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Families covered: Kendall of Cofton, Kendall of Kingsbridge, Kendall of Treworgy

Richard Kendall of Treworgy, Cornwall (a 1330, MP)
BLG1886 identifies Richard as the ancestor of the Richard who is shown below as the first mentioned by BLG1952. The intervening generations come from Vivian who shows the connections with dotted lines, indicating that they are not certain.
1. Richard Kendall of Treworgy (a 1367)
  A. Richard Kendall of Treworgy, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1385)
  i. John Kendall
  ii. Stephen Kendall of Treworgy
  m. Christian
a. Richard Kendall 'of Dulo' of Treworgy (a 1456) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Jane Penpons (dau of Richard Penpons)
  (1) John Kendall of Treworgy
  m. Jane Holland (dau/heir of Sir Robert Holland, m2. Sir John Trelawny)
  (A) Edward (or Edmund) Kendall of Treworgy
  m. Elizabeth Glyn (d 20.12.1513, dau/coheir of John Glyn of Morval, m2. Gilbert Beckett)
BLG does not follow this line any further other than to confirm that Edward was ancestor of later Kendalls of Treworgy & Morval. BLG1886 reports that his representative temp Charles II was bur (at Morval) 12.01.1640 leaving a son John (of Treworgy) bpt 07.08.1631. One of the sections of Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Kendall) starts with the undermentioned Richard who was (we surmise) probably Edward's son or grandson.
(i) Richard Kendall in Cornwall, 'of Almorel' (b c1503, d 07.07.1546)
  m1. Alice Rowe (dau of John Rowe)
  (a) Thomas Kendall of Treworgie (Treworgy) (b c05.1525, bur 1600)
  m1. Joane Moyle (dau of Richard Moyle of Bake)
  ((1)) Richard Kendall 'of Treworgy' (dsp)
  m. Margaret Buller (dau of Francis Buller, m2. Sir Thomas Honywood of Kent)
  ((2)) Thomas Kendall of Treworgie (bur 27.10.1638)
  m. Dorothy Cosworth (dau/heir of Thomas Cosworth of Cosworth)
((A)) John Kendall of Treworgy (b c1601, bur 12.01.1640)
  m. Mary (bur 1637)
  ((i)) John Kendall of Treworgy (bpt 07.08.1631, a 1638)
  ((ii)) Thomas Kendall (bpt 1628)
  ((B)) Richard Kendall (bpt 1603)
  m. (1635) Philippa Tredenick ## see here ##
  ((i)) Thomas Kendall of Cutparrot in Morval (bpt 1637, d c12.1676)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((a))+ issue (a 10.1676) - Rebecca, Elizabeth
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Kendall (a 1676)
((C)) Thomas Kendall (b c1606, a 1620)
  ((D)) Alice Kendall
  m. (1626) John Tredinnick
  ((3)) Constance Kendall
  m. Richard Ley alias Kempthorne
  ((4)) Anne Kendall (bur 1649)
  m. (by 1598) John Killiowe (bur 1632)
  ((5))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Alice, Margaret
  m2. Elizabeth Fantleroy (dau of Bryan Fantleroy)
  (b) William Kendall (4th son)
  ((1)) Jane Kendall (bpt 1567)
  (c) Edward Kendall of Uffolcombe (d before 10.10.1586?)
  m. Agnes
  ((1)) Richard Kendall
  (d)+ other issue - John, Edmund
  m2. (after 03.01.1539) Alice Wise
  Not mentioned by BLG or Vivian, but possibly fitting here (though see the note below under Nicholas who may have been his ancestor), was the following Thomas whose descendants are as reported in Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Kendall', p514).
  (ii) Thomas Kendall of Treworgie, Cornwall
  (a) Richard Kendall of Kingsbridge, Devon
  m. Katherine Moore of Devon
  ((1)) John Kendall of Kingsbridge
  m1. Elizabeth Yeoman
  ((A)) John Kendall
  m2. Agnes Hoopwell (dau of Peter Hoopwell of West Allington)
  ((B)) George Kendall of Exeter (d before 07.07.1648)
  m. Katherine Moore (dau of Robert Moore of Exeter)
  ((i)) George Kendall of Cofton (d before 07.07.1648)
  m. (c07.1625) Anne Cooke of Exeter
  ((a)) George Kendall of Cofton (a 1648, cleric)
  ((b)) Mary Kendall (a 1647)
  m. John Roope
  ((c)) daughter (a 1647)
  m. John Winterborne
  ((d))+ other issue (a 1647) - William, Anne, Martha, Elizabeth
  ((ii)) Thomas Kendall
  m. (29.08.1639) Anne Amey
  ((a)) Thomas Kendall (bpt 01.05.1645)
  ((iii)) Zachary Kendall
  m. (23.06.1644) Lucy Thomas
  ((iv)) Anne Kendall
  ((C)) Joanna Kendall
  m. (c02.1616-7) Thomas Archer of Kingsbridge
  (b)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Joane
  (iii) Honor Kendall
  m. William Beare of St. Kaye
  (iv) Margaret Kendall
  m. John Robarts of Hellond
  (v) Katherine Kendall
  m. John Prendergast of Totnes
  (vi) Jane Kendall
m. Richard Sawle of Polgrine
  (B) William Kendall (a 1538)
  m. Margaret (widow of Pyne or Pelyn)
  (C) Walter Kendall of Pelyn, Cornwall (d 14.07.1547)
  m. Jane Rous (dau of John Rous of Modbury)
  (i) Nicholas Kendall of Pelyn (b c1511, d 1573 (or 06.1583))
  m. Loveday Kellow (dau of John Kellow of Lansells)
(ii) Lawrence Kendall
  m. Katherine Munday (dau of John Munday)
  (a) Mary Kendall
  m. Richard Moyle of St. Austell
  (iii) Constance Kendall
  m1. _ Bryant
  m2. Thomas Littleton of Lanhydrock
  (iv) Thomasine Kendall
  (2) Nicholas Kendall
  Nicholas is "said to be ancestor of Kendall, of co. Devon". Provisionally we show some Devonshire Kendalls above.
  (3) Elizabeth Kendall
  m. Thomas Bond
  (4) Jane Kendall
  m. John Skory of Whalesborough
  iii. Thomas Kendall
  m. Matilda Trewhenheleck (dau of William Trewhenheleck)
  iv. Jane Kendall
  m. John Tresithney
  B. Robert Kendall
2. John Kendall
  A. John Kendall

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Kendall of Pelyn', p258+), BLG1886 ('Kendall of Pelyn'), BLG1952 ('Kendall of Pelyn')
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