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Families covered: Offley of Chester, Offley of London, Offley of Madeley, Offley of Norton Hall

John Offley of Staffordshire (b c1450)
m, Margery (m2. _ Dillarne of Stafford)
1. William Offley of Stafford & Chester (a 1517)
  Harrison reports that William was twice Mayor of Stafford and (also) Sheriff of Chester. The Staffordshire Visitation starts this family with the undermentioned Lord Mayor Sir Thomas but the Harleian editor has added a long note in which (inter alia) he reports one source identifying Sir Thomas as son of William, twice Bailiff of Stafford and also Alderman of Chester. The Harleian editor notes that another source identifies Sir Thomas as son of Richard Offley of Chester by _ Cradock. Visitation (London, 1568, Offley) does not name Sir Thomas's father but identifies his mother as _ Cradoke. Provisionally we ignore that and follow Harrison who reports that William married twice (as shown below) and had 26 children in total, naming 12 of them. In that list of 12 he reports 2 boys then 3 girls (whom we show as being of the first marriage) then 5 boys then 2 girls (whom we show as being of the second marriage). Harrison follows the line of Robert, the eldest son of the 2nd marriage.
m1. Elizabeth Dillorne
  A. Sir Thomas Offley of Mandeley aka Madeley (Staffordshire), Lord Mayor of London (d 29.08.1582)
  m. Joan Nichells (dau/heir of John Nichells by Katherine/dau/heir of Sir Stephen Jennings, Lord Mayor of London)
  i. Henry Offley (d 03.09.1613-4)
  m. Mary White (dau of Sir John White, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. Thomas Offley (dsp)
b. Sir John Offley of Madeley (d 1646)
  m. Anne Fuller (dau of Nicholas Fuller of Chamber House)
  (1) John Offley of Madeley (d 1658)
  m1. Dorothy Lidcott (dau of Sir John Lidcott of Mousley)
  m2. Mary Broughton (dau of Thomas Broughton of Broughton)
  (A) John Offley of Madeley (b 1649-50)
  m. Anne Crewe (dau of John Crewe of Crewe Hall)
Their son John inherited Crewe Hall and took the name Crewe.
  (B) Thomas Offley (b 1650-1)
  (i)+ issue (a 1694) - Thomas (b c1677), Henry (b c1678), Walter (b c1680), Charles (b c1682), Edward (b c1683)
(C) Mary Offley
  m. Sir Willoughby Aston of Aston, Bart (d 14.12.1702)
  (2) William Offley probably of this generation
  m. Frances Lane (dau of John Lane of Bentley)
  (3) Elizabeth Offley (d 1686)
  m. Sir Robert (not Arthur) Jenney (d 1660, son/heir of Sir Arthur of Knodsall)
  (4) Katherine Offley
  m1. Thomas Willis (son of Thomas of the Inner Temple)
m2. William Willis (b c1615, dsp 1676, brother of Sir Thomas, Bart of Fen Ditton)
  (5) Sarah Offley
  m. Peter Browne of London
  B. Sir John Offley, Sheriff of Staffordshire, Mayor of Chester (d by 1602)
  m. Anne Fuller (a 1602)
  i. Mary Offley
  C. Margaret Offley
m1. John Nicholls
  m2. Stephen Kirton (alderman of London)
  D. Elizabeth or Isabel Offley
  m1/2. Thomas Blower
  Harrison shows Elizabeth married as above. We suspect that this was the Isabel (which name was sometimes interchangeable with Elizabeth) who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Nicholas Leveson of London (m1/2. Denise Bodley)
  E. Margery Offley
m1. Thomas Michell
  m2. James Leveson (m1. ??, brother of Nicholas)
  m2. ?? (widow of _ Rogerson, alderman of Chester)
  F. Robert Offley (b c1520, bur 29.04.1596)
m. ?? (bur 08.10.1572, widow of Nicholas Rose)
  i. Robert Offley of London (b c1564, bur 16.05.1625)
  m. (03.02.1588-9) Anne Osborne (bpt 25.03.1570, bur 14.01.1653-4, dau of Sir Edward Osborne, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. John Offley (bpt 05.03.1592-3, d 25.08.1667, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Moore
  b. Stephen Offley (b c1603, youngest son) - continued below
  m. Ursula Clarke
  c. Susan Offley (bpt 26.10.1600)
  m. Henry Hastings
  d. Elizabeth Offley (bpt 12.02.1606-7)
  m1. (09.11.1631) William Clark
  m2. Benoni Honywood (son of Sir Thomas)
e. Sarah Offley (bpt 16.04.1609)
  m1. (18.07.1629) Adam Thorogood (Captain)
  m2. John Gookin (Captain)
  m3. Francis Yeardley (Colonel)
  f. Katherine Offley
  m. (03.01.1614-5) John Baker (d before 03.12.1668)
  g.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 08.02.1589-90, d young), Robert (bpt 12.03.1591-2, d young), Edward (bpt 29.08.1594, d 11.03.1650), Hewett (bpt 02.11.1595, bur 23.10.1610), Robert (bpt 23.05.1599), Thomas (bpt 14.02.1601-2), Anne (bpt 03.01.1590-1), Abigail (bpt 04.10.1604)
ii. Ursula Offley
  m. (05.05.1572) Robert Brooke (alderman of London)
  iii. Elizabeth Offley
  m. (c04.1544) William Gamage of London
  G. Richard Offley (3rd surviving son of this marriage?)
  m. Jane Chester (dau of Sir William Chester)
  H. William Offley of London (a 1600)
  m. Anne Beswick (dau of William Beswick, alderman of London, m2. Sir Henry Bromley of Holt (son of Lord Chancellor), m3. John Thornborough, Bishop of Worcester)
  i.+ issue - William, Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, 10 others (d infant)
  I. Hugh Offley possibly the Hugh of London who, according to Visitation (London, 1633-5, Offley) was father of ...
  i. Thomas Offley of London
  m. Amie Cletherow (sister of Alderman Cletherow)
  a. Catherine Offley
  m. Philip Edlin of Middlesex
  b.+ other issue - Christopher, Francis, Anne, Brigit
  J.+ other issue - Thomas, Katherine, Anne



Probably the same person as the above Stephen (b c1603) was ...
Stephen Offley of London - continued above
m. (19.05.1635) Ursula Clarke (dau of Ralph Clarke by Frances, dau of George Blount of Eckington)
1. Robert Offley of Norwich (b 1640, d 01.02.1716)
  m. Mary Burton (d 06.02.1703)
  A. Stephen Offley of Norton Hall, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 1671, d 01.10.1727)
  m1. (24.05.1700) Urith Smyth (b 20.05.1684, d 24.05.1700, dau of Sir Samuel Smyth of Colkirk)
  i. Joseph Offley of Norton Hall (b 01.12.1702, d 03.09.1751)
  m. (11.05.1732) Mary Bohun (d 06.1740, dau of Humphry Bohun of Beccles)
a. Edmund Offley of Norton Hall (bpt 21.03.1732-3, d unm 21.08.1754)
  b. Urith Offley (b 12.02.1737, d 30.11.1781)
  m. (15.03.1759) Samuel Shore of Norton Hall & Meresbrooke (b 05.02.1737-8, a 1821)
  c. Mary Offley (d 1734)
  d. Hannah Maria Offley (b 07.06.1740)
  m. (18.06.1767) Francis Edmunds of Worsborough, Yorkshire (b 21.02.1738, a 1821)
  (1) Francis Offley Edmunds of Worsborough (b 07.09.1773, dsp)
  m. Mary Beresford Foljambe (dau of Francis Ferrand Foljambe of Aldwark)
(2) Maria Elizabeth Edmunds
  m. (1795) Henry Martin of Colston Basset (MP)
  (3) Urith Amelia Edmunds (b 18.01.1771, a 1821)
  ii. Stephen Offley of Dronfield (bpt 07.06.1704, d 1739)
  m. (05.08.1731) Catherine Rolfe (d 19.06.1737, dau of Jonas Rolfe of Norwich)
  a.+ issue (d unm) - Mary (b c1732?, d 21.09.1755), Catherine (b 30.12.1733, d 11.03.1794), Lucy (d 1737), Theodora (d 1736)
  iii.+ other issue (d infant) - Robert, Samuel, Mary
  m2. Anne Shute (dau of Benjamin Shute)
  vi. Ann Offley (dsp)
  m. William Porter
  vii. Amelia Offley (b 27.07.1717, d 26.05.1778)
  m. (1741) Sir Francis Bernard, 1st Bart of Nettleham (b c1712, d 16.06.1779)
  viii.+ other issue - Mary (d young), Elizabeth (b c1719, d unm 28.09.1741), others (d infant - Robert, George, John, Mary)
  B. Mary Offley (d 02.01.1738)
  m. Samuel Crome of Norwich (d 24.03.1754)
  C.+ other issue - Robert (d 08.1699), Ralph (dsp)
2. Thomas Offley (b 1648, 5th son)
  A. Ursula Offley
3.+ other issue - Ralph, John (d 1642), Samuel (b 1644), Cornelius (b 1655), Anne (b 1648), Elizabeth (b 1653)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 27.09.08, redone 12.03.11) : Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Offley of Madeley), extracts from 'Harrison, Waples and Alllied Famiies' by William Welsh Harrison of Pennsylvania (1910) kindly provided to us by a contributor (CV, 07.03.11)
(2) For lower section (first uploaded 27.09.08, redone 04.03.10) : FMG (vol 1, Clarke-Offley-Shore)
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