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Families covered: Oxended of Barham, Oxenden of Broome, Oxenden of Dene (Deane), Oxenden of Little Wittenham
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Sir Henry Oxenden, 1st Bart of Dene (Deane) (b 28.04.1614, d 08.1686)
m1. (sps) Mary Baker bur 05.12.1638, (dau/heir of Robert Baker of Sr. Martin's in the Fields)
1. Mary Oxenden (bpt 25.11.1638, dvp)
m2. (14.08.1640) Elizabeth Meredith (d 19.08.1659, dau of Sir William Meredith, 1st Bart of Leeds Abbey, by Susanna Barker)
2. Sir James Oxenden, 2nd Bart of Dene (b c1643, dsp(s) 29.09.1708)
  m1. (c05.1673) Elizabeth Chute (dau of Edward Chute of Bethersden)
  A. Elizabeth Oxenden (d infant)
  m2. Arabella Watson (d 14.01.1735, sister of Lewis Watson, Earl of Rockingham)
3. Sir Henry Oxenden, 3rd Bart of Dene (b c1645, d unm 02.1708/9, Deputy Governor of Bombay)
4. George Oxenden (d 21.02.1702/3, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge)
  m. Elizabeth Dixwell (dau of Sir Basil Dixwell, 1st Bart of Broome)
  A. Sir Henry Oxenden, 4th Bart of Dene (b c1690, dsp 21.04.1720)
  m. (27.12.1712) Anne Holloway (d 13.02.1723/4, dau of John Holloway of Oxford, son of the Judge, she m2. Richard Coote, Earl of Bellamont)
  B. James Oxenden (d young)
  C. Sir George Oxenden, 5th Bart of Dene (Deane), Little Wittenham & Broome (b 26.10.1694, d 20.01.1775)
  m. (1720-9) Elizabeth Dunch (d 25.02.1779, dau/coheir of Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenham by Elizabeh Godfrey)
  i. Sir Henry Oxenden, 6th Bart of Dene, Little Wittenham & Broome (b 05.09.1721, d 15.06.1803)
  m. (31.07.1755) Margaret Chudleigh (dau of Sir George Chudleigh, Bart of Halden, by Frances Davie)
  a. Sir Henry Oxenden, 7th Bart of Dene (b 14.05.1756, d 22.09.1838)
  m. (20.06.1793) Mary Graham (dau of Col. _ Graham of St. Lawrence House (Governor of Georgia))
  The following is supported by BP1934 (Dixwell-Oxenden).
(1) Sir Henry Chudleigh Oxenden, 8th Bart of Dene (b 24.06.1795, dsp 14.08.1889)
  m1. (1830) Charlotte Browne (dsp 03.1843, dau of Capt. _ Browne)
  m2. (23.07.1848) Elizabeth Phoebe King (d 13.09.1877, dau of James King of Brighton)
  (2) Montagu Oxenden (b 28.04.1799, d 25.01.1880, rector of Eastwell & Luddenham, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (1824) Elizabeth Wilson (dau of Richard Wilson)
  m2. (03.08.1869, sp) Elizabeth (d 06.01.1888, widow of James Marjoribanks of Sandgate)
  (3) Ashton Oxenden, Bishop of Montreal (b 28.09.1808, d 22.02.1892, 6th son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (14.06.1864) Sarah Bradshaw (d 28.08.1903, dau of Joseph Hoare Bradshaw of Hornsey)
  (4) William Dixwell Oxenden (b 09.04.1813, dsp 25.05.1859)
  m. (08.11.1847) Anna Maria Edwardes (dau of William Edwardes)
  (5) Mary Graham Oxenden (d 25.09.1870)
  m. (15.07.1815) William Osmond Hammond of St. Alban's Court
  (6) Frances Oxenden (d 24.06.1885)
m. (08.09.1825) Thomas Papillon of Crowhurst Park
  (7) Anne Charlotte Oxenden (d 1840)
  m. (03.10.1828) Rev. G. Alston of Nayland
  (8)+ other issue - George Chichester (b 21.03.1797, d 22.09.1875), Graham (d unm 1826), Eliza (d 23.07.1898), Emily Mary (b 1814-5, d 25.04.1890)
  ii. George Oxenden, later Dixwell (d unm 20.10.1753)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm?) - 2 sons + 2 daughters
5. Richard Oxenden 'of Brook' (b 1652, of Gray's Inn)
  m. Elizabeth Oxenden (dau of Henry Oxenden)
  A. Elizabeth Oxenden
m. Streynsham Master (Captain RN) ## possibly here
6. Susan Oxenden
  m. Sir R(obert) Booth (Chief Justice of Ireland)
7. Jane Oxenden
  m. William Penrice
8. Anne Oxenden
  m. T. Belke (prebendary of Canterbury)
9. Mary Oxenden
  m. J, Battley (archdeacon of Canterbury)
10. Elizabeth Oxenden (b 16.05.1636) possibly fits here
  m. (07.07.1666) Andrew Smithet of Dover
13.+ 3 others
m3. (18.02.1661, sp) Elizabeth Read (dau of Matthew Read of Folkestone, sister/heir of William of Folkestone, widow of Mark Dixwell of Broomhouse)



Richard Oxenden of Great Maydekin in Barham, Kent (b 30.07.1588, d 20.05.1629)
m. (11.01.1607/8) Catherine Sprackling (b 19.07.1587, d 03.12.1642, dau of Sir Adam Sprackling of Canterbury)
1. Henry Oxenden of Barham (b 18.01.1608/9, bur 17.06.1670, rector of Radnage)
  m1. (27.12.1632) Anne Peyton (b 26.05.1612, f 28.08.1640, dau of Sir Samuel Peyton of Knowlton, Bart)
  A. Thomas Oxenden of Nowds in Linsted, Kent (b 11.02.1633/4, d 05.12.1668)
  m. Elizabeth Edwards (b 04.11.1639, a 03.1669, dau of Fineaux Edwards of Nowds)
  i. Richard Oxenden (bpt 06.11.1655, a 03.1669)
  B. Henry Oxenden (b/d 22.04.1637)
  C. Margaret Oxenden (b 17.04.1635, a 03.1663)
  m. (20.08.1649) John Hobart of Quarrington (bpt 12.11.1629, a 03.1663)
  D. Elizabeth Oxenden (b 26.05.1636)
  m1. (02.08.1655) Thomas Wood (d 01.02.1656/7, rector of Staple, son of Henry)
  m2. (07.07.1666) Andrew Smythet of Buckland (d before 17.06.1687)
  m2. (15.09.1642) Catherine Culling (b 26.02.1624/5, d 1698, dau of James Culling of Sotuh Barham)
  E.+ other issue - Catherine (b 29.10.1644), Mary (b 17.07.1648, d 01.03.1648/9), Anne (b 04.02.1649/50, d 01.03.1649/50)
2. James Oxenden (bpt 16.08.1612, d 05.09.1660, rector of Goodnestone)
  m. (14.07.1642) Mary Ridley (b 02.03.1616/7, dau/heir of Rev. John Ridley of Preston, relict of John Pattison of Preston, m3. Rev. Thomas Cater of Ospringe)
3. Elizabeth Oxenden (b 25.01.1616/7)
  m. (22.01.1645/6) James Love of Preston (bpt 30.11.1595, d 01.05.1666)
4.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 12.12.1613, a 04.1652), Adam of Abingdon (b 30.01.1622/3, d 1643), Catherine (bpt 28.06.1610, d before 29.04.1652), Margaret (bpt 15.06.1611)

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(1) For upper section : BP1870 (Oxenden), TCB (vol 4, Oxenden of Deane), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p225)
(2) For lower section : 'Fragmenta Genealogica' (vol X, 'Pedigree of Oxenden') by Frederick Arthur Crisp (1904) with a little support from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p224)
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