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Families covered: Martineau of Norwich, Martineau in Poitou, Martineau of Romas, Martineau of Stamford Hill

Romain Martineau of Loudun (Poitou, France), Sn de Romas (a c1450)
m. Marguerite Boucher of Poitou probably parents of ...
1. Romain Martineau, Sn de Romas (a 11.1538)
  m. (mcrt 18.09.1494) Martie Chartelier (dau of Pierre Chartelier of Paris)
  A. Denis Martineau (d before 1587)
  m. Marie de Chartier (dau of Michel de Chartier of Paris by Marie Trouillart)
  i. Francois Martineau in Poitou, Sn de Romas (a 1587)
  m. Claude de Boulay (m2. Jean Besly)
  a. Denis Martineau in Poitou
  m. B. Bouhereau (sister of Elie Bouhereau of Fontenay-le-Comte)
  (1) Elie Martineau in Poitou (a 1693)
  m. Marguerite Barbesson
  (A) Gaston (David) Martineau, later in Norwich (surgeon)
  BLG1952 reports that Gaston "surg. in Bergerac and possibly in Dieppe, a Huguenot, came to London 1686, naturalized 21 March 1688, settled in Norwich, ca. 1696". FMG starts with him, albeit naming him David and his wife "E.L. Piere" who "came in the same ship as Mr M., & was mar to him in England".
  m. (26.09.1693) Marie Pierre (dau of Guillaume Pierre of Dieppe)
  (i) Gaston Martineau
  m. _ Hoyle
(a) Fanny Martineau
  m. _ Holland
  (b) Susan Martineau
  m. _ Cunningham
  (c)+ other issue - Gaston, John
  (ii) David Martineau of Norwich (b 20.04.1697, d 1729, surgeon)
  m. (1721) Elizabeth Finch (d 1748)
  (a) David Martineau of Norwich (bpt 21.11.1726, d 19.11.1768, surgeon)
  m. (1751) Sarah Meadows (bpt 22.02.1725)
  ((1)) Philip Meadows Martineau of Bracondale Lodge (b 1752, d 1829, surgeon in Norwich)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Humphrey (d 1810, dau of Rev. John or Richard Humphrey of Thorpe)
  m2. (1811) Ann Dorothy Clarke Elwin (d 1851, widow fo _ Clarke)
  ((A)) Fanny Anne Martineau (b 1812, d unm 1877)
  ((2)) David Martineau in London (b 24.03.1754, d 1840)
  m. (1786) Catherine Harris of Maidstone (d 1821)
  ((A)) George Martineau of Foxholes (Weybridge, Surrey) (b 1792, d 1857, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1826) Sarah Greenhow (d 1891, dau of H. Greenhow)
  Their son married the Mackenzie heiress of Kincraig, Ross-shire. That son's grandson changed his surname to Mackenzie.
  ((B)) Charles Martineau (b 04.08.1795) had issue
  m. (06.10.1827) Elizabeth Mary Jillard (Dau of William Peard Jillard of Ashwick)
  ((C))+ other issue - David (b 1790), Eliza, Catherine, Sarah, Anne, Emily, Lucy
  ((3)) Peter Finch Martineau in St. Alban's (b 1754-5, d 1847)
  m1. Susannah Scott (dau of John Scott of Norwich)
  ((A)) John Scott Martineau
m2. Catherine Marsh (d 1853, dau of Edward Marsh of Norwich)
  ((B)) Peter Martineau of London had issue
  m1. Eliza Barnard (dau of William Barnard of Norwich)
  m2. Marianne Ronalds of Highbury
((C)) David Martineau of Gray's Inn
  m. Catherine Edgar Hyde (dau of _ Hyde of Paris)
  ((4)) John Martineau of Stamford Hill, London (b 1758, d 1834)
  m. Marriott Margaret Bunny of Newbury
  ((A)) Richard Martineau of Walsham-le-Willows (d 08.1865) had issue
  m. (10.10.1827) Lucy Needham (d 10.1887, dau of Matthew Needham of Lenton)
((B)) Arthur Martineau
  ((C)) Joseph Martineau of Stamford Hill
  m. Caroline Parry (dau of C.H. Parry of Bath)
  ((D)) John Martineau of London
  m. Jane Taylor (dau of Samuel Taylor of Benham)
  ((E)) Philip Martineau of London had issue
  m. Elizabeth Batty (dau of Robert Batty of London)
  ((F)) Sarah Martineau
m. David Jardine
  ((G)) Marriott Martineau
  m. (1831) Francis Fletcher of Liverpool
  ((5)) Thomas Martineau of Norwich (b 1764, d 06.1826-7)
m. Elizabeth Rankin (d 1848, dau of _ Rankin of Newcastle-on-Tyne)
  ((A)) Thomas Martineau of Norwich (b 13.10.1795, dsps 1824)
  m. Ellen Bourne of Manchester (m2. Edward Tagart)
  ((B)) Robert Martineau (3rd son?) had issue
  m. Jane Smith (dau of Samuel Smith of Nottingham)
  ((C)) James Martineau of Dublin had issue
  m. Helen Higginson of Derby
  ((D)) Eliza Martineau
  m. Thomas Michael Greenhoe (Greenhow) of Newcastle
  ((i)) Frances Elizabeth Greenhow (b 1821, d 1892) apparently of this generation
  m. Francis Lupton of Leeds (b 1813, d 1884)
((E))+ other issue - Henry of Norwich, Ellen, Harriet, Rachel
  ((6))+ 2 daughters
  (b) Elizabeth Martineau
  m. J. Blackburn
  (c)+ other issue - Peter (b 1727), Hannah, Mary
  (iii) Mary Ann Martineau (d 06.05.1780) 
  m. (08.09.1719) Peter Columbine
  (iv) Sarah Martineau
  m1. _ Neave
  m2. _ Bloomfield
  (v) Margaret Martineau
  m. Richard Willement
  B.+ 2 sons

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Mackenzie of Kincraig), FMG (vol 3, Martineau, MS491)
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