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Families covered: Parkyn of Colley Elms (The Elms), Parkyn of Mortemley

Thomas Parkyn of Mortemley in Ecclesfield (b c1563, a 1637)
m. Elizabeth
1. John Parkyn of Mortemley
  m. Jane (possibly sister of Nicholas & Reginald Stead)
2. Zachariah Parkyn (a 1653, youngest son)
  A. John Parkyn of Mortemley (bpt 06.12.1629, d 11.08.1674)
In the pedigree, FMG shows 3 generations of Johns, the 1st (undated) being father of John + Elizabeth + Thomas, the 2nd having just a son John (1629-1674), the 3rd being married twice. However, a note is shown that reports that the 2nd John "is called son of Zachariah, and by the dates it would seem that Mr. Hunter has a generation too many".
  i. John Parkyn of Mortemley 'of Ecclesfield' (bpt 07.10.1660, bur 21.02.1734/5)
  m1. (28.11.1682) Elizabeth Adams (b 1662, bur 01.01.1704, dau of John Adams of Bank End in Worsborough Dale, sister/coehir of William)
  a. William Parkyn of Mortemley (bpt 28.01.1696, dsp 02.05.1757)
  m1. Mary Copley (d 30.58.1736, dau of Lionel Copley of Sprotboroguh)
  m2. (07.09.1738) Catherine Ward (b 20.05.1713, d 15.02.1761, dau of Patience Ward of Hooton Paynel)
  b. Paul Parkyn of Colley Elm & Horbury (bpt 02.02.1698, a 06.1751)
m. Elizabeth Broadbent (a 11.1756, dau of Francis Broadbent of Wortley)
  (1) William Parkyn of Dodworth (bpt 03.11.1723, dsp 20.01.1759)
  m1/2. ??
  (2) John Parkyn of Colley Elms (bpt 19.06.1728)
  m. Sarah Ellis (dau of Seth Ellis (curate of Brampton))
  (A) John Parkyn of The Elms (d 1812)
  p. Sarah Ratcliffe (dau of John Ratcliffe of Little Sheffield, wife of John Almond of Chapel Town)
(i) John Parkyn Ratcliffe (d unm c812)
  (ii) Mary Parkyn Ratcliffe
  m. (21.09.1810) Thomas Aldam Payne of Loxley
  (B) Mary Parkyn (d young)
  (3) Thomas Parkyn of Mortemley (b 1729-30, d 16.04.1776_
  m. Hannah Wilkinson (b c1732, d 23.11.1790, dau of William Wilkinson of Crowderhouse)
  (A) Thomas Parkyn of Mortemley (b 21.01.1770, d 1808)
  m. (22.02.1804) Ann Batty (m2. Thomas Barraclough of Sheffield)
  (i) William Parkyn (dsp young)
  (ii) Catherine Parkyn
  m. (10.04.1827) John Jeffcock of Cowley Manor
  (B) Anne Parkyn
  m. (30.09.1797) George Henry Morland of Masham
  (C) Elizabeth Parkyn
  m. (16.12.1793) William Smith of Cowley & Barnes Hall
  (D) Sally Parkyn (b c1761, d 14.11.1831)
  m. John Hobson of Mortemley
(E) Isabella Parkyn (d 1852)
  m. (18.07.1792) John Hodgson of Sheffield (surgeon)
  (F)+ other issue - Mary (d infant), Catherine
  (4)+ other issue - Francis Broadbent (bpt 18.10.1734, dvp), Elizabeth (bpt 25.08.1725, d unm after 17.01.1755)
  c. Mary Parkyn
  m. Thomas Short of Sheffield
  d.+ other issue (all d young) - John, William, Samuel, Joseph, Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth
  m2. Lydia Staniforth b c1666, bur 29.02.1732, (dau of ?? Staniforth of Wincobank)
  k. John Parkyn (b 1709-10, d unm 25.04.1739)
  ii. Thomas Parkyn
  m. (12.01.1653) Alice Bacon of Bradfield
  iii. Elizabeth Parkyn (bpt 25.05.1628)
  B.+ other issue (a 1653) - Thomas, Nicholas, Zachariah, Jane
3. Anne Parkyn
  m. William Hanley
  A. Jane Hanley
4.+ other issue (a 1637) - James, Thomas

Main source(s): FMG (vol 4, MS608, 'Parkyns', p1274+)
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