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Families covered: Irvine of Brucklaw (Brucklay), Irvine (Irwin) of Drum, Irvine of Fedderet, Irvine of Murthill, Irvine of Saphock

We hope in due course to connect the undermentioned family with that of the Irvings of Bonshaw who may share a common ancestor in ...
Irwyn of Bonshaw
1. William de Irwin, 1st of Drum (b c1260, d c1335)
  A. William (Thomas) de Irwin, 2nd of Drum (b c1317, d c1390)
  m. _ Montford (dau of Sir Thomas Montford of Lonmay)
  i. Sir Alexander de Irwin, 3rd of Drum (d Harlaw 24.07.1411)
  ii. Sir Robert (aka Alexander) de Irwin, 4th of Drum (d before 03.11.1457)
  m. Elizabeth Keith (d 1400, dau of Sir Robert Keith, Marischal)
a. Alexander Irvine, younger of Drum (dvp 1454)
  m. ?? Abernethy (dau of Laurence Abernethy, 1st Lord Saltoun)
  (1) Alexander Irvine, 5th of Drum, Sheriff of Aberdeenshire (d 12.1493)
  m1. Elizabeth Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes, 1st Lord)
  (A) Sir Alexander Irvine, 6th of Drum, Sheriff of Aberdeen (d before 04.12.1527)
  m. (before 08.07.1475) Janet Keith (dau of Gilbert Keith, 3rd of Inverugie, 1st of Ludquharn)
  (i) Alexander Irvine, 7th of Drum (d after 1553)
  m. Janet Allardyce (dau of John Allardyce of that ilk)
  (a) Alexander Irvine of Lonmay, younger of Drum (dvp Pinkie 09.09.1547)
  m. (1526) Elizabeth Ogilvy (dau of James Ogilvy, younger of Findlater)
((1)) Alexander Irvine, 8th of Drum (d 1603)
  m. (c1581/1552?) Elizabeth Keith (dau of William Keith, 4th Earl Marischal)
  ((A)) Alexander Irvine, 9th of Drum (d c1630)
  m. (1590) Marion Douglas (dau of Robert Douglas, Earl of Buchan)
  ((i)) Alexander Irvine, 10th of Drum, Sheriff of Aberdeen (d 1658)
  m. (02.07.1617) Magdalene Scrimgeour (dau of Sir John Scrimgeour, 1st Viscount Dudhope)
  ((a)) Alexander Irvine, 11th of Drum (d 1687)
m1. (08.12.1643) Mary Gordon (dau of George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly)
  (((1))) Alexander Irvine, 12th of Drum (b c1646, dsps 03.01.1696)
  m. Marjory/Mary Forbes (dau of Forbes of Auchreddie)
  (((A))) son (d birth)
  (((2))) Mary Irvine
  m. (03.08.1679) Patrick Leslie, 15th of Balquhain
  (((3))) Margaret Irvine
  m. Gilbert Menzies, 4th of Pitfoddels
  (((4))) Jean Irvine
m. (1693) Alexander Irvine of Murthill, 13th of Drum (d 1720) @@ below
  m2. Margaret Coutts
  (((5))) Charles Irvine (d 1693)
  (((6))) 3 daughters
  ((b)) Marion Irvine
  m. (08.11.1642) James Crichton, 1st Viscount of Frendraught (b c1620, d before 17.08.1665)
  ((c)) Jean Irvine
  m. George Crichton, 1st of Auchingoul (d before 30.07.1702)
  ((d)) Margaret 'Bonnie Peggie' Irvine (d 12.1662)
  m. Charles Gordon, 1st Earl of Aboyne (d 03.1681)
  ((ii)) Robert Irvine, 1st of Fedderet or Federat (d after 24.06.1664)
  m. (04.12.1621) Elizabeth Campbell (dau of Sir Duncan Campbell, 1st Bart of Glenorchy)
  ((a)) Alexander Irvine, 2nd of Fedderet (dsp before 13.11.1665)
  m. Elizabeth Ogilvie
((b)) John Irvine (Captain)
  ((c)) Lucrece Irvine
  m. George Gordon, 8th of Gight
  ((d)) Marion Irvine
  m. (1656) Thomas Fraser, 4th of Strichen (d 26.02.1685)
  ((iii)) Mary Irvine
  m. (1628) Sir Robert Grahame of Morphie (d c1666)
  ((iv)) Anne Irvine
  m. (16.09.1622) Sir John Ogilvy, 1st Bart of Inverquharity (d before 1663)
  ((v)) Janet Irvine
  m. (before 1624) Sir William Douglas, 1st Bart of Glenbervie (d after 25.03.1653)
  ((vi)) Margaret Irvine probably of this generation
  m. George Ogilvy, 1st Lord Banff (d 11.08.1663)
  ((B)) Robert Irvine, 1st of Montcoffer
  m. Margaret Skene (dau of Alexander Skene of that ilk)
  ((i)) ?? Irvine
((a)) Robert Irvine (dspm)
  ((C)) James Irvine, 1st of Brucklaw (d before 20.09.1679)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS4 vol 5 (1914), 'Pedigree of the Family of Irvine of Brucklay', p13) which identifies his wife/cousin Lucretia as dau of Gilbert Irvine of Cullery. Provisionally we follow BLG1952 which suggests that her father was a different uncle (see below).
m. Lucrece Irvine (cousin, dau of Robert Irvine of Tillylair)
  ((i)) John Irvine, 2nd of Brucklaw or Brucklay (d before 20.09.1679)
  m1. Margaret Urquhart (dau of Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty)
  ((a)) Alexander Irvine of Ironsydes (dvpsp)
  ((b)) Christian Irvine
  m. Alexander Forbes of Auchmaleidie or Auchreddy (of the family of Tolquhoun)
  ((c)) Lucrece Irvine (b c1620?, d 1717)
  m. Arthur Dingwall of Broomhill (b c1620, d 1707)
  m2. Jean Johnston (dau of Sir George Johnston of Caskieben)
  ((d)) Marion Irvine
m. Robert Keith of Lentash & Fedderate (Fedderet)
  ((ii)) Gilbert Irvine in Aberdeen, of Allries
  m. Janet Innes (dau of _ Innes of Untoch, brother of laird of Innes)
  ((a)) John Irvine, 1st of Saphock (minister of Kilmacolm then Aberdeen)
  m. (08.12.1668) Janet Birnie (dau of Rev. Robert Birnie)
  (((1))) Alexander Irvine, 2nd of Saphock (b 11.02.1679, d 1745)
  m. (mcrt 02.03.1724) Barbara Dundas (dau of George Dundas, 22nd of Dundas)
  (((A))) Mary Irvine
  m. (09.12.1774) Sir Alexander Ramsay-Irvine, 6th Bart of Balmain (dsp 11.02.1806)
  (((2))) Christian Irvine
m. Alexander Forbes of Barnes
(((3)))+ other issue - James (b 1687), Helen (b 05.01.1685, d unm 12.1726), Elizabeth (b 1674), Mary (b 1676), Margaret (b 1686)
  ((b)) James Irvine
  ((D)) William Irvine of Easter Beltie (a 04.1602) had issue
  ((E)) John Irvine, 1st of Artamford
  m. Beatrix Irvine (dau of John Irvine of Hatton and Pitmurchie)
  Ancestors of the 16th & later lairds of Drum.
  ((F)) daughter
  m. Alexander Keith, 3rd of Ravenscraig
  ((G)) Elizabeth Irvine
  m. (before 22.02.1597) James Ogilvy, 5th of Boyne (b c1570, d 1619)
  ((H)) Margaret Irvine
  m1. (before 27.03.1597) Gilbert Menzies of Pitfoddels
  m2. Alexander Duff, 3rd of Torriesoul (d 1606-7)
((2)) William Irvine of Ardlogie
  ((3)) Robert Irvine of Tillylair ancestor of Irvines of Fortrie
  ((4)) Gilbert Irvine of Colairlie
  ((A)) ?? Irvine
  ((i)) Alexander Irvine of Murthill (d 1692)
  ((a)) Alexander Irvine of Murthill, 13th of Drum (d 1720)
  m. Jean Irvine (dau of Alexander Irvine, 11th of Drum) @@ above
  (((1))) Alexander Irvine, 14th of Drum (b c1695, d 1735)
  (((2)))+ 2 daughters
  ((b)) John Irvine, 15th of Drum (dsp 1737)
  m. Catherine Fullarton (dau of Robert Fullarton of Dudwick)
((5)) James Irvine (d 1596)
  ((6)) John Irvine (d young)
  ((7)) Janet Irvine
  m. Alexander Gordon, 4th of Abergeldie (d 1594)
  ((8)) Elizabeth Irvine
  m. Alexander Seton, 6th of Meldrum
((9)) Margaret Irvine
  m. (c1555) William Cheyne, 8th of Arnage
  (b) Margaret Irvine (d 08.1603)
  m. Andrew Fraser, 5th of Stoneywood (d before 03.07.1563)
(ii) Mary (or Elizabeth) Irvine
  m. Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie (d 29.09.1570)
  (iii) Elspet Irvine --
  m. Sir George Ogilvy, 2nd of Boyne (d before 1512) --
  (iv) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Duguid of Auchinhove (a 1525)
  (B) Richard Irvine of Craigtown ancestor of Irvines of Biltown
  (C) Henry Irvine of Sunnyside, 1st of Kingcausie (d c1548)
  m. Janet Collison (dau of John Collison, 1st of Auchlunies, Lord Provost of Aberdeen)
(D) Agnes Irvine --
  m. Sir William Leslie, 4th of Balquhain --
  m2. _ Lindsay
  (E) Janet Irvine
  m1. (1478) David Barclay of Fawsyde, younger of Mathers (dvp)
  m2. (1480) John Cummyn of Culter
  Possibly of this generation, but by which wife is not known, was ...
  (F) Elizabeth Irvine
  m. John Ross of Auchlossin (a 1507)
  (2) Elizabeth Irvine
  m. Thomas Allardyce of Allardyce
  (3) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Ogston of Fettercairn (a 1469)
  b. Robert Irvine of Beltie (a 1452) ancestor of Irvines of Lenturk & Irvines in Germany

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Forbes Irvine of Drum')
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