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Families covered: Middleton of Leighton Hall, Middleton of Middleton Hall (Midelton of Midelton)
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It is possible that the following Thomas Middleton was a descendant (possibly grandson) of Sir Peter de Midelton of Midelton (a 1315). However, HACWC reported that it is not known how this family obtained (the manor of) Middleton but noted that the manor was passed from the Talebois family into the Preston family who conveyed Middleton to Henry de Kennet (husband of Euphemia, who may have been a Preston) in 7 Ed1 (1278-9). It is possible that a Kennet of the next generation became known as 'de Middleton' or that an heiress married someone who changed his name to de Middleton or someone who already bore the name Middleton.
Thomas Middleton of Middleton Hall (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
1. John Middleton of Middleton
  m. _ Medcalf (dau of John Medcalf)
  A. Thomas Middleton of Middleton Hall (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461)
  m. Mabel Musgrave (dau of Sir Richard Musgrave of Hartley Castle)
i. Thomas Middleton of Middleton Hall
  m. Margaret Lascells (dau of Roger Lascells)
  a. Sir Geoffrey Middleton of Middleton Hall
  m1. Margaret Kirkham (dau of George Kirkham of Northamptonshire)
  (1) John Middleton of Middleton Hall
m. Anne Tunstall (dau of (Bryan) Tunstall of Thurland Castle)
  (A) Edward Middleton of Middleton Hall (d c1599, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Carus (dau of Judge Sir Thomas Carus)
  (i) John Middleton of Middleton Hall
  m. Jane Ashton (dau of Thomas Ashton of Croston)
  (a) Edward Middleton of Middleton Hall (d by 1642)
  m. Bridget Byndlose (dau/heir of Robert Byndlose of Borwick Hall)
  ((1)) John Middleton of Middleton Hall (b c1622)
  m. Mary Cole of Coat
  ((A)) Bridget Middleton
  m. Joshua Heblethwaite of Dent
  ((i)) Bridget Heblethwaite
  m. Thomas Fawcet
  ((ii)) Agnes Heblethwaite
  m. John Fawcet (brother of Thomas)
  ((iii))+ other issue (dsps?) - John, Edward, Joshua
  ((B)) Mary Middleton
  m. James Cragg of Dent
  ((i)) Mary Cragg
  m. Giles Moore of Grimeshill
  ((ii))+ other issue - John, James, David, Agnes, Rebecca, Bridget, Isabel
  ((C))+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, David, Robert
(b) William Middleton (Colonel, 4th son)
  m. Dorothy Moore of Middleton
  ((1))+ 8 sons and 4 daughters
  (c) daughter
  m. Alexander of Cheshire
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), John (d Hopton Heath 1642, Major General), Richard, Christopher
  (ii)+ 7 others
  (B) Frances Middleton
  m. Richard Lowther of Lowther (b 1532, d 1607)
  (C) daughter
  m. _ Lancaster of Sockbridge
  (D) Isabel Middleton probably of this generation
  m. John Middelton of Stockeld
(E)+ other issue - Christopher (dvpsp), 3 others
  (2) Thomas Middleton of Applegarth
  m. Katharine Conyers (bur 1569, dau of William Conyers of Marske)
  (3) daughter
  m. Anthony Fleming of Rydal
  m2. _ Kirkby or ?? of Kirkby, Lancashire
  b.+ 8 others
  ii. Elizabeth Middleton
  m. Thomas Ducket of Grayrigg (d Edgcote 26.07.1467)
  iii. Margaret Middleton
m. Richard Redmon of Over Levins (b c1418, d 1476-7)
  iv. Mabel Middleton
  m. Sir Roger Bellingham of Burneshead (d 18.07.1533)
  v.+ 9 others
  B. Sir Jeffrey (Geoffrey) Middleton (3rd son) - continued below
  m. (1438) Alyson Croft of Leighton Hall
  C. Jacomin (Jacomia or Jacobina) Middleton
  m. Richard Preston of Preston Patrick
  D.+ other issue - John, 2 others
2. Agnes Middleton
  m. John Chambre
3. Margaret Middleton
  m. John Morley
4. Joan Middleton
  m. John Mansergh
5.+ 2 others



Sir Jeffrey (Geoffrey) Middleton - continued above
Neither HACWC nor BEB1841 identify the wife of Jeffrey/Geoffrey but a contributor (JH, 18.04.08) kindly advised us that Leighton Hall came to him through his marriage to ...
m. (1438) Alyson Croft of Leighton Hall
1. Sir Robert Middleton of Leighton Hall (a temp Richard III who r. 1483-1485)
  m. Anne Betham (dau of Roger Betham of Betham)
  A. Thomas Middleton of Leighton (d 1516-7)
  m. Joan (Johanna) Strickland (dau of Sir Thomas Strickland)
  i. Gervase Middleton (d 1547-8)
  m. _ Kirkham of Northamptonshire
a. George Middleton of Leighton (b 1522)
  m1. (Anne or Mary) Tunstall (dau of Sir Mamaduke Tunstall of Thurland Castle)
  (1)+ 2 daughters
  m2. Margaret Metcalf (dau of Sir Christopher Metcalf of Nappa by Elizabeth Clifford)
  (3) Thomas Middleton of Leighton Hall
  m. Katharine Hoghton (sister of Sir Richard Hoghton, Bart of Hoghton Tower)
  (A) Sir George Middleton, Bart of Leighton Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1599-1600, d 27.02.1673, Colonel)
  m1. Frances Rigg (dau/heir of Richard Rigg of Little Strickland)
  (i) Gregory Middleton (d young)
  (ii) Mary Middleton
  m. Somerset Oldfield of Somerford
  m2. Ann Preston (d 12.04.1705, dau of George Preston of Holker Hall)
  (iii) Thomas Middleton (d young)
  (B) Robert Middleton (3rd son) ancestor of Middletons of Warton
  m. Jane Kitson (dau/coheir of Thomas Kitson of Warton)
  (i) ?? Middleton
  (a) Robert Middleton (d 1699) had issue ("a large family")
(b) Margaret Middleton
  m. Thomas Booker
  ((1)) Robert Booker of Broughton, Lancashire
  ((A)) Margaret Booker or Bouker (d 07.1802, only child)
  m. Robert Preston (son of Richard of Cockerham)
  (ii)+ other issue?
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), 8 daughters
  (4) Robert Middleton 'of Leighton' probably of this generation
  (A) Joan Middleton (b c1619, d 07.01.1698)
  m1. Francis Hungate (dvp 1645, son of Sir Philip)
  m2. William Hammond of Scarthingwall (b c1623, d 23.02.1696)
  (5)+ son and 3 daughters
  ii. Elizabeth Middleton probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Hemsworth of Swillington (d 07.12.1571)
2. Elizabeth Middleton probably of this generation
  m. John Hamerton of Hamerton (d 1515)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The History and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland' (vol I, 1775) by Joseph Nicolson & Richard Burn (referred to above as "HACWC")
(2) For lower section : BEB1841 (Middleton of Leighton Hall)
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