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Families covered: Pearce of Illogan, Pearce in Penzance, Pearce of Whittingham

John Pearce of Glyn, Sussex
m. Alice White of Lewes
1. Edward Pearce of London
  m. Mary Bishop (dau of Thomas Bishop of London)
  A. Edward Pearce of Parson's Green (Fulham, Middlesex) & Whittingham (b 1620, d 1683)
  m. Mary Carleton (dau of Sir Dudley Carleton by Lucy Crofts of Croft Castle)
  i. Edward Pearce 'of Whittingham' (b c1658, d by 1715, General)
  m. Frances Lovett (dau of Christopher Lovett, Lord Mayor of Dublin)
a. Edward Lovett Pearce 'of Ireland' (b c1699, d 07.12.1733, architect)
  m. (c1725) Anne Pearce (d 15.07.1749, cousin) @@ below
  (1) Mary Pearce
  m1. Lewis Thomas
  (A) Lewis Thomas (Major General)
  m2. James Slater
  (2) Ann Pearce
  m. Chambre Hallowes
  (3) Frances Pearce
  m. Benjamin Lake
(4) Henrietta Pearce
  m. Charles Willington
  ii. Thomas Pearce (bpt 01.03.1669/70, bur 23.01.1739, Lt. General, 3rd/later son)
  m. Mary Hewes (dau of William Hewes of Wrexham by Sarah, dau of Thomas Wayte (Governor of Beeston Castle))
  a. Anne Pearce (d 15.07.1749)
  m. (c1725) Edward Lovett Pearce (b c1699, d 07.12.1733, cousin) @@ above
  b.+ 3 sons and 1 daughter
  iii. Lucy Pearce probably the Lucy who married ...
  m. Thomas Claxton of Dublin
  iv.+ other issue - Dudley (b c1662), Mary, Bridget



Richard Pearce of Kerrisin Paul (b 1692-3, d 25.06.1753)
m. Maria Jones (b c1707, d 05.04.1783?, dau of Lt. General John Jones by Mary Ripley))
1. William Pearce in Penzance (b 1736-7, d 16.01.1767, 3rd son)
  m. (22.03.1763) Mary Harvey (dau of John Harvey of Trevore son of John son of Thomas by Anne Jones)
  A. John Jones Pearce (b 01.12.1765, d 07.12.1826)
  m1. (09.06.1792) Elizabeth Oxnam (bur 27.03.1801, dau of Richard Oxnam of Penzance)
  i. Richard Pearce in Penzance (b 22.11.1792, d 23.08.1862) had issue
  m. (17.07.1826) Sarah Penneck (d 05.03.1863, dau of Henry Penneck of Truro)
  ii. John Jones Pearce (b 15.04.1795, d 10.07.1833, RN) had issue
  m. (20.11.1821) Anna Maria Henrietta Bosse (dau of Henry Bosse)
  iii. Elizabeth Pearce (b 07.06.1796)
  m. Francis Lugg
  iv.+ other issue - William (b 29.07.1798, d 20.07.1813, RN), Lionel Eipley (b 22.03.1801, d 19.07.1835)
  m2. (25.11.1817) Sarah Woodis (bur 1841, dau of Thomas Woodis of Penzance)
2. Elizabeth Pearce (bpt 14.06.1741, d 18.11.1778)
  m. (28.07.1766) John Beard of Halwin
3.+ other issue - Richard, John, Mary (d 12.1803), Jane (b 1732-3, d 07.1814), Ann (b c1745, d 21.12.1832)



William Pearce of Pool, Illogan (bur 14.10.1786)
m. Elizabeth
1. Thomas Pearce of Illogan, later of Llynpandu (Flintshire) (d 18.04.1811)
  m. (11.11.1775) Mary Worth (bpt 21.05.1757, d 30.03.1836, dau of Charles Worth of St. Ives by Prudence, dau/coheir of Rev. John Keigwin of Landrake & St. Erney)
  A. Francis Pearce of Hadley Lodge, Wellington, Shropshire, later of Madeley (b 28.03.1796, a 1876, youngest son?) had issue
  m. (30.04.1818) Mary Chune (dau of Thomas Chune of Oswestry)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Charles Worth, William, Peggy, Mary, Catherine
2.+ other issue - Peter, Catherine



MGH starts with 3 brothers, sons of ...
?? Pears
1. ?? Pears
  m. ?? (a 08.1603)
  A. Walter Pear of Hackney (d before 06.06.1604)
  m. Mary (a 06.1604)
  B. John Pear (a 08.1603)
  C. daughter
  m. _ Gaskyn
  i.+ issue - Margaret, Mary, Anne
2. Stephen Pears of Richmond, Surrey (bur 28.08.1630, Keeper of the Royal Wardrobe)
  m1. ?? (bur 16.07.1604)
  A. Stephen Pears (a 1628-9)
  m. Elizabeth
  B. George Pears or Pierce of Tiverton, Devon (bpt 07.12.1602, bur 03.11.1679, Rector of Pit)
  m. ?? (a 1679)
  i. Susannah Pierce (bpt 23.12.1641, a 1679)
  m. _ Chamberlaine
  a. Susanna Chamberlaine (a 1679)
  ii.+ other issue - Stephen (a 11.1679), Peter (a 1679), John (a 1679), Susanna (bur 26.04.1638), Jane (bpt 25.09.1647, bur 20.10.1663)
  C. Dorothy Pears (bpt 15.06.1600, bur 08.12.1659)
m. Mark Hildersley of Hackney (bur 05.01.1659/60)
  D.+ other issue - Anne (bpt 17.04.1597, d young), Elizabeth (bpt 12.08.1604, a 1628-9)
  m2. Mary Astley (dau of Richard Astley of the Jewel House, son of Thomas of Hillmorton (by Anne Cruse of Warwick) by Margaret, dau of Judge Sir William Stamford of Hadley) & brother of John & Thomas)
  F. Theobald Pears (bpt 27.06.1613, d before 01.05.1656, younger son)
  m. (02.01.1639-40) Sarah Thomas (a 05.1656)
  i.+ issue - Theobald (bpt 31.01.1646-7), Sarah (bpt 27.01.1641-2), Mary (bpt 13.07.1643, bur 12.10.1643), Frances (bpt 31.08.1644), Elizabeth (bpt 30.09.1649)
  G. Martha Pears (bpt 19.05.1607)
  m. (10.03.1628-9) John Weston (d 1660, Rector in London, son of John son of Robert of Weeford (Lord Chancellor Ireland))
  H.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 03.04.1606, a 1628-9), Henry (bpt 18.09.1609, bur 11.04.1645), Stephen (bpt 11.10.1614, a 1628-9), Joseph (bpt 05.03.1615-6, a 1628-8), William (bpt 28.05.1617, a 1628-9), John (bpt 25.03.1619, a 10.1679), Mary (bpt 18.09.1609, bur 19.02.1618-9), Margaret (bpt 11.12.1610, a 1628-9), Anne (bpt 19.12.1611, a 1628-9), Susan (bpt 03.09.1620, a 1628-9), Mary (bpt 19.09.1622, bur 04.03.1627-8)
3. Richard Pears (a 03.1628-9)

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