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Families covered: Knull (Knill) of Byford, Knill of Knill (Knull of Knull), Brokenbergh of North Wraxhall

MGH identifies the arms of this family as "Gules, crusily-fitchy and a lion of gold". Whilst MGH shows the following John above the John just below (who married Joan), it does not connect them. However, BE1883 ('Braose of Gower') reports that he "is stated to have had from his father the manor of Knylle, or Knill, in the marches of Wales, and thence to have adopted the surname of Knill, and to have been ancestor of Jenkin Knill, Esq, of Knill, who m. Anne, dau and co-heiress of Sir Richard Devereux" who is shown on Knill2, the connection being through Eleanor de Brokenbergh below.
Sir John de Braose of Knylle/Knill, Herefordshire (a 1187, son of William)
m. (?) Amabel de Limesi
1. ?? de Knill presumed intermediary generation, possibly father (or grandfather) of ...
  A. John de Kenell of Knill & Byford (a 1248)
  m. Joan (d 03.1292-3)
  i. John de Knill of Knill, Upcote & Byford (dvm)
  m. Amice (a 1293, widow of John le Child)
  a. John de Knull (Knill) (a 1293, 1308)
  (1) Ralph de Knull (Knill) of Byford & Knull (Knill) (d before 30.05.1349)
  m. Margery (d before 04.07.1349)
  (2) Alice de Knull (Knill)
  m. John de Brokenbergh @@ below
  (3)+ other issue - Edmund, John (a 1308), Nicholas (a 1317, 1359, Rector of Knull)
  b. Yseud de Knill
  m. Adam de Eyton
  c.+ other issue - Amice, Isabel



Richard de Brokenberwe (Brokenbergh), Gloucestershire (a 1268)
m. Alice
1. Richard de Brokenbergh
  m. Rose de Wroxhale (dau/heir of Sir Geoffrey de Wroxhale of North Wraxhall by Juliana (dau of Richard le Waleys & granddau of Ralph Lanvaley))
  A. John de Brokenbergh of North Wraxhall, Wiltshire (a 1339)
  m. Alice de Knull (sister/heir of Ralph de Knull) @@ above
  i. Ralph de Brokenbergh of North Wraxhall & Knull (dspms 1390)
  ii. John de Brokenbergh (d by 1390)
  m. Alice (a 1347)
  a. Eleanor de Brokenbergh (d by 1390)
  m. Jevan ap Rees
  B. Robert de Brokenbergh (a 1321, parson of North Wraxhall)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : MGH (NS5 vol 5 (1925), 'Ancient Genealogy of Knill of Knill', p92+)
(2) For lower section : MGH (NS5 vol 5 (1925), 'Pedigree of Ralph de Brokenbergh of Brokenbergh in Almondsbury, co. Gloucester, Lord of Knill in 1367', p94+)
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