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Families covered: Liston of Millburn TowerListoun in /of Over Newliston, Liston of Torbanehill

William Listoun in Over Newliston in Kirkliston, co. Linlithgow (d 05.06.1636)
1. William Listoun in Over Newliston and of Langtoun & Whitlands (d before 1674)
  m. Jone Somerville (d 1674)
  A. William Listoun in Crofthead (a 1670)
m1. ?? m2. ??
  i.+ issue - John, Archibald
  B. Patrick Listoun in Over Newliston (d before 11.10.1690)
  m. Janet Wilkie (d before 07.04.1720, dau of James Wilkie in Cliftonhall)
  i. Patrick Liston (b c1668, d 09.06.1700, minister of Ayr)
  m. Mary Chalmers (d 1701)
  a. Mary Liston
  m. (mcrt 02.07.1719) Rev. Patrick Wilkie of Rathobyres (d 1771)
  b.+ other issue - son (d infant), Janet
  ii. James Liston of Over Newliston, Torbanehill & Sideheads (d 12.07.1738)
  m1. _ Ponton (relict of _ Lunn of Dalmeny)
  a. Patrick Listoun in/of Over Newliston, Torbanehill & Sidehead (d 29.08.1749)
  m. (mcrt 22.06.1734) Christian Dick (d 12.1790, dau of Alexander Dick, bailie of Queensferry, by Grizel Ponton)
  (1) Sir Robert Liston of Millburn Tower, Ratho & Listonshiels (b 08.10.1742, dsp 115.07.1836, Ambassador, 2nd son)
  m. (27.02.1796) Henrietta Marchant (d 06.08.1828, dau of Nathaniel Marchant of Antigua)
  (2) Henrietta Liston
  m. Aleander Ramage (Captain at Leith)
  (A) Patrick Rampage (dsp, captain, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Fleming (dau of Alexander Fleming of Kirkliston)
  (B) Robert Rampage, later Ramage-Liston of Millburn Tower, etc. had issue (2 daus)
  m. Janet Johnstone (dau of George Johnstone of Hillhouse)
  Their elder daughter, Harriet, married Sir William Foulis of Colinton, 8th Bart, who assumed the name Liston-Foulis.
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - Edward (d 1806, Post Captain RN), Alexander (d 1814, WS), Dick of Scotston Park (d 1815)
  (3)+ other issue - James (d young), Alexander (d unm c1763, WS)
  b. William Liston in Edinburgh, later in Kirkliston (d unm 1739, writer)
  c. John Liston in Dublin
  (1) John Liston in Ireland
  d. Elizabeth Liston
  m. David Wilson
m2. Anne Hill (widow, a 1738)
  e. James Liston
  (1) Obed Liston (a 1817, d unm?)
  f. Matthew Liston (dspm, Chaplain of the Castle of Edinburgh)
  (1)+ issue - Anne, Mary
  g. Edward Liston (d 1816)
(1) James Liston
  h. Janet Liston
  m. William Wilkie of Bonningtoun
  i.+ other issue (d unm) - George, Anne, Margaret
  iii. John Liston (bpt 05.06.1687, d 17.09.1764, minister of Aberdour)
m. (26.12.1723) Mary Scott (b c1702, d 02.07.1773, dau of Francis Scott of Davingtoun)
  a. Robert Liston, Moderator of the General Assemby (b 22.03.1730, d 11.02.1796, minister of Aberdour, 2nd son)
  m. (1766) Janet Hardie (b 1744, d 31.12.1814, dau of Rev. Henry Hardie of Navity)
  (1) Henry Liston (b 30.06.1771, d 24.02.1836, minister of Ecclesmachan, 2nd son)
  m. (21.10.1793) Margaret Ireland (b 10.1771, d 24.05.1802, dau of David Ireland (town clerk of Culross) (by Janet Geddes), 2nd cousin)
  (A) Robert Liston (b 28.10.1794, d 07.12.1847, surgeon, professor at Edinburgh University) had issue
  m. (06.1819) Christina Crawford (b c1801, d 01.1887, dau of John Crawford of Leith by Anne Tweedie of Oliver)
  (B) David Liston (b 10.10.1799, d 1811, "Astronomer to the King of Oude", later professor at Edinburgh University) had issue
  m. (1852) Esther Wallace Liston (dau of Thomas Liston of Linlithgow, cousin)
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - Janet of Auldcathie (b 28.06.1796, d 21.09.1888), Anne (b 20.03.1798, d 14.07.1802), Margaret of Auldcathie (b 23.04.1801, d 03.06.1866)
  (2) Thomas Liston of Linlithgow (b 101.04.780, d 102.01.1862, writer, 4th son) had issue
m. (1804) Helen Margaret Ferrier (dau of General Ferrier of Belayd, Governor of Dumbarton Castle)
  (3) William Liston (b 19.06.1781, d 06.11.1864, minister of Redgorton) had issue
  m. (08..12.1829) Mary Forbes (d 09.03.1849, dau of Alexander Forbes of Aberdeen ("a descendant of the House of Pitsligo"), sister of Colonel John Alexander)
  (4) Anne Liston (b 07.02.1768, d 26.03.1852)
  m. (22.12.1792) Hugh Meiklejohn (b c1764, d 1831, Moderator of the General Assembly, minister of Abercorn, professor at Edinburgh University)
  (5) Agnes Liston (b 11.11.1782, d 21.02.1860)
  m. (25.07.1808) William McCall of Maidenhill (b c1776, d 1831)
(6)+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 27.04.1769, d 1806), Robert (b 05.01.1774, d 12.03.1808), Mary of Auldcathie (b 31.05.1770, d 09.10.1854), Janet (b 16.11.1772, d 1796), Margaret (b 22.05.1776, d 1825), others (d infant)
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 02.04.1729, d 12.04.1729), James (b 09.10.1733, d c1753), Anne (b 09.01.1725), Margaret (b 24.03.1727), Agatha (b 15.10.1731), Janet (b 24.08.1735)
  iv. Agnes Liston (b 1669, dsps 1736)
  m. John Baron of Preston (b c1627, d 09.04.1729)
  v. Janet Liston
  m. _ Carmichael of Ayrshire
  vi. Catherine Liston
  m. Walter Pate of Priest Mill
  vii. Margaret Liston (b 1674, d 15.03.1737)
  m. James Baron of Preston (b c1674, d 1737, son of John)
  viii.+ other issue - William (d young), David (d young), Jean (d before 1706)
2. Walter Listoun of the Muirend
  A.+ issue - Patrick in Calder (brewer, had issue), Walter, John
3. William Listoun to Ireland (minister)
  A. William Liston in Ireland (minister)

Main source(s): 'Some old families' (H.B. McCall, vol 1 (1890), Chapter V: 'The Family of Liston', p79+)
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