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Families covered: Kederminster of Langley Marsh, Kederminster (Kidderminster) in Wraysbury, MacKeogh of Castle Troy, Keogh of Kilbride, Kippen of Lanarkshire

Gyll identifies the arms of the following family as "Az. 2 chevronels O. between 3 bezants".
John Kederminster of Langley Marsh (b 1519-230, d 15.05.1558)
m. Elizabeth Wilford of Kent (b c1530, d 15.03.1590)
1. Edmund Kederminster of Langley Marsh & Wraysbury (b 1542, d 14.07.1607, Clerk in Chancery)
  m. (19.10.1574) Ann Leigh (b 1557-8, d 31.05.1618, dau of John Leigh, son of Sir Nicholas of Addington)
  A. Sir John Kederminster (or Kidderminster) in Wraysbury
  m. Mary Garrard (dau of Sir William Garrard of Dorney)
  i. Elizabeth Kederminster (or Kidderminster)
  m. Sir John Parsons of Boveney, Lord Mayor (a 1703)
  B. Edmund Kederminster of Dorney, Boveney & Burnham (a 1615)
i. William Kederminster of Kent
  m. Margery Phillipson (dau of John Phillipson of Hillingdon)
  a. Ann Kederminster
  m. William King of Iver
  (1) William King (b c1628, a 1634)
  C. ?? Kederminster
  i. Edmund Kederminster (bur 15.205.1669)
  m. Elizabeth Berenger (b 03.08.1659, dau of Thomas Berenger of Iver by Thomazine, dau of Edmund Waller)
  D. Elizabeth Kederminster (d 31.01.1628)
  m. (16.04.1599) Sir Peter Scott (d 09.06.1622, Clerk in Chancery)
  i. Ann or Maria Scott 'of Camberwell' (b 1619)
  m. Edward Neville of Nottinghamshire



Mahony MacKeogh of Cloonclieve, co. Limerick
1. John MacKeogh of Castle Troy, co. Limerick
  A. Denis MacKeogh of Castle Troy
  m. Elizabeth Willington (dau of John Wipllington of Castle Willington, widow of Colonel Eyre)
  i. John Keogh of Strokestown, co. Roscommon (DD, scientific author)
  m. Avice (Avis) Clopton (dau of Rev. Rous Clopton of Clopton Hall)
  a. Michael Keogh (cleric)
  m. Lettice Dodd (dau of John Dodd of Knockbawn)
  (1) John Keogh of Loughlinstown, co. Kildare (d 1803)
  m. Elizabeth Clinch (dau of Christophilus Clinch (Clynch) of Peamount House)
  (A) George Rous Keogh of Kilbride, co. Carlow (d 08.08.1850) had issue
  m. (1813) Marianne Molyneux (probably not dau of Gen. Sir Thomas Molyneux, Bart of Castledillon)
  (B) Henry Clopton Keogh (cleric) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Aylward (dau of Nicholas Aylward of Shankhill Castle)
  (C) Annie Keogh
  m. Hamlet Obins of Portadown (Colonel)
  b. John Keogh of Mitchelstown (cleric, antiquarian)
  m. Elizabeth Jennings (dau of Rev. Henry Jennings of Cregg (Cragg), cousin of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough)



George Kippen (d 1715)
m. Janet Stewart (dau of William Stewart)
1. George Kippen (b 1714, d 1787)
  m. Margaret Erskine (dau/heir of John Erskine)
A. George Kippen (b 1737, d 1786)
  m. Margaret Murdoch (dau of John Murdoch by Mary, dau of Thomas Yuille of Darleith)
  i. George Kippen (Captain)
  a. Margaret St. Leger Kippen
  m. John Stevenson (Canon of Canterbury)
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - George, Marion
  ii. William Kippen of Busby & Lawmuir, Lanarkshire (b 1780, d 1853, DL) had issue
  m. (1815) Marianne Alston (b 1797, d 1869, dau of John Alston of Westerton by Mary, dau of James Dennistoun of Colgrain)
  iii. Mary Kippen
  m. James Hill of Gartcosh
  iv. Margaret Kippen (d unm)
  B. John Kippen (b 1743)
  m. Jean Murdoch (dau of John Murdoch)
  i. George Kippen (b 1779, captain)
  m. Amelia Grant (dau of Colonel Ggrant)
  a.+ issue including Horatio (Lt. Colonel, settled in Canada)
  ii.+ other issue
2.+ other issue

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