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Families covered: Mott of Barningham, Mott of Braintree, Mott of Shalford, Mott of Wiston

Thomas Mott of Bocking (and Braintree), Essex (bur 05.03.1554)
m. Alice Meade
1. John Mott (bur 13.07.1595)
  m1. (18.09.1557, sp) Catharine Roke (bur 05.03.1571)
  m2. Joan Gardner (d 1602, sister of Sir Robert Gardner or Gardiner (Lord President of Ireland))
  A. Mary Mott (bpt 13.07.1587)
  Visitation shows Mary married to John Church of Stanton. Talcott & Wright suggest that she married Judge Clench of Stanton (and was father of Captain Robert). This appears to be ....
  m. John Clench of Stanton (grandson of Judge John Clench)
2. Mark Mott of Sherne Hall in Shalford (bpt 25.04.1549, bur 14.12.1637)
  m. Frances Gutter of Bocking (bur 23.02.1615)
  A. John Mott of Shalford, Eyland & Wiston, Suffolk
  m. Alice Harrington (dau/heir of Thomas Harrington (Harington) of Essex)
  i. Thomas Mott (a 1664, dsps)
  m. Sarah Brand (dau of John Brand of Edgwardstone)
  a. Sarah Mott (dvp?)
  ii. Mark Mott
  a. John Mott
  (1)+ issue - Alice, Mary
  iii. Dorothy Mott mentioned by Visitation & Talcott, not by Wright
  m. John Talcott of Braintree, later in America (a 1632) named only by Talcott
  iii. Frances Mott mentioned only by Visitation
  m. Francis Ferrand of Hatfeld Broadoke
iv.+ other issue - John, James, Alice (bpt 03.03.1604), Sarah, Dorcas, Mary (bpt 06.12.1610)
  B. Adrian Mott of Braintree (bpt 29.03.1578, d 1662)
  m1. Jane (Jeane) Wade of Redgwell
  i. Adrian Mott of Kettonson and/or Wiston, Suffolk
  m1. Elizabeth Dyke (dau/heir of Daniel Dyke)
  a. Elizabeth Mott
  m2. Mercy Fish (dau of Sir William Fish of Bigleswade)
  a. Mark Mott of Wiston (b c1660)
  m. Susanna Marke
  (1) John Mott of London (2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth
  (A)+ issue - Milford, John, Elizabeth
  (2)+ other issue - Mark in Ireland, Thomas, Susanna
  b.+ other issue - Nathaniel, Katharine, Martha
  m2. (01.01.1604) Katharine Kemp
  iii. Mark Mott of Chelmsford (bpt 23.10.1604, bur 02.05.1667)
  m1. Anne Dove (dau of Robert Dove)
  a. Mercy Mott
  m. Richard Smith
  b. Frances Mott
  m. John Clopton
  (1) Anne Clopton
  c. Dorothy Mott
  m. Thomas Abby or Alby
  d. Mary Mott
  m. Thomas Kemp (a 1700, minister of Foxearth)
The only child given by Visitation for Adrian, son of Mark by Frances Gutter, was Marke who is shown as married to Sarah Dike. Wright suggests he married Elizabeth Dike by whom he had the children below, with no mention of the daughters by the earlier marriage. In showing his 2 marriages, we are following Talcott though he suggests that the name of Elizabeth Dike, suggestsed by Rev. Sherman, "could scarcely be" as she was (first) wife of his brother Adrian.
  m2. ?? (possibly Sarah Dike?)
  e. Mark Mott of Wethersfield (d 1694)
  m. Barbara Ady (dau of Thomas Ady of Wethersfield)
  (1) Barbara Mott
  m. William Ward
  (2)+ other issue - Mark, Ady of Wethersfield, Nathaniel, Thomas, Mercy, Dorothy, Anne
  f. Nathaniel Mott of Little Waltham
  (1)+ issue - Thomas Felton, Mary
  g. Elizabeth Mott (bpt 29.02.1631)
  h. Susanna Mott
  m. (20.02.1660) _ Mascall
  C. Mark Mott of Great Hadham, Rochford & Great Birch (bpt 08.03.1581, bur 03.01.1630, rector of Rayne, 4th son)
  m. Mercy Tichbourne (bur 29.02.1627, dau/heir of Rev. William Tichbourne of Romford)
  i.+ issue - Henry (bpt 12.03.1619, bur 19.01.1634), Mark (a 1634), Mercy (bpt 02.11.1617), Frances (bpt 06.12.1618), Dorothy (bpt 28.01.1620), Anne, Mary, Sarah (d infant)
  D. Edward Mott (bpt 24.06.1590, youngest son)
m. Dorothy Aylett (dau of Thomas Aylett) named by Visitation
  i. Mary Mott
  m. John Digby of Coggershall named by Visitation
  E. Sarah Mott
  Talcott reports that the records at Herald's College show Sarah married Robert Wobuch of Greyes Inn (supported by Visitation as Robert Woolrich of Grays Inn - ## see here ##) but that another source (Rev. Henry Sherman), supported by Wright, suggests that she married ...
  m1. (01.07.1614) Robert Tenborugh named Tasborough by Wright
  m2. Sir John Henley of Yorkshire
  F.+ other issue - Mark (d young), Joseph (bpt 17.03.1586), Mary (d young), Mary (bpt 15.02.1587, bur 03.11.1610)



BLG1894 mentions Thomas Mott of Braintree (m. Alice Mead, father of John & Mark, see above) and then mentions the following Edmund, implying that there was a close connection between the following family and the one above. This is supported by the mention by Wright (p682, used as a source for the above section), that "The learned John Thruston ... was of this family, having assumed the name of Thruston instead of Mott."
Edmund Mott of Caldecott then Stiffkey, Norfolk (b c1622, d 1674-5)
m. Abigail Constable (dau of Luke Constable of Swaffham, sister of Jane (m. Robert Brady of Cambridge) & Susan (m. Thomas Caton of Thorpe Abbots)) ## see here ##
1. Edmund Mott (d 03.02.1699)
  m. Mary Blyford (dau of Robert Blyford of Burnham Overy, relict of John Thruston of Hoxne)
  A. John Mott, later Thruston, of Weston Market, Suffolk (b 1698-9, d unm 18.05.1776, half-brother/heir of John Thruston)
2. Luke Mott (d 1682, MD)
3. Ann Mott
  m1. Martin Cobbe of Burnham Norton
  m2. (1693) Thomas Groome (rector of Burnham Deepdale)
  A. Thomas Groome (rector of Burnham Westgate)
  m. (07.10.1725) Ann Shuckforth (dau of Thomas Shuckforth of Saham Toney)
  i. Ann Groome (d 21.01.1766)
  m. Thomas Vertue of Burnham Overy @@ below



James Vertue (rector of Feltwell St. Nicholas, Norfolk)
m. ?? Greene (sister of Thomas Greene, Bishop of Ely)
1. Thomas Vertue of Burnham Overy
  m. Ann Groome (dau of Rev. Thomas Groome son (by Ann Mott) of Rev. Thomas) @@ above
  A. Thomas Vertue, later Mott, of Town Barningham, Norfolk (d 31.12.1788)
  m. (17.02.1784) Frances Cremer (dau of Rev. Robert Cremer (sb Clever?), m2. Rev. Robert Rolfe (uncle of Lord Cranworth)) ## see here ##
  i. John Thurston Mott of Barningham Hall, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 17.11.1784, d 12.09.1847) had issue
  m. (11.04.1808) Sophia Partridge (dau of Henry Partridge of Cromer)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families' (S.V Talcott, 1883, 'Mott', p610+), 'The History and Topograpgy of The County of Essex' (Thomas Wright, vol 1, 1836, p680+), Visitation (Essex, 1634, 'Mott')
(2) For middle & lower sections : BLG1894 ('Mott of Barningham Hall')
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