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Families covered: Motton (Moton) of Peckleton (Pickleton or Picketon)

Alexander Moton of Picketon, Leicestershire
1. William Motton
  A. Raphe Motton (a 1252)
  m. Julia(n)
  i. Robert Motton
  m. Sara (heiress)
  a. William Motton of Congerston (a 1277, 1306)
(1) Symon Motton
  (2) Henry Motton (a 1334, archdeacon of Stowe)
  (3) William Motton of Pickleton & Stapleton (a 1330)
  (A) Sir Robert Motton 'of Peckleton' (a 1366)
  m. Alice Basset (dau/coheir of Raphe Basset of Sapcott)
  (i) Alaine Motton (a 1418)
  (ii) Sir William Motton (a 1390)
  m. Agnes (d 1393-4)
(a) John Motton (a 1393)
  (b) Sir Robert Motton 'of Peckleton' (d 1455-6)
  m1. Margary Malory (dau of Sir Ansitill or Antikell Malory of Kirkby Malory by Alice Dirby)
  ((1)) Reignold or Reginal Motton 'of Pickleton or Pockleton' (d 1444-5)
m. Margaret Bugge (sister/heir of Baldwyn Bugge)
  ((A)) Anne Motton (d 1477)
  m. William Grimsby of Drakelow (a 1459, son of Thomas of Drakelow & Grimsby (Leicestershire) by _ Harecourt or Harebert)
  ((i)) Anna Grimsby
  m1. Richard Vincent of Messingham (a 1480)
m2. Richard Waterton
  ((a)) Richard Waterton
  (((1))) Jane Waterton
  m. Richard Everard of Shenton
  ((B)) Elizabeth Motton
  m. Rafe Poole of Radbourne (d 1491-2)
  ((2)) Margery Motton
  m. William Purifoy of Sherford
  m2. Elizabeth Mulso (dau of Edmund Mulso of Thingdon, widow of Edmund (sb Baldwin?) Bugge of Thurlaston)
  ((3)) William Motton (d 1482-3)
m. _ Harecourt (dau of _ Harecourt of Bosworth)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Motton of Pickleton (Peckleton) (d 1497-8)
  m. Phillip Willoughby (dau/heir of _ Willoughby of Renes, m2. Thomas Harvey)
((i)) Edward Motton
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Mutton or Moton
  m. Sir John Harington of Exton (d 1554)
  ((B)) Thomazin Motton
  m. George Beaumont of Thruston
  ((C)) Katherin Motton
  ((4)) Anne Motton (nun)
  ((5)) Hawise Motton
  m. Thomas Beaumont
  (iii) Alice Moton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Talbot of Swanington (b 1325)
2. Henry Motton (a 1252)

Main source(s): Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Moton) with some input/support from Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Vincent)
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