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Families covered: Odingsells of Epperstone, Odingselles of Maxstoke, Odingselles of Odingselles

Hugh Odingselles or d'Odingseles
m. Basilia de Limesi (dau of Gerard de Limesi of Maxstoke & Pirton)
Noting that Basilia's sister married c1174, there is a suspicion that at least one generation has been omitted here.
1. William Odingselles of Maxstoke & Pirton (d 1295)
  m. Ela (dau of Walter FitzRobert of Woodham Walter) wife of William, mother of Edmund & Ida (and Allice)
  A. Edmund Odingselles of Maxstoke (dsp?)
  B. Ida Odingselles (b c1270, a 1321)
  m. (c1290) John de Clinton, 1st Lord of Maxstoke (b c1258, d 1310)
  C. Alice Odingselles (d 1322)
  m. Thomas de Caunton
2. Hugh Odingselles of Odingselles (d 1304-5)
  A. John Odingselles of Odingselles
  m. Emma (d 1347, m2. William Corbet)
  i. Thomas Odingselles of Odingselles (d 1352)
  a. John Odingselles of Odingselles (b c1336, d 1380)
  (1) Sir John Odingselles of Odingselles (d 1404)
  (A) Sir Edward Odingselles of Odingselles
  (i) Gerald Odingselles of Odingselles (a 1505)
  (a) Edward Odingselles of Odingselles
The above came from VCH. The following came from Visitation (1569+1614) which shows the following Gerrard as brother of William and son of Galffrey (sic) by Brasill, dau of Galfrey de Lindsey.
3. Gerrard Odingsells (a 1253)
  m. Lucey Beresford
  A. Hugh Odingsells (a 1287)
  m. Sibbell
  i. John Odingsells (a 1326)
  m. Luce
  a. John Odingsells (b 1329-30)
  m. Amicia Carbett (dau of Robert or Roger Carbett)
  (1) Sir John Odingsells (b c1365)
  m. Alice St. John (dau of Sir John St. John)
  (A) Sir John Odingsells (d 1403-4)
  m. Mary Bernake
  (i) Edward Odingsells (b c1389)
  m1. Margaret Cockaine
  (a) Gerard Odingsells
  m. Margaret (sister of Alice Sharp)
  ((1)) Edward Odingsells
  m. _ Raleigh
  ((A)) Edmond Odingsells
  m. Anne Tresham
  ((i)) John Odingsells (dsp)
m. _ Hyde
  m2. Alice Sharpe (sister of Henry Sharpe)
  (a) Henry Odingsells
  m. Alice Butler (dau of Morgan Butler of Cabernes)
  ((1)) Richard Odingsells
  m. Allice Browne
  ((A)) John Odingsells 'of Eperston'
  m. Anne Barwick (dau/(co)heir of Gabriel Barwick)
  ((i)) Gabriel Odingsells - continued below
  m. Catherine Markham (dau of John Markham)
  ((B)) Henry Odingsells
  m. _ Sutton
  ((i)) Thomas Odingsells
  ((a)) John Odingsells
  ((ii))+ other issue - Henry, Francis
  b. Edmond Odingsells (a 1347)
  B. Rowland Odingsells of Long Ichington, Warwickshire had issue
  m. Lucy Bruce



Gabriel Odingsells of Burton Joyce - continued above
m. Catherine Markham (dau of John Markham of Segebrooke)
1. John Odingsells (d 07.1655) called John by Visitation (1662-4) but Edward of Evertson (a 1614) by Visitation (1614)
  m. Elizabeth Sutton (dau of John or William Sutton of Averham) father called John by Visitation (1662-4) but William by Visitation (1614)
  A. John Odingsells of Eperston (Epperstone), Nottinghamshire (b c1604, a 1663)
  m. Heath Becwith (dau of Thomas Becwith of Aldbrugh)
  B. Emanuel Odingsells (b c1610, a 1663)
  m. Elizabeth Hacker (dau of Richard Hacker, relict of Thomas Bulkley of Horingham)
  i. Elizabeth Odingsells of Eperston
  C. Gabriel Odingsells (b c1611, a 1663)
  m. Anna Ellis
  i. John Odingsells (b c1639)
  m. Elizabeth Bulkley (b c1643, dau of Thomas Bulkley)
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Paul, Gabriel, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, Alcie
  D. Isabella Odingsells
  m. (c06.1620) Sam Clud of Arnall
  i. Elizabeth Clud (d c1653)
  m. Edward Millington
  E. Elianora Odingsells
  m. Thomas Backiston or Blakiston (rector of North Allerton)
  F. Anna Odingsells
  m1. Thomas Carter of Ponteffract
  i.+ issue - Jacob, Thomas, Elizabeth
  m2. John Grimsditch of Nottingley
  G.+ othe issue - Edward (b c1612), Thomas, Elizabeth (d c1640)
2. Anna Odingsells
  m. Thomas Rugeley of Newark-on-Trent
3. Catherine Odingsells
  m. Henry Brome of Caunton
4.+ other issue - Thomas, Charles, Daniel of Tuxford

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : VCH (Hertfordshire, vol 3, Pirton), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Odingsells)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662-4, Odingsells of Epperstone)
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