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Families covered: Jocelyn of High Roding, Jocelyn (Josselyn) of Hyde Hall

(1) Although BP1934 uses 'Jocelyn' throughout, and that spelling is given precedence by Lodge, this family's name was spelt variously over the centuries. Lodge suggests that the (original) French/Norman version was Gosselin and that the Latin was Jocelinus, which is also shown in Visitation2 for the first few generations.
(2) Lodge reports that "the family derives its defcent from Carolus Magnus, King of France, with more certainty than the houfes of Lorain or Guife, who fo highly boaft of it" and then provides the following connection but, unfortunately, does so in a manner which we find difficult to use to make the connection to Charlemagne's line, confusing the issue somewhat with irrelevant references to the Josceline who was ancestor of the Percys.
m. Gerbuez (dau of Lotharius, King of Frances)
1. Giles (Egidius) Josselin (a 1045, to England)
  A. Sir Gilbert Josselin of Sempringham & Tyrington, Lincolnshire (a 1066, d 1130)
  i. 'Saint' Gilbert Joselin of Sempringham (b c1083, d 04.02.1189, founder of the Gilbertine Order of nuns)
  Visitation2 starts with St. Gilbert and shows him as father of Galfrid whereas Lodge identifies Geoffrey as his younger brother.
  ii. Geoffrey (Galfrid) de Jocelyn
  m. _ Bisset (dau of John Bisset)
  a. Sir William Jocelin
  m. Oswalda (dau of Sir Robert Goushold or Goushall or Godsell or Goushull)
  (1) Robert Joscelin
  m. _ (dau of John or James Fleming)
  (A) James Joscelin - continued below
  m. Joanna (dau of Henry Treckenholm or Throckingholden)



James Jocelyn of Essex - continued above the first mentioned by BP1934, Visitation1 & VisitationEW
m. Joanna (dau of Henry Treckenholm or Throckingholden)
1. Henry Jocelyn
  m. Jane Chastelyn (dau/heir (by Johanna, dau of John Sulliard) of William Chastelyn or Castelain son (by Johanna, dau of Thomas Fetiplace) of Robert son (by Beatrix, dau of Edmund Bamfield) of Richard son (by Isabel, dau of John FitzArcher of Grove) of Gervase Chastelin)
  A. Ralph Jocelyn (a 1201)
  Visitation1 shows Ralph as m. Maud, dau/heir of Sir John Hyde, and then shows his grandson Thomas as m. Mawde (m2. Sir Nicholas Villiers). VisitationEW names this generation as Thomas, showing him as m/ Maud. dau/heir of Sir John Hide, and then omits the Thomas shown below as his grandson. We follow BP1934, Lodge & Visitation2 as identifying her Ralph's wife as ...
  m. Beatrix
  i. John Jocelyn (a 1226)
  m. Katherine Battell (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Battell of Ongar by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Sir Richard Enfield)
  a. Thomas Jocelyn
  m. (1249) Maud Hyde (dau/coheir of Sir John Hyde of Hyde Hall (by Elizabeth, dau of John, Lord Sudeley), m2. Sir Nicholas Villiers)
  (1) Thomas Jocelyn or Josselyn of Hyde Hall (a 1287)
  m1. Alice Liston (dau of William Liston or Leston)
  (A) Ralph Jocelyn (Josselyn) of Hyde Hall (d 1312?)
  m1. Anne Sandes (dau of William Sandes or Sandys)
  m2. Maud/Matilda Sutton (d 1353, dau of Sir John Sutton alias Dudley)
  (i) Geoffrey Jocelyn of Hyde Hall
  m. Margaret Rokell (dau of Robert Rokell or Rochill)
  (a) Ralph Jocelyn
  m. Margaret de Patmere (dau/heir of John de Patmere son (by Sarah) of John son (by dau/heir of John Baude of Somerby) of Philipp de Patmer)
  Visitation1 inserts here an additional generation, Rauffe, shown as father, by Petronill (dau of Phillip Palmer) of Thomas shown as father (by Mawde, dau of William Brancketor or Branktree) of Jefforey (m. Catherin Bray). VisitationEW shows Raphe as father of Thomas (m. Maud Brankred) father of Jeffrey (d 1470) father (by Katherine, dau of Thomas Lebraye) of Thomas (m. Alice Duke). The other sources support the following.
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Jocelyn (dsp)
  m. Maud Banker (dau of Adam Banker (not Branktree))
  ((2)) Geoffrey Jocelyn (d 1425)
  m1. Katherine Braye (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Braye)
  ((A)) Thomas Jocelyn of High Roding (a 1428)
  m. Alice Duke (dau of Lewis Duke of Dukes by Anne, dau/heir of John Cotton)
  ((i)) George Jocelyn of High Roding
  Lodge identifies George's wife as Maud, dau/heir of Edmond Bardolph, Lord Bardolph. Visitation1 & VisitationEW identify her as Maud, dau of Edmond/Edmund Bardolfe, but BP1934 & Visitation2 identify her as ...
  m. Maud Bardolfe (dau of Edward Bardolfe)
  ((a)) Ralph Jocelyn
  m. Catharine Martin (dau/coheir of Richard Martin)
  (((1))) John Jocelyn (d 1553, 2nd son)
m. Anna
  (((A))) Margaret Jocelyn
  m. John Farley
  (((2))) Jefforey (Geffrey) Jocelyn
  Visitation1 shows a Jefforey of this generation as father of the Thomas of Horkseley who m. Elizabeth Hadesley (Hadleigh). We show that Geoffrey as grandson of the Geoffrey shown below as d 1470.
  (((3)))+ other issue - George (dsp), Gabriel (dsps)
  ((b)) John Jocelyn of Hyde Hall & High Roding (d 1525)
m. Philippa Bradbury (dau of William Bradbury)
  ((c)) Philip Jocelyn (cleric)
  ((d)) Elizabeth Jocelyn
  Lodge shows Elizabeth as m. Robert FitzWalter. Visitation2 shows the following:
  m. Robert FitzHerbert
  (((1))) Anna FitzHerbert
  m. John Bettenham
  ((B)) Geoffrey Jocelyn (d 01.1470)
  ((C)) Sir Ralph Jocelyn, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 1480, MP)
  m1. Philippa Malpas (dau of Philip Malpas)
  ((i)) Richard Jocelyn of Fidlers, Essex
  ((a)) Beatrix Jocelyn
  m. John Browne
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth (either dau of William Berkley of Aspeden or dau of William Barley of Biggleswade, m2. Sir Robert Clifford (son of Lord Thomas))
  ((D))+ other issue - William (dsp), Margery, Elizabeth
  m2. Joan
  m2. Joan Le Blount (dau of John Le Blount, m2. Thomas Marshall)

Main source(s):
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(2) Visitation (Essex, 1612, 'Joselyn, Jocelin. No. 1'), referred to above as 'Visitation1'
(3) Visitation (Essex, 1612, 'Joselyn, Jocelin. No. 2'), referred to above as 'Visitation2'
(4) Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 4, 1902, 'Josselyn', p46+) referred to above as 'VisitationEW'
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