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Families covered: Lowndes of Bostock House, Lowndes of Hassall Hall, Lowndes of Lea, Lowndes of Overton

John Lowndes of Overton, Cheshire
m. _ Sherman of Smallwood
1. Richard Lowndes of Overton
  m. Isabell Lawton (dau of _ Lawden or Lawton of Gostye Hall)
  A. William Lowndes of Overton
  m. Isabell Llandon (dau of Davye Llandon of Willington)
  i. John Lowndes of Overton (a 1613)
  m. Alice Rode (dau of Randall Rode of Rode)
  a. John Lowndes of Overton (b c1601)
  m. Alice Stephenson (dau of Robert Stephenson of Dalby)
  (1) Robert Lowndes of Overton
  m. Eleanora Raven
  (A) William Lowndes of Overton & Lea
  m. Elizabeth Lowndes (dau/coheir of Ralph Lowndes of Hadley & Lea)
  (i) John Lowndes of Overton & Lea
  m. Anne
  (a) Sarah Lowndes
  m. Awnsham Churchill
  (ii) Samuel Lowndes (d 1707)
  (iii) Robert Lowndes of Lea
  m1. Ruth Graves
  (a) Elizabeth Lowndes (dsp)
  m2. Mary Kenyon (widow of Rev. W. Turton)
  (b) Edward Lowndes of Charleston
  (c) Robert Lowndes of Palterton (Derbyshire)
  m. Elizabeth Milnes (d 1769, dau/coheir of Richard Milnes of Chesterfield)
((1)) Milnes Lowndes (dsp)
  ((2)) Thomas Lowndes of Barrington
  (d) Mary Lowndes (d 1804)
  m. Chadwick Gorst of Preston (d 1797)
  ((1)) Edward Gorst of Preston
  m. Elizabeth Wigglesworth (dau of James Wigglesworth)
((A)) Thomas Gorst, later Lowndes of Palterton
  ((B)) Edward Chaddock Gorst, later Lowndes (d 09.1872) had issue
  m. (1830) Elizabeth Nesham (d 04.12.1848, dau of John Dowthwaite Nesham of Houghton-le-Spring)
  ((C)) Mary Gorst (d 12.01.1842)
  m. William Clayton of Lostock Hall (b 18.06.1790, d 07.1863)
  ((D)) Dorothy Anne Gorst
  m. William Adam Hulton
  ((E))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Barbara Jane
  (iv) Thomas Lowndes of Overton
  b.+ other issue - Randall, Marmaduke, William, Isabell, Jane, Amye, Ann
  ii. William Lowndes of Braytoft, Lincolnshire
  m. (21.07.1603) Anne Massingberd (dau of Thomas Massingberd of Braytoft)
  a.+ issue (a 1634) - Thomas (b c1614), John
The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Lowndes of Marthall) which described the following Edward as "younger son of .... Lowndes of Overton".
2. Edward Lowndes of Marthall possibly of this generation
  A. John Lowndes of Marthall
  i. John Lowndes of Marthall (d 1649)
  m. Mary Norbury (dau of Robert Norbury of Warford)
  a. William Lowndes of Marthall (d 1659)
  m. Mary Golden (dau of John Golden of Hale)
  (1) William Lowndes of Marthall (b c1641)
  m. Mary Shettel (dau of Robert Shettel of Marthall)
(A) John Lowndes (b c1673)



Commoners (vol IV, Lowndes of Hassall) described the undermentioned William, 1st of Bostock Hall, as "descended from a younger son of the family of Lowndes, of Overton Hall". BLG1952 (Lowndes of Hassall) starts with William, father of that William, who may have been a cousin of the above-mentioned John of Overton.
William Lowndes of Smallwood in Astbury, Cheshire (b c1525, d 04.06.1590)
m. Anne
1. William Lowndes, 1st of Bostock House in Hassall, Cheshire (d 04.06.1592)
  m. (30.09.1582) Ellen Booth (bur 28.08.1611)
  A. Richard Lowndes of Bostock House (bpt 22.01.1587, d 20.04.1652, 2nd son)
  m1. (11.08.1611) Elizabeth Rawlines
  i.+ issue - Richard (bpt 04.1615, d infant), Margery (bpt 17.09.1612), Elizabeth (bpt 22.10.1613), Ellen (bpt 27.02.1618)
  m2. Margery (d 04.06.1651)
  v. John Lowndes of Bostock House, later of Middlewich (bpt 24.04.1625, d 18.05.1667)
  m. Jane Weld (d 02.02.1690, dau of John Weld of Newbold Astbury & Hassall Hall)
  a. Richard Lowndes of Bostock House (bpt 13.10.1645, d 14.01.1709)
  (1) Richard Lowndes of Bostock House & Hassall Hall (bpt 17.10.1673, d 30.08.1744)
  m. Margaret Poole (cadet of the Pooles of Poole, Cheshire)
  (A) Richard Lowndes of Bostock House & Hassall Hall (bpt 08.04.1703, d 05.07.1760)
  m. Margaret (d 05.07.1760)
  (i) Joan Lowndes
  m. William Penlington
  (ii) Anne Lowndes (bpt 08.02.1732)
  m. Edward Salmon of Sandbach
  (a) Richard Salmon (vicar of Sandbach)
  (iii)+ other issue (d young) - John (bpt 28.06.1743), Diana (bpt 09.11.1741)
  (B) William Lowndes of Sandbach (bpt 11.08.1705, d 15.05.1789)
  m. (24.09.1740) Anne Berington (b 1705-6, d 09.04.1788, dau/coheir of William Berington of Sandbach (cadet of Bradwall) by Anne, dau of Thomas Fletcher of Creswellshaw)
  (i) William Lowndes of Sandbach (bpt 09.06.1744, d 07.11.1806)
  m. (02.12.1789) Susanna Sydebotham Kirkby (b c1754, d 14.12.1804, dau/heir of John Kirkby of Congleton)
  (a) William Lowndes of Hassall Hall (b 27.10.1795, dsp)
  m. (13.09.1827) Mary Elizabeth Smith (dau of William Smith of Lichfield)
  (b) John Sydebotham Lowndes (b 13.05.1798, d 23.11.1819)
  (c) Anne Harrington Lowndes
  m. (22.07.1818) William Reddall of Liverpool
  ((1)) Susanna Kirkby Reddall (dsp)
  (C) John Lowndes (bpt 23.05.1707) had issue
  m. Mary Houghton (dau of John Houghton of Baguley)
  (D) Charles Lowndes (bpt 28.08.1711, d 1752)
  m. Eleanor Baldwin (dau of Rev. Thomas Baldwin of Liverpool)
  (i) Thomas Lowndes (b 1737, d 1828)
  m. Frances Lowndes (d 1804)
  (a) Charles Lowndes (b 1774, d 1838) had issue
  m. Jane Penny
  (b) Thomas Lowndes 'of Hamburg' had issue
  m. Maria Jones (dau of Thomas Jones of Wrexham by Anne Lloyd)
  (c) Frances Lowndesd
  m. James Gill
  (d) Sarah Lowndes (dsp)
  m1. G. Shaw
  m2. _ Phellote (Lt. General)
  (e)+ 3 others
  (ii) Charles Lowndes (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Spencer
(iii) Richard Lowndes
  m. (1788) Susannah Dobson (dau of Mathew Dobson of Liverpool)
  (a) John Dawson Lowndes (d 1815)
  ((1)) son (d unm)
  (b) William Lowndes (b c1795, d 31.03.1850, judge) had issue
  m. (1819) Elizabeth Byerley (great-niece of Josiah Wedgwood)
  (c) Mathew Dobson Lowndes of Liverpool (b 11.02.1796, d 09.02.1865) had issue
  m. (23.04.1823) Sarah Gibbons Livingston (d 23.05.1867, dau of John Livingston of Eveton)
  (E) Christopher Lowndes (bpt 19.06.1713, to America) had issue
  m. _ Tasker
  (F) Edward Lowndes (bpt 06.10.1717)
  m. Frances Steele
  (i) John Lowndes (d young)
  (ii) Mary Lowndes
  m. Robert Baxter of Chester
  (a)+ issue - Robert, Richard, William, Frank, Mary, Frances Elizabeth, Sarah
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), Margaret (bpt 21.09.1697), Katherine (bpt 07.10.1699, d unm), Frances (bpt 26.03.1701, d unm 09.11.1716), Ellen (bpt 16.08.1709, d unm 21.05.1735), Anne (bpt 06.10.1715)
  (2) Mary Lowndes (bpt 25.10.1670)
  m. (03.02.1690) John Kelsall or Kelso of Chester
  (3)+ other issue - William (bpt 30.09.1678), Thomas (bpt 25.09.686), Alice (bpt 01.06.1683), Frances (bpt 02.09.1684)
  b. Charles Lowndes (bpt 06.12.1658, 4th son)
  m. Sarah
  (1) Charles Lowndes of St. Kitts (Leeward Islands), later in Charletson (South Carolina) (d 27.03.1736) had issue
  m. Ruth Rawlins (d 25.07.1763)
(2) William Lowndes
  c. Mary Lowndes (bpt 04.06.1648)
  m. _ Savile / Savill
  d. Audrey Lowndes (bpt 05.06.1649)
  m. (1678) John Walker
  e. Eleanor or Ellen Lowndes (bpt 19.04.1651)
  m. Robert Bluett (or Bennett)
  f.+ other issue - John of Clerkenwell (bpt 08.11.1646), Christopher (bpt 27.08.1652), Edward (bpt 01.08.1653), Frances of Covent Garden (d before 11.04.1691)
  B.+ other issue - William (b 1585, d young), Thomas (bpt 29.08.1592), Ellen (b 1580), Joane (b 1582)
2. Richard Lowndes of Smallwood (d 1613)
  m. (21.01.1592) Ellen Philheon (dau of Randle Philheon of Brereton)
  A.+ issue including John, Cicely, Anne
3. Thomas Lowndes

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Lowndes of Overton), BLG1886 (Lowndes of Barrington)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Lowndes of Hassall), Commoners (vol IV, Lowndes of Hassall)
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