jane Cecil (dau of William Cecil of Maisemore)
  ((i)) Anthony Pembruge of Maisemore (b c1612/1618, d 1696)
  m. Mary Kent (dau of Edward Kent of Hampshire)
  ((a)) Jane Pembruge
  m. Thomas Rook of Maismore
  ((b))+ other issue = Anthony (b c1660, d unm 1681), William (b c1666), Mary (d unm), Joane (a 1682)
  ((ii)) Thomas Pembridge of Corse (clerk, 3rd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Atwood (dau of John Atwood of Stanton)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Philip of Maesmore (b c1615, a 1682), Jane
  ((B)) Mabel Pembridge
  m. Cicell Parry of Dewlas
  ((C)) Bridget Pembridge
  m2. Anne Breynton (dau of John Breynton of Streeton)
  ((D)) Thomas Pembruge of Wellington
  m. Margaret Button (dau of James Button of Kidderminster, brother of Sir Thomas)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1634) - Anthony, James, Elizabeth, Margaret
((E))+ other issue - Andfrew, (in Spain), Anne, Elizabeth
  ((3))+ other issue - John (dsp), Thomas, William, Jane
  (b) Anne Pembridge
  m. Henry Perle
  m2. Elizabeth Garlande ## possibly Gernons here? ##
  (c) John Pembridge
  (d) Katherine Pembridge
  m. _ Penor or Venor
  (e) Sybill Pembridge
  m. _ Collyar
  (f) Margaret Pembridge
  m. _ Jemans of Jennons
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas, William
  B. Joan Pembridge possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Parker in Herefordshire

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : as reported above (data shown in italics when taken from 'various web sites')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, 'Pembridge (of Mansell Gamage)'), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Pembridge') with input/support as reported above
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