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Families covered: O'Hara of Annaghmore, O'Hara of Ballyhara (Cursallagh), O'Hara of Coolany, O'Hara of Lenaboy, O'Hara of Nymphsfield, O'Hara of Raheen, O'Hara Lords Tyrawley

BLG1886 starts its entry on this family with the following: "In the ancient genealogical records of Ireland, it appears that this ancient and honourable family is descended from Eadhrah (a quo the patronymic name of O'Hara), who was the son of Bec, which Bec was the 17th in descent from Olioll Olum, King of Munster, of the Race of Heber, which Heber was the son of Milesius King of Spain, and Monarch of Ireland. We find this family further deduced from Bec before-mentioned through twenty generations, to" ...
Cormac O'Hara of Coolany, co. Sligo (d 24.10.1612)
m. Una Gallagher of co. Galway
1. Teige O'Hara of Leiny (co. Sligo), Sheriff (d 05.10.1616)
  m. Scheela O'Rorke
  A. Teige O'Hara of Coolany (b 04.1612, d unnm 25.07.1634)
  B. Kean O'Hara of Coolany & Annaghmore (co. Sligo), Sheriff (d 1675)
  m1. Anne (or Lettice?) Loftus (dau of Sir Adam Loftus, relict of Richard Parsons (son/heir of Sir Laurence of Birr))
i. Adam O'Hara of Annaghmore, 'of Nymphsfield', Sheriff
  m. Isabella Gore (dau of Sir Francis Gore of Artamon by Anne, dau/heir of Capt. Robert Parke of Sligo)
  a. Anne O'Hara
  m. Toby Caulfeild (archdeacon of Killala, son of Thomas of Donamon)
  ii. Charles O'Hara of Annaghmore (dsp 1703)
m2. Rose Newman (dau/heir of John Newman of Dublin, widow of _ Crofton, m3. Sir John Peyton, Bart)
  iii. Kean O'Hara 'of Nymphsfield', Sheriff of co. Sligo
  m. Eleanor Mathew (dau of Theobald Mathew, sister of George of Thomastown)
  a. Charles O'Hara of Annaghmore, Sheriff (d 03.02.1776)
  m. (c1742) Mary Carmichael (d 1759, dau of James, 2nd Earl of Hyndford)
(1) Charles O'Hara of Annaghmore (b 26.04.1746)
  m. Margaret Cookson (dau/heir of John Cookson of Yorkshire)
  (A) Charles King O'Hara of Annaghmore (b 10.1785, dsp?)
  (B) Jane Frances O'Hara (b 1783-4, d 21.07.1874)
  m. (1810) Arthur Brooke Cooper of Cooper's Hill (d 04.12.1854)
  Their 2nd son inherited Annaghmore and asssumed the name O'Hara.
  (C)+ other issue - Mary, Chartlotte
  (2) ?? O'Hara (d unm, Captain RN)
  b. Kean O'Hara of Dublin
  m. Anna Maria Mathew (dau of George Mathew, relict of Theobald Mathew of Thomastown)
  (1) Charlotte O'Hara
  m. (1768) Eyre Trench of Ashford
  c. Adam O'Hara
2. Cormac O'Hara of Mollane, co. Sligo (d 1642)
  m. Catherine O'Reilly of co. Cavan
  A. Cormac O'Hara of co. Sligo (3rd son)
  m. Mary O'Flaherty (dau of Hugh O'Flaherty of Moycullen)
  i. Hiberius O'Hara of Ballyhara or Cursallagh, co. Sligo (a 1688)
  m. Elizabeth Taaffe (dau of Captain William Taaffe)
  a. Roderick O'Hara of Ballyhara or Cursallagh
  m. Anne Forde (dau/heir of _ Forde of Grevagh)
  (1) Charles Herbert O'Hara (d 1774, Colonel)
  m. (01.07.1750) Maria Theresa Challons
  (A) Anthony Maria Marcellus O'Hara (b 06.04.1751, Lt. Colonel in Russian service)
  B.+ other issue - Oliver (had issue), Bryan, Catherine, Annabella



TCP reports of the following Charles that his parentage "has not been ascertained".
Charles O'Hara, 1st Lord Tyrawley (d 08.06.1724, General, CIC Ireland)
m. (before 1682) Frances Rouse (d 10.11.1733, dau of Gervase Rouse of Rous Lench)
1. James O'Hara, 2nd Lord Tyrawley, Governor of Minorca then Gibraltar (b 1682, dspl 14.07.1773, Field Marshal)
  m. (11.1724) Mary Stewart (d 05.02.1769, dau of William Stewart, 2nd Viscount Mountjoy, by Anne Boyle)
  partner(s) unknown
  TCP includes a reference to a letter by Horace Walpole which reported: "My Lord Trawley is come from Portugal, and has brought three wives and fourteen children; one of the former is a Portuguese, with long black hair plaited down to the bottom of her back".
  A.+ issue including Charles 'old Cock of the Rock' (b c1740, d unm 21.02.1802, General, Governor of Gibraltar), George Anne (Mrs. Bellamy)
2. Mary O'Hara (d c03.1759)



Possibly connected to the above Charles, later Lord Tyrawley, was the following John who served in Spain as Charles's Aide-de-Camp.
John O'Hara (d 1729, Town Major of Galway)
1. James O'Hara of Lenaboy (co. Galway), Mayor of GAlway
  A. James O'Hara of Lenaboy (b c1748. d 11.1838, recorder of Galway)
  m. (1789) Margaret Moore (d 1814, dau of Richard Moore)
  i. James O'Hara of Lenaboy (b 1796, d 12.1838) had issue
  m. (15.04.1823) Anne Trench (d 11.03.1870, dau of Power Le Poer Trench, Archbishop of Tuam (son of William, 1st Earl of Clancarty))
  B. Robert O'Hara of Raheen
  m. (Frances) Taylor (dau of Walter Taylor of Castle Taylor)
  i. John O'Hara of Raheen probably of this generation
  ii.+ 6 sons and 5 daughters
  C.+ 10 others (dvp) + 2 others
2.+ other issue - Geoffrie (Captain RN), John

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