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Families covered: Peake of London, Peake of Warton
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Shown in the 1592 Visitation as having coat of arms as "Vert, on a chevron Argent between three lions' heads erased Or as many cross crosslets Azure" was ...
William Peake of Warton, Lincolnshire
1. Thomas Peake of Warton
  m. _ Bellingham of Lincolnshire
  A. Richard Peake of Warton
  m. Ann Columbell (dau of Roger Columbell of Derbyshire)
  i. Robert Peake of Warton (a 1562)
  m. Jane Pooge (dau of Thomas Pooge)
  a. William Peake ## possibly the same person as the William below ??
  Metcalfe ends with this generation. Visitation (London) starts with William Peake of Lincolnshire, showing his family as having the same coat of arms as above. We speculate that he was the same person as the last William mentioned by Metcalfe.
(1) Robert Peake of London
  m. Elizabeth Beckwith (dau of William Beckwith (prebendary of St. Paul's))
  (A) William Peake of London (a 1634)
  m1. Anne Acton (dau of Andrew Acton of Northamptonshire)
  (i)+ issue - John in Cambridge (cleric), Robert
  m2. Mary Dennys (dau of William Dennys of Gloucestershire, son of Sir ?? of Gloucestershire)
  (iii) Adam Peake
  b.+ other issue - Humfrey, Roger, Jane, Anne
  ii. Thomas Peake of Saxilby, Lincolnshire
  m1. Margery Williamson (dau of Robert Williamson of Walkeringham)
  a. George Peake of Horncastle, Lincolnshire
  m. Alice Lovell (dau of Robert Lovell of Horncastle)
  m2. Elizabeth Whorwood of Staffordshire
  b.+ other issue - Stephen, Thomas, Elizabeth, Clare, Martha, Jane, Debora
  iii. Anthony Peake



Le Neve does not identify the following family's coat of arms but does give a reference (J. fol. 37) that is the same as the one given in Visitation (London) for the family shown just above.
John Peake (b 1506)
m. Agnes Winter
1. William Peake (b 1545)
  m. Mabell
  A. Boniface Peake of Thorpe, Northamptonshire (b c1565, d 26.06.1620)
  m. Joanne Clarke (dau of John Clarke of Finnington & Westhorpe)
i. Sir William Peake, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (b 1603, d 01.03.1675)
  LeNeve starts with Sir William although he does show him as having an unnamed brother "of Lond.".
  m. Margery Davison (dau of William Davison of Hornecastle)
a. Sir John Peake, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London
  m. Judith Hale (dau of Richard Hale of Beckenham)
  (1) Margerie Peake (d 03.08.1690 (probably not 1693))
  m. (c05.1684) Sir John Shaw of Eltham, 2nd Bart (d 1721)
  b. Benjamin Peake of Bow, Middlesex (a 1668)
  LeNeve identifies Benjamin's wife as Susan, dau of Mathew Kenrick of Bromley. However, it appears that she was ...
  m. Susan Kenrick (dau of Edward Kenrick, brother of Mathew)
  (1)+ issue - William, Robert, John, others?
  c. Rebecca Peake
  m. Thomas Man ("sword bearer to the city of London")
  d. Mary Peake
  m. (sp) Sir James Smith of London
  ii. Ann Peake (b 14.08.1619, d 27.06.1700)
  m. Samuel Waters of Eastcott or Eastcote
  iii+. other issue

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(2) For lower section : Le Neve's 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (George Marshall 1873, p178) with input from various web sites shown in italics
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