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Families covered: Luttleton (Littleton) of Coulesdon, Luttleton (Littleton) of Frankley

(1) The spelling of this family's name has varied over time and between branches. Initially we compromised between the name used by what was arguably the most famous line, the Lytteltons of Frankley, and the most common spelling (Littleton) and name the pages on this family 'Lyttleton'. Somewhat arbitrarily, we changed them to 'Littleton' when we reviewed the earliest generations.
(2) The first of the family found on record and probably ancestor of this family was ...
John de Luttleton or Lyttleton (a 1160) presumed father or grandfather of ...
1. Sir Henry de Littleton (a 1206)
Henry is mentioned only by Vivian where he is shown as father of Thomas and probably/possibly father of Simon. We presume that the elder was Thomas.
  A. Thomas de Luttleton or Luttelton (a 1228, judge)
  m1. Emma de Frankley (dau of Sir Simon de Frankley)
  i. Emma de Luttleton (d 1298)
  m1. Auger de Tatlynton of Tredington
  m2. Nicholas Whetanstede
  m2. Asseline or Asceline or Asselm FitzWarren (dau of William FitzWarren of Upton (Sheriff of Worcestershire), son of Fulc Fitzwarin (Lord Marcher))
  ii. Edmund de Luttleton or Littleton of Coulesdon (dsp)
BEB1841 shows Edmund, the eldest son, as m. Lucia de Boys and that his brother Thomas also m. Lucia de Bois and was father of Thomas who m. Julian de Somery. BE1883 suggests that Edmund was a younger brother of Thomas and was a priest (no wife shown) but notes others' views that he was the elder. BE1883 also suggests that it was his brother Thomas who married Lucia de Bois and that that Thomas had a son Thomas who m. Julian de Somery. Vivian shows Edmund (eldest) as m. Lucia de Bois with Thomas as father by Isabella of the Thomas who m. Julian de Somery. B1934 shows Edmund succeeded by his brother Thomas (wife not shown) father of Thomas father of Elizabeth.
  m. Lucia (dau of John de Bois or Atwood of Wolverly)
  iii. Thomas de Luttleton of Coulesdon (a 1315, 1360)
Brydges shows Edmund's brother Thomas as father of Thomas by ...
  m. Julian de Somery (dau/heir of Robert de Somery, "a younger brother of the Baron of Dudley")
a. Thomas de Luttelton of Frankley (d 1422)
  BP1934 identifies Elizabeth's mother as dau/coheir of _ Quartermain. Brydges, Vivian & Visitation (Worcestershire) all identify her as Maud, dau of Richard Quartermain who m2. John Massy. As shown in the section on Quartermain, we think that she is often misidentified.
  m. Maud Quartermain (dau of ?? Quartermain, m2. John Massy)
  (1) Elizabeth de Luttleton of Frankley
  m1. Thomas Westcote (d after 1450)
  Frankley passed to their eldest son, Thomas, who assumed the name Luttleton/Lyttleton and is shown on Littleton02.
  m2. Thomas Heuster of Lichfield
  b. John de Luttleton (a 1400)
  m. Beatrice Freville (dau of Humphrey Frevill or Frecheville "of a noble family in Warwickshire")
  (1) daughter
  m. Jeffery Frere (a 1399, MP for Worcester)
  iv. John de Luttleton or Littleton (d unm)
  B. Simon de Littleton (a 1230) - continued just below



Simon de Littleton (a 1230) - continued just above
1. John de Littleton possibly father of ...
  A. Nicholas de Littleton (a 1278) possibly father of ...
  i. William de Littleton in Wiltshire & Somerset (a 1338) possibly father of ...
  a. Henry Litteton (a 1365) possibly father of ...
  (1) William Littleton (b c1400)
  m. _Wrottesley (heir)
  (A) William Littleton (a 1449)
  m. Joan Lyffe (coheir, sister m. _ Somester)
  ii. Robert de Littleton in Wiltshire (a 1357)
  B. Peter de Littleton in Dorset (a 1280)
2. Cecilia Littleton
  m. Robert de Charleton
3. Lucy Littleton
  m. Baldwin de Whitchurch

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Littleton of Lanhydrock', p292) with input/support for the upper section from BP1934 ('Cobham'), BE1883 ('Lyttleton of Frankley'), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1634, 'Littleton'), Collins (Brydges, 1812, vol 8, 'Lord Lyttelton', p316+), BEB1841 ('Littleton of Pillaton Hall')
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