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Families covered: Lowther of Lowther, Lowther of Marske

Sir Gervasius de Louther (a 1217)
m. Beatrice Ros (dau of John, Lord Ros of Kendal (grandson of Robert, Lord Ros of Hamlock, by Isabella, dau of the King of Scots))
1. Sir Hugh de Louther
  m. _ Linglish or Lingleys le Cofyn
  A. Sir Hugh de Louther
  m. _ Moriceby (dau of _ Moriceby of Moriceby)
  i. Sir Hugh de Louther or Lowther (a 1292, 1332, Attorney General)
  m. _ de Tilliol (dau of Sir Peter de Tilliol of Scaleby Castle)
a. Sir Hugh de Lowther, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1354)
  m. Margaret Lucy (dau/heir of Geffery (John?) de Lucy (Lucie) of Cockermouth)
Wotton inserts another generation here, Sir John (m. Margaret who m2. Sir Robert de Kendall) and shows John as father of Robert, Sir William of Crookdale (Sheriff of Cumberland) and a daughter (m. Thomas de Wharton). BP1934, which notes that some sources report that Margaret de Quale may have been Sir Hugh's (2nd?) wife, shows Sir Hugh as father of Sir John and Sheriff William. We follow BP1934 in showing Robert as son (rather than grandson) of Hugh but otherwise combine BP1934 & Wotton as follows:
  (1) Sir Robert Lowther (d 09.04.1430)
  m. Margaret Strickland (dau of William Strickland, Bishop of Carlisle)
  (A) Sir Hugh Lowther, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1440)
  m. Margaret or Anne Derwentwater (dau of John de Derwentwater)
  (i) Sir Hugh Lowther, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1476-7)
  m. Mabel Lancaster (dau/heir of Sir William Lancaster of Stockbridge)
(a) Sir Hugh Lowther of Lowther (d c1511)
  m. Anne Threlkeld (dau of Sir Lancelot Threlkeld)
  ((1)) Sir John Lowther, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1550) - continued below
  m. Lucy Curwen (dau of Sir Christopher (or Thomas) Curwen of Workington)
  ((2)) Joan Lowther shown by BP1934 but not by Wotton, duplication below?
  m. John Fleming of Rydal
((3)) Mabel Lowther shown by BP1934 but not by Wotton
  m. John Leigh
  ((4)) other issue - Lancelot, Robert
  (B) Anne Lowther
  m. Sir Thomas Curwen of Workington
  (C) Mary Lowther
  m. Sir James Pickering of Killington
  (D) Elizabeth Lowther shown by BP1934 but not by Wotton, duplication below?
m. William Lancaster
  (2) Sir John de Lowther
  m. Margaret de Quale (dau/heir of William de Quale)
  (3) William de Lowther (a 1401, Sheriff of Cumberland)
  (4) daughter
  m. Thomas de Wharton
  b. Thomas de Lowther (a 1293, judge)
  m. Anice Plumland (dau/coheir of William Plumland of Plumland)
  (1) Margaret Lowther
  m. Henry Mauleverer of Allerton Mauleverer
2. Gervase de Louthre (d 1240, Archdeacon of Carlisle)



Sir John Lowther, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1550) - continued above
m. Lucy Curwen (dau of Sir Christopher (or Thomas) Curwen of Workington)
1. Sir Hugh Lowther of Lowther
  m. Dorothy Clifford (dau of Henry, Lord Clifford (by Florence Pudsey). sister of Henry, 1st Earl of Cumberland)
A. Sir Richard Lowther, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 14.02.1532, d 27.01.1607)
  m. Frances Middleton (dau of John Middleton of Middleton Hall)
  i. Sir Christopher Lowther (b 08.09.1557, d 1617, 2nd/3rd son)
  BEB1844 shows Eleanor Musgrave as Sir Chrishopher's first wife and mother of his children and Mary, daughter of Thomas Wilson (Dean of Durham and Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth I), as his second wife. We follow BP1934.
  m1. Eleanor Middleton (dsp, dau of _ Middleton of Middleton)
  m2. Eleanor Musgrave (dau of William Musgrave of Hayton Castle)
  a. Sir John Lowther of Lowther (d 15.09.1637)
  m. Eleanor Fleming (dau of William Fleming of Rydal)
  b. Richard Lowther of Cripplegate (d 04.1659, 3rd son)
  m. _ Williams (dau of John Williams of Flintshire)
(1) Eleanor Lowther
  m. Sir Philip Frowde (d 06.08.1674)
  (2)+ other issue - Richard, Helen
  c. Lancelot Lowther (parson/rector of Long Marton, 6th son)
  m. Hester Piers of Dublin
  (1) Christopher Lowther of Calby Lathe, Westmorland
  m. Sibyl Lloyd (dau of William Lloyd of Drodaugh)
(A)+ issue - William, John
  d. Robert Lowther (bur 09.01.1655, alderman of London)
  m1. Margaret Cutler (dau of Thomas Cutler of Stainborough)
  m2. Elizabeth Holcroft (dau of William Holcroft of Lancashire by Margery, dau of Thomas, Lord Sandys de la Vyne)
  (1) Anthony Lowther of Marske (d 27.01.1692)
  m. (02.1666-7) Margaret Penn (dau of Admiral Sir William Penn of Pensilvania)
  (A) Sir William Lowther, 1st Bart of Marske (b 1670, d 04.1705)
  m. Catherine Preston (dau of Thomas Preston of Holker)
(i) Sir Thomas Lowther, 2nd Bart of Marske and Holker (d 23.03.1745)
  m. (02.07.1723) Elizabeth Cavendish (d 07.11.1747, dau of William Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Devonshire)
  (a) Sir William Lowther, 3rd Bart (b 1727, d unm 03.02.1753)
  (ii)+ other issue - Cartherine (d unm 09.05.1764), Margaret
  (B) Margaret Lowther
  m. Benjamin Poole
  (2) John Lowther of Lothbury (merchant of Dantzic)
m. Mary Lowther (dau of Col. John Lowther)
  (A)+ issue - John of Upleatham, Anthony (d unm 12.1746, Maj. General)
  (3) daughter
  m. Sir George Willoughby of Bishopston
  (4) daughter
m. John Morrice (son of Sir William, Bart)
  (5) Margaret Lowther
  m. Sir John Holmes (brother of the Governor of the Isle of Wight)
  (6) daughter
  m. _ Tite of London
(7) Hannah Lowther (b c1654, d unm 11.01.1757)
  m3. Mary (widow of Morgan Davis)
  e. Eleanor Lowther
  m. Richard Fallowfield of Great Strickland
  f.+ other issue - Gerard (captain), Christopher (rector of Lowther, William (dsp)
  m3. Mary Wilson (dau/coheir of Thomas Wilson of Eastborn (Secretary of State), relict of Sir Robert Burdet, Bart)
  ii. Sir Gerard Lowther of Lowtherstown (dsp 16.10.1624, judge)
  BP1934 reports that Gerard was "one of the justices of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland". Wotton reports that he became Lord Chief Justice and then Lord Chancellor of Ireland and married 3 times: (1) Anne, dau/coheir of Sir Ralph Bulmer (2) Anne, dau of Sir Laurence Parsons (3) Margaret, dau of Sir John King. BEB1844 reports that the Sir Gerard (dsp) who became Lord Chancellor of Ireland was of the next generation, brother rather than uncle of the Sir John who married Eleanor Fleming. Both BP1934 & Wotton report that the Gerard of the next generation was "in the Polish service, slain in the wars against the Turks.". BP1934 shows this Gerard's wives as:
  m1. Grace Bellingham (b c1558, d 1594, dau of Alan Bellingham of Levens)
m2. Anne Bulmer (dau of Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wetton) identified by Wotton as relict of _ Welbury
  iii. Hugh Lowther in Lowtherstown (dsp, captain)
  m. ?? (Mrs. Borough)
  iv. Sir Lancelot Lowther of Yougstown, co. Kildare (d 10.01.1637, 6th/7th son)
  m1. Elizabeth Welbury (dsp, dau of Anthony Welbury of Castle Eden)
  m2. Anne Coote (dau of Thomas Coote)
  a. son (dvp)
  v. William Lowther of Ingleton
  Wotton shows a William in this generation but shows the William who married Eleanor Welbury as of the next generation. We follow BP1934 in showing this William as the one who married ...
  m. Elinor Welbury (d 27.08.1620, dau of Anthony Welbury of Castle Eden)
vi. Ann Lowther
  Ann is shown as of this generation by both BP1934 & Wotton but we suspect that she could have been a generation (or two) earlier.
  m. Alexander Fetherston of Fetherston (d 1596)
  vii. Frances Lowther (b 1578)
  m. (1594) Thomas Cliborne of Cliborne (b 1580, d 16.02.1640)
  viii.+ other issue (dsp or unm) - John, George, Richard, Florence, Frances, Margaret, Dorothy, Mabel, Susannah
B . Gerard Lowther of Penrith, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1563, MP)
  BP1934 & Wotton identify Gerard's wife as "a dau. of Dudley". Thanks to a contributor (KW, 03.03.08) for identifying her as ...
  m. Lucy Dudley (dau of Thomas Dudley of Yanwath, widow of Albany Featherstonhaugh)
  C. Margaret Lowther
  m. John Richmond of Highhead Castle (Hyet Castle)
D. Barbara Lowther
  m. Thomas Carleton of Carleton (b 1548, d 1591)
  E. Frances Lowther
  m. Sir Henry (not John) Goodyere of Polesworth
  F. Anne Lowther
  m. Thomas Wybergh of Clifton
2. Elizabeth Lowther shown by Wotton but not by BP1934, duplication above?
  m. Sir William Lancaster
3. Joan Lowther shown by Wotton but not by BP1934, duplication above?
  m. John Fleming of Rydal
4. Mabel Lowther
  m. Christopher Dalton of Uldale and/or Acornbank
5. Agnes Lowther probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Penruddock of Arkelby

Main source(s): BP1934 (Lonsdale), Wotton's 'The Baronetage of England' (vol I, as extended by Kimber & Johnson, 1771, Lowther of Whitehaven) with support from BEB1844 (Lowther of Whitehaven)
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