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Families covered: Kinder of Cheapside, Keay of Whitchurch, Kennet of Wakefield, Keynell of Dorset, Kirrell of Goldhill in Hadlow, Kirrell (Kirrill) of Sevenoaks

_ Kinder of Chesterfield, Derbyshire
1. John Kinder of Cheapside (London) & Stoke Newington (linen draper)
  m. Anna Letitia Jennings (d 07.10.1821, dau of Arthur Jennings)
  A. Robert Kinder of Cheapside (d 1853, linen draper, 5th son)
  m1. _ Bower of Chesterfield
  i. Letitia Kinder
m. Edwin Wilkins Field
  m2. _ Enfield (dau of William Enfield of Warrington & Norwich)
  ii. Richard Kinder
  m. _ Martineau (dau of John Martineau)
  iii. Elizabeth Kinder
  m. Henry Sharp
  iv.+ other issue - Charles, Emma
  B. Ann Kinder (d 31.01.1823)
  m. (01.07.1793) Charles Wellbeloved of York (b 06.04.1769, minister)
  C.+ other issue - John of Cheapside (d unm, linen draper), Charles of Cheapside (d unm 08.1838, linen draper), Thomas in London (a 1820, d unm), Arthur in New York (a 1820, dsp), Letitia (d unm), Sarah (d unm), Hannah, Mary
2. Thomas Kinder
  A. Thomas Kinder
3.+ other issue (d unm) - Charles, Robert, Mary



John Keay of Tatton Green
m. Elizabeth Savage (dau of John Savage of Wrenbury Wood by Elizabeth Eddowes)
1. Randle Keay of Whitchurch
m. (1727) Theodosia Henry (b 1708, dau of Rev. Matthew Henry of Chester)
  A. Henry Keay of Whitchurch (2nd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Townsend of Chester
  i.+ issue - Philip (a 1822 in Madras), John, Randle of Hanley Green, Charles in Birmingham
  B. Theodosia Keay
  m. John Parsons
  i. Theodosia Parsons
  m. Joseph Lee of Redbrook
  C. Catherine Keay
  m. (sp) Roger Eddowes of Whitchurch
  D. Sarah Keay
  m. (sp) Benjamin Hewson of Bristol
  E.+ other issue - John (d unm), Philip Warburton (d 1796), Mary (d unm)
2. Ann Keay
  m. Humphrey Gregory of Twemlow & Whitchurch
  A. Anne Gregory
  m. John Pridden of Fleet Street (bookseller)
3. Sarah Keay
  m. Richard Roe of Whitchurch



?? Kennet of London ("a grocer in Gracechurch Street")
1. Benjamin Kennet (vicar of Bradford)
  m1. Mary Smith (dau of Rev. Peter Smith of Winfrith)
  A. Mary Kennet (d young)
  m2. Mary (of) Stockdale
  B. Benjamin Kennet of Manchester (bpt 30.05.1728, d 02.1765)
  m. (01.01.1750) Frances Allott (a 1780, dau of Rev. Robert Allott of South Kirkby)
  i. Benjamin Kennet, later Dawson of Wakefield
m. Catherine Steer (dau of Charles Steer of Wakefield by Sarah, dau of Rev. Robert Allott of South Kirkby)
  a. Richard Kennet Dawson of Frickley
  (1)+ issue - Richard, Catherine, Ellen, Mary Anne
  b.+ other issuie - James, Edward
  ii. Mary Kennet
  m. John Bingley of The Lodge near Hemsworth
  iii. Francis (Frances?) Kennet (a 1780)
  m3. Mary Dawson (dau of Richard Dawson of Daw Green by Martha Walker)
  C. Richard Kennet of Wakefield & Copley Hall (bpt 10.05.1734, d unm 08.10.1790)
  D. Hannah Kennet (bpt 08.03.1737, dsp 05.01.1807)
  m1. Richard Astell of Everton (d 22.01.1777)
  m2. (02.08.1784) Thomas Pownall, Governor of Massachusetts Bay & South Carolina (d 25.01.1805)



Christopher Keynell of Dorset
m. Elizabeth Hervey (dau of Henry Hervey of Ewell (by Jane, dau of James ap Thomas of Llanihangle), sister of William, Lord Hervey)
1. Edmund Keynell of Haslebury, Dorset
  m. Bridget Alpin of Dorset
  A. Christopher Keynell, Governor of Antigua (Colonel) had issue
  B. Elizabeth Keynell
  m. _ Shipman
  C. Frances Keynell
  m. Randolph Russell of the Island of Nevis (Colonel)
  D. Bridget Keynell
  m. Thomas Williams of Dorset
  i. John Williams
  m. Elizabeth Smith (dau of Col. Michael Smith of Nevis)
  a.+ issue - Michael, John
  ii. Bridget Williams
  m. Samuel Gardner of Nevis (Captain)
  a.+ issue - Samuel, John, Edmnd, James, other
  E. Anne Keynell
  m. John Rogers of Dorset
  i.+ issue - John, Edmund, Anne, Bridget
  F.+ other issue - William, John, Harvey of Antigua, Edmund, Francis



John Kirrell of Sevenoaks & Goldhill (d before 1677)
CV reports John's marriage to Alice Barton but this was probably the John who (also) married ...
m1. Margaret Dalison (dsp, dau of William Dalison of Halling & sister of Maximilian)
m2. Alice Barton (bpt 11.11.1635, a 1677, dau of Thomas Barton of Goldhill, Hadlow)
1. Thomas Kirrell of Goldhill in Hadlow (bpt 05.03.1660, d before 09.04.1695)
  m. (28.01.1689) Mary Dalison (bpt 02.04.1661, d before 07.03.1739, dau of Maximilian Dalison of Hamptons)
  A. John Kirrell or Kirrill of Sevenoaks (bpt 02.03.1692, d before 19.12.1772) had issue
  m. (16.09.1718) Ann Stringer (bpt 17.01.1694, dau/coheir of Stephen Stringer of Triggs in Goudhurst)
  B. Elizabeth Kirrell or Kirrill (b c1682, d 01.05.1752)
  m. (02.1712) Jeffery Amherst of Riverhead (bpt 29.07.1677, d 21.10.1750)
2. Frances Kirrell (bpt 10.07.1666, d 05.06.1714)
  m. (13.06.1704) Henry Barton of Folkestone & Hoptons (d 23.11.1725)

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