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Families covered: Nelthorpe of Barton, Nelthorpe of Beverley, Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby, Nelthorpe of Scawby, Nelthorpe of Turvile Heath

John Nelthorpe of London and Waghen in Holderness (d 1580)
m. Anne Wharffe (dau of Richard Wharffe of Clixby)
1. Richard Nelthorpe of Scawby
  m. Ursula Gravenor (b c1581, bur 05.12.1632, dau of Martin Gravenor or Grosvenor of Messingham)
  A. Edward Nelthorpe of Barton-on-Humber (b c1604, d before 28.10.1686)
m. Magdalen Sandwith (bur 1678, dau of Henry Sandwith of Barrow)
  i. Richard Nelthorpe of Scawby
  m1. Mary Barkham (bur 1662, dau of Sir Robert Barkham of Wainfleet)
  a. Edward Nelthorpe of Scawby (bpt 01.12.1658)
  m. Mary (bur 1713)
  (1) Richard Nelthorpe of Scawby (a 1755)
  m. (17.03.1709-10) Cornelia Maddison (bpt 20.07.1690, dau of Ralph Maddison of Stainton-le-Vale)
  (A) Edward Nelthorpe of Scawby (dsp)
  (2) Edward Nelthorpe of Lincoln (d before 11.02.1737-8, MD)
  m. Frances Strong (dau of William Strong of Lincoln)
  (A) Mary Nelthorpe
  m. Rev. Hugh Palmer
  (i) Frances Palmer (d unm)
(3) Mary Nelthorpe (d before 13.11.1752)
  m. Rev. Richard Branston of Gainsborough (d by 1749)
  (4) Elizabeth Nelthorpe
  m. George Wallis of Brigg
m2. Elizabeth Warton (bur 1684)
  b. James Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby (bpt 14.03.1669-70, d before 29.04.1756)
  m. Frances Whichcot (d 31.03.1720, dau of George Whichcot of Harpswell)
  (1) Griffith Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby (d before 10.10.1755)
  m. Mary Nelthorpe (a 10.1755, dau of John Nelthorpe of Bigby) @1@ below
  (A) John Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby
m. (19.05.1766) Mary Cracroft (b 1737, d 01.1809, dau of Robert Cracroft of Hackthorn by Ann Browne)
  (i) Maria Janetta Nelthorpe (d 17.01.1822)
  m. (04.03.1799) William Beauclerk, 8th Duke of St. Albans (b 18.12.1766, d 17.07.1825)
  (B) Elizabeth Nelthorpe (b 1747-8, bur 23.07.1801)
  m. (10.05.1768) John Maddison of Alvingham
  (2) Charles Nelthorpe (rector of Broughton)
  m. Eleanor Maddison (dau of Nathaniel Maddison of Alvingham)
  (A) Eleanor Nelthorpe
  m. William Hollingworth
  (3) Richard Nelthorpe (a 1740)
  m3. Susanna (bur 15.01.1688-9)
  ii. Sir Goddard Nelthorpe of Clerkenwell, 2nd Bart (b c1620, bur 28.01.1703-4)
  Goddard inherited the baronetcy of his uncle even though he was not the eldest son.
  m. (by 1659) Dorothy Henne (bur 19.10.1715, dau by Catherine Bickerstaff of Hugh Henne of Rooksnest, widow of Nicholas Pulteney of Misterton)
  a. Henry Nelthorpe of London (b 30.07.1661, dvp 04.10.1694 / bur 26.11.1698)
  m. (mcrt 04.10.1694) Anne Hobson (dau of Nathaniel Hobson of Syston)
  (1) Sir Montagu Nelthorpe of Turvile Heath, 3rd Bart (d 21.02.1721-2)
  m. (27.02.1716/7) Elizabeth Coxwell (d 1718, dau of Henry Coxwell of Turk's Dean by Leana, sister of Sir William Dowdall)
  (A) Sir Henry Nelthorpe of Turvile Heath, 4th Bart (b 1717-8, d 16.03.1729)
  (2) Sir Henry Nelthorp of Barton-on-Humber, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 5th Bart (d 28.06.1746)
  m1. Joanna Seaman (bur 17.07.1740, sister of Thomas Seaman of St. Andrew's, Suffolk)
  (A) Elizabeth Magdalen Nelthorpe
  m. John Smithson
  (B) Harriet Nelthorpe
  m. Thomas Brooke (MD)
  m2. (mcrt 07.11.1740) Elizabeth Branston (d by 1768, dau of Rev. Richard Branston of Gainsborough, widow of Joseph Wolmer of Castlethorpe)
  (C) Sir John Nelthorpe of Barton & Scawby, 6th Bart (b 05.03.1745-6, d 24.06.1799)
  m. (1772) Charlotte Willoughby (b 1748/9, d 03.02.1829, dau of Andrew Willoughby by Susanna, dau of Thomas Carter of Redbourn)
  (i) Sir Henry Nelthorpe of Scawby, 7th Bart, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 25.12.1773, dsp 12.05.1830)
  m. (09.12.1806) Margaret Duthie (b c1770, d 29.09.1851, dau of James Duthie of Stirlingshire)
  (ii) John Nelthorpe of South Ferriby (b 1776, d 1824)
  m1. (sp) Mary Anne Brooke (dau of John Brooke of Bardney Hall)
  m2. Christian Brown (dau of John Brown of London)
  (a) Sir John Nelthorpe of Scawby, 8th Bart (b 1814, dsp 22.11.1865)
  m. (224.05.1838) Frances Anderson (b 1809, d c1885, dau of Rev. Sir Charles John Anderson, Bart of Lea, cousin)
  (b) Henry Nelthorpe (dsp)
(c) Charlotte Nelthorpe (d 11.1872)
  m. (04.05.1847) Rev. Robert Sutton of Scawby Hall (b 01.03.1813, d 1885, son of Robert Nassau, son of Sir Richard, 1st Bart of Norwood Park)
  (iii) Anna Maria Charlotte Nelthorpe (dsp)
  m. John Plomer Clarke (probably not Ward) of Welton Place
  (iv) Frances Mary Nelthorpe (d 1836)
  m. (13.12.1802) Sir Charles John Anderson, Bart of Broughton (b 1767, d 1846, rector of Lea)
(D) Charlotte Nelthorpe (b 29.01.1742-3)
  m. Rev. Robert Carter Thelwall of Redbourn, Lincolnshire
  (i) Charlotte Thelwall (dsp 19.10.1797) apparently of this generation
  m. (20.07.1791) William Beauclerk, 8th Duke of St. Albans (b 18.12.1766, d 17.07.1825)
  (E) Catherine Nelthorpe (b 29.09.1743)
  (3) Anne Nelthorpe (bur 01.09.1706)
  b. Edward Nelthorpe of Holborn (dsp 04.12.1728)
  m. Ann Gostwick (dau of Sir William Gostwick, Bart of Willingston)
  c. Richard Nelthorpe of London (bpt 06.12.1667, bur 25.02.1730-1, goldsmith)
  (1) Henry Nelthorpe (bur 09.11.1706)
  d.+ other issue - John (b/d 09.1659), John (bpt 30.04.1663)
  iii. John Nelthorpe of Barton (bpt 26.05.1633, d by 1684)
m. Grace (she m2. Thomas Broxholme of Barrow)
  a. Edward Nelthorpe of Barton (d before 14.03.1693-4)
  b. John Nelthorpe (bpt 24.01.1661-2, bur 1692)
m. Sarah Kirke
  (1) John Nelthorpe of Bigby (a 1717)
  m. Jane Gibbs (dau of William Gibbs of Horsley Park by Mary Nelthorpe) @2@ below
  (A) Mary Nelthorpe (a 10.1755)
  m. Griffith Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby (d before 10.10.1755) @1@ above
  c.+ other issue - Grace, Magdalen, Elizabeth
  iv. Ursula Nelthorpe (bpt 29.10.1639)
  m. Thomas Healey of Burringham (bpt 28.08.1639, bur 04.01.1681-2)
  v. Elizabeth Nelthorpe
  m. Thomas Johnson of Hull
  vi. Magdalen Nelthorpe
  m. _ Wilson (rector of Beverley)
  vii.+ other issue - James of London (a 1684, haberdasher), Francis (a 1684), Henry (a 1684)
B. Sir John Nelthorpe, 1st Bart of Gray's Inn (b 1614, dsp 09/10.1669)
  By a special remainder, Sir John's baronetcy passed to his elder brother's 2nd son (above).
2. Edward Nelthorpe of Beverley, Mayor (d 1623)
  A. Edward Nelthorpe of Beverley (a 1640, MP)
  i. Edward Nelthorpe
  m. Margaret (Elizabeth?) Nelthorpe (dau of Richard (Edward) Nelthorpe of Scawby, widow of George Wallis of Brigg)
  B. John Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby 'of Willesdon' (a 1634)
  m. (15.03.1652-3) Anne Roberts (dau of Sir William Roberts, Bart of Willesden)
  i. John Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby (dsp bur 1737)
ii. Mary Nelthorpe
  m. William Gibbs of Horsley Park
  a. Jane Gibbs
  m. John Nelthorpe of Bigby @2@ above
  iii. Eleanor Nelthorpe
  m. Nathaniel Maddison of Alvingham
  a. Eleanor Maddison
  m. Rev. Charles Nelthorpe of Broughton
  C. Anne Nelthorpe
  m. (?) Richard Thompson of Kilham (b c1583, d 1653)
3. Ursula Nelthorpe (bur 07.1635) apparently of this generation (although she must have been much older than her husband)
  m. George Healey of Burringham (b 1603-4, bur 08.05.1677)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Nelthorpe of Scawby) with some support from TCB (vol iv, Nelthorpe of Gray's Inn)
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