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Families covered: Martin of Athelhampton, Martin (Martinson) of Blagdon, Martin of Kemeys (Kemes)

Martin (d by 1086)
BE1883 identifies Martin as "de Tours" (Vivian shows him as "de Turon") but TCP includes a note that suggests that, although he is often described as such, he was probably not. TCP reports that "Nothing, beyond his name and his marriage, is known about this first Martin" albeit noting that he was a tenant in chief in Somerset & Dorset.
m. Geva (dau of Serlo de Burci, m2. William de Falaise)
1. Robert FitzMartin (d by 1159)
  TCP makes it clear that Robert held several properties but does not designate him as being particularly of any one place. BE1883 mentions his 1st wife but TCP shows that his son William was by his 2nd wife. Vivian does not mention any wives for the first few generations.
  m1. Maud Peverel (possibly widow of William Peverel)
  m2. Alice de Nonant (probably dau of Roger de Nonant of Broad Clyst)
  A. William FitzRobert FitzMartin of Blagdon (d 1208/9)
  m. Ankaret (d by 08.1226, dau of Rhys ap Gruffydd, Prince of South Wales)
i. William Martinson of Blagdon & Dartington (d before 15.02.1225/6)
  m. Avice de Toriton (a 1246, sister of Fulk de Breaute)
  a. Nicholas Martinson (d 1282)
  m1. ??
  (1) Nicholas Martin of Kemeys or Kemes (b c1236, dvp c1260)
  m. Maud de Brian (d 1279, dau of Guy de Brian by Eve, dau/heir of Henry de Tracy of Barnstaple)
  (A) William Martin of Kemeys, 1st Lord (b 1257, d before 08.10.1324)
  BE1883 identifies William's wife Eleanor as daughter of William de Mohun but TCP reports that she was ...
  m. Eleanor FitzPiers (d 07.07.1359, dau of Sir Reynold FitzPiers, widow of Sir John de Mohun)
  (i) Edmund Martin (dvpsp)
  m. Jonette or Joan Hastings (son of John, 1st Lord of Abergavenny)
(ii) William Martin, 2nd Lord (b c1294, dsp before 04.04.1326)
  m. Margaret Hastings (dau of John de Hastings, 1st Lord of (A)bergavenny)
  (iii) Eleanor Martin (dsp 13.12.1342)
  m1. William Hastings (dvpsp, son of John, 1st Lord of Abergavenny before 28.02.1312/3)
  m2. (before 30.03.1318) Philip de Columbiers of Nether Stowey, Lord Columbiers (dsp 10.02.1341/2)
Vivian shows that Elinora had a daughter/heir by Philipp de Columbariis named Alicia who married Ralph Basset and was mother of Radus (Ralph) Basset of Drayton. We suspect that this was confusion with the Alice who married Ralph Basset of Drayton but was daughter of Nicholas Audley, 1st Lord, by Joan Martin (see just below).
  (iv) Joan Martin (d before 27.10.1322)
  m1. (before 16.06.1310, sp) Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln and Salisbury (b 01.1250, d 05.02.1311)
  m2. (1312) Nicholas Audley, 1st Lord (b 11.11.1289, d c11.1316)
  (2) Robert Martin
  (3)+ other issue (probably d young) - John, William probably of this marriage
  m2. (1259/60) Isabel (granddau of Ralph FitzWilliam of Brompton Ralph and Withycombe, widow of Hugh Peverel)
  (5)+ other issue - David, Warin, Avice
  ii. Robert Martin - continued below
  Vivian shows Robert as brother of the William of Dartington who was father of the Nicholas who was the father of Lord William by the Matilda, heiress of Henry de Tracy of Barnstable. However, Vivian shows Robert as son of Robert of Caineis son of Nicholas of Caineis son of Robert of Caineis son of Robert of Caineis son of Martin of Turon. We presume that Vivian was wrong with Robert's ancestors but nevertheless follow Vivian for his descendants.
  B. Sibyl
  m. Warin de Morcells



Robert Martin - continued above
1. Robert Martin
  A. Robert Martin
  i. Robert Martin
m. Elizabeth de Yenalton (heir)
  a. Robert Martin of Yenelton
  m. Margaret Bissett (dau of John Bissett)
  (1) Oliver Martin
  (A) Sir Robert Martin of Athelhampton in Pidleton, Dorset
  m. Agnes Loundres (dau/heir of Richard Loundres)
  (i) Richard Martin of Athelhampton
  m. Elizabeth (dau/heir of Henry Pydel)
  (a) Thomas Martin of Athelhampton
  m1. _ Clevedon (dau of Sir John Clevedon)
  m2. (sp) Philippa Mallett

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 28.12.11) : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Martyn of Oxton)
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