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Families covered: Malone of Ballynahown, Malone of Baronstown (Baronston), Malone of Cartrons, Malone of Pallas Park

BLG1886 reports that "This family, one of the most ancient in Ireland still holding their hereditary propery, is an offshoot of the royal House of the O'Connors, Kings of Connaught, and derives its name of Malone from an ancestor, John O'Connor, styled "Maol-Eion".
Edmond Malone of Ballynahown, co Westmeath
m. (1569) Margaret D'Alton (dau of Richard D'Alton of Milltown)
1. Edmond Malone of Ballynahown
  m1. (1599) Rose Coghlan (dau of John Coghlan the Maw)
  A. Edmond Malone of Ballynahown
m. (1617) _ Byrne (dau of Garrett Byrne)
  i. Edmond Malone of Ballynahown
  m. (1644) Mary Fox (dau of Brazel (Brassil) Fox of Kilcoursy)
  a. Edmond Malone of Ballynahown
  m. (1674) Anne L'Estrange (dau of Henry L'Estrange of Moystown)
  (1) Richard Malone of Ballynahown
m. (1717) Anne Crosbie (dau of Sir Thomas Crosbie of Ballyheigue)
  (A) Edmond Malone (dsp 1759, MP)
  m. Ruth Judge of Gageborough
  (B) Henry Malone of Ballynahown
  m. Anne Jones (dau of Morres Jones of Moneyglass)
(i) Edmond Malone
  m. (1774) Mary O'Connor (dau of John O'Connor of Mount Pleasant, cousin)
  (a) Edmond Malone of Ballynahown (d 1818, Captain) had issue
  m. (1813) Henrietta Chomley (dau of John Chomley of Belcamp)
(b) Henry Malone (dsp 1843, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Anne Moony (dau of Francis Enraght Moony of the Doon, widow of ?? Hamilton)
(c)+ other issue (d unm) - John (d 1836), Maria, Anne
  (C) Anthony Malone of Cartrons
  m. Anne Heighington (dau of Major George Heighington (Hyanton) of Donard)
  (i) Edmond Malone of Cartrons
  m1. (sp?) _ White (dau of Henry White)
  m2. Anne O'Connor (dau of John O'Connor of Mount Pleasant, aunt of the Countess of Desart)
  (a) Edmond Malone (b 1785, d 1863, RN, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Mary Anne Taylor (dau of W.B. Taylor of Yarmouth)
  (b) Elizabeth Malone
  m. Peter Warburton (Major, son of Colonel (John) of Garryhinch)
  (c) Anne Malone
  m. Robert French (grandson of the Dean of Ardagh)
(d) Mary Malone
  m. J. Hamilton
  (e)+ other issue - Anthony, Henry (Captain)
  (D) Elizabeth Malone
  m. Robert Holmes of Peterfield
  (2) Henry Malone of Litter, King's Co. (d 1739)
  m. Margaret L'Estrange
  (A) Anne Malone
  m. Richard Malone (MP) @1@ below
(B) Elizabeth Malone
  m. Henry L'Estrange of Moystown
  (3) Anthony Malone
  m. Bridget Talbot (dau of Henry Talbot)
  (A) Richard Malone (dsp)
  m. Mary Moore (dau/coheir of Acheson Moore of Ravella, relict of Roger Palmer)
  (B) Edmond Malone (Major)
m. Mary Malone (dau of Richard Malone, widow of John O'Connor) @2@ below
  (i) Elizabeth Malone
  m. Henry Sneyd (son of Ralph of Keele)
  (ii)+ other issue - Anthony (d 1787), Maria
  (4) Mary Malone
m. Anthony Daly
  b. Anthony Malone of Baronstown
  m. (1673) Mary Reilly (dau of John Reilly of Lismore by Mary, dau of Lucas Dilllon, son of James, 1st Earl of Roscommon)
  (1) Richard Malone of Baronstown (b 1674, lawyer/orator)
m. (20.04.1698) Marcella Molady (dau of Redmond Molady (or Moledy) by Mary, dau of John Malone of Cartrons) @3@ below
  (A) Anthony Malone (b 05.12.1700, dsp 08.05.1776, Prime Serjeant, Chancellor of the Excheqer)
  m. (1733) Rose Gore (dau of Sir Ralph Gore, Bart, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  (B) Edmond Malone of Baronston (b 16.04.1704, d 22.04.1744 (not 1775), judge)
  m. (26.05.1736) Catherine Collier (dau/heir of Benjamin Collier of Ruckholts by Catherine, dau of Robert Knight (grandfather of Earl of Catherlogh))
(i) Richard Malone of Baronston, Baron Sunderlin (b c1738, dsp 14.04.1816)
  m. (1778) Philippa Elizabeth Dorothy Roper (d 07.1831, dau of Godolphin Roper (Rooper) of Great Berkhampsted by Mary Anne, dau of Timothy Harris)
  (ii)+ other issue - Edmond (b 04.10.1741, d unm 25.04.1812, Shakespearian), Anthony (d infant), Benjamin (d infant), Henrietta, Catherine
(C) Richard Malone (d 07.1759. MP, Serjeant-at-law)
  m. Anne Malone (dau/coheir of Henry Malone of Litter) @1@ above
  (i) Henry Malone 'of Pallas Park'
  m. (1765) Catherine Plunket (dau of Richard Plunket)
  (a) Richard Malone of Pallas Park
  (b) Alice Malone, later of Baronstown (b 1767)
  m. Henry O'Connor
  (c) Catherine Malone
  (ii) Mary Malone (d 1787)
  m1. (21.09.1752) John O'Connor of Mount Pleasant (d c1765)
  m2. Edmond Malone (Major) @2@ above
  (iii)+ other issue - Richard, Anthony, John (d c1759), Anne, Jane, Frances
  (D) Anne Jane Frances Malone (d unm 1756)
(E) Mary Malone
  m. Theobald Dillon
  (i) Mary Dillon mentioned by BE1883
  m. Laurence Cruise of Cruisetown
  (F) Margaret Malone
  m. John Hussey
  (G) Marcella Malone
  m. John Reilly
  c. Jane Malone possibly of this generation
m. Patrick Dillon of Rath
  d. Margaret Malone possibly of this generation (one later?)
  m. Anthony Brabazon
  ii. Jane Malone possibly of this generation
  m. Redmond Fallon, Chief
  m2. Catherine Pettyt
  B. John Malone of Cartrons
  m. Mary Browne (dau of John Browne of the Neale)
  i. Mary Malone possibly of this generation
  m. Redmond Molady (or Moledy)
  a. Marcella Molady
  m. (20.04.1698) Richard Malone of Baronstown (b 1674, lawyer/orator) @3@ above
  C. Mary Malone
  m. John Dillon

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Malone of Baronston), BLG1886 (Malone of Baronston) with some support from BE1883 (Malone, Baron Sunderlin)
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