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Families covered: Hesketh of Birmingham, Hugessen of Linsted, Hugessen of Provender(s), Hugessen of Stodmarsh Court, Harper of Wellington, Harper of Norchard, Hayward of Carsington

Robert Hesketh of Platt, Lancashire (minister)
m1/2. Jane Tincknell
1. William Hesketh of Leeds
  m. Martha Heald of Lupsethall
  A. Robert Hesketh of Birmingham
  m. Jane Fountaine of Craven
  i.+ issue - William, Robert, Richard, Edward, Samuel, Nancy
  B.+ other issue - Samuel of Birmingham (dsp), Sarah (b c1736, d unm 1820)
m2/1. (06.04.1708) Hannah Sykes (dau of Joseph Sykes of Leeds)
2. Bethia Hesketh
  m. _ Blankhorn of York
  A. Bethia Blankhorn
  m. _ Phipps of Whitechapel (uphosterer)
3. Bathshua Hesketh
  m. Joseph Swaine of Bradford
4.+ other issue (all hosiers in London) - Joseph (dsp), John (dsp), Edward



BLG1858 reports that this family "originally came from the town of Dunkirke, in Flanders" and suggests that the purchaser of the estate of Provender (in 1633) was James, father of Sir William. BLG1858 then jumps from Sir William to Mary, dau/coheir of William Western Hugessen (by Thomasine Honywood), identifying her as 5th in descent from Sir William. BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent', vol 6, 'Parishes: Norton') indicates that there was (at least) one additional generation, with the father of William, being son of the following James, but does not provide the number of generations indicated by BLG1858. CountyGen (Kent), which spells the family name as Hugesen, provides the connection from the 1st James to John (dvp). We presume to show the following.
James Hugessen of Dover & Linsted, 1st of Provender (Provenders), Kent (d 1637)
m. Joyce Eaton
1. James Hugessen of Sewards in Linsted, later of Provender (Provenders), Sheriff of Kent (d 1646)
  m. Jane Adrian
  A. Sir William Hugessen of Linsted (d 1675)
  m1. Elizabeth Hippesley (dau of John Hippesley of Bushpark)
  i. John Hugessen (dvp)
  m. Christian Hales (dau of Samuel Hales of Tunstall) presumed parents of ...
a. Sir William Hugessen of Linsted & Provender, Sheriff of Kent (d 1719)
  This appears to be the Sir William who, according to BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent', vol 3, 'Parishes: Nutsted'), married ....
  m. Elizabeth Adye (dau of Edward Adye of Barham (son of John of Doddington), sister/coheir of James of Nutsted)
  (1) William Hugessen of Provender (d 18.01.1753-8)
m1. (sp) Martha Gott (dau of Peter Gott)
  m2. (1734) Dorothy Tyssen (bpt 20.10.1701, bur 03.06.1749, dau of Francis Tyssen of Hackney)
  (A) William Western Hugessen of Provender (b 1734-5, d 19.06.1764)
  m. (1757) Thomasine Honywood (b 1714-5, bur 25.01.1774, dau of Sir John Honywood, Bart)
  (i) Dorothy Hugessen
  m. (03.1779) Joseph Banks of Revesby Abbey
  (ii) Mary Hugessen (d 24.05.1784)
m. (07.1780) Sir Edward Knatchbull, 8th Bart (d 01.09.1819)
  (iii) Sarah Hugessen (b c1763, d 1777)
  (2) John Hugessen of Stodmarsh Court, later also of Nutsted Court
  m(2). Amy Courthope (dau of William Courthope of Stodmarsh)
  (A) William Hugessen of Stodmarsh Court probably the William who married ...
  m. Sarah Hooper (dsp 1761, dau of William Hooper)
(B) John Hugessen, last of Stodmarsh Court (a 1767)
  (C)+ other issue - Amy, Elizabeth
  (3) Edward Hugessen of Nutsted Court (dsp)
  ii. Ann Hugessen
  m. Ralph Wecherlin
  iii. Elizabeth Hugessen
  m2. Margery Brockman (dau of Sir William Brockman)
  iv. Dorothy Hugessen
  m. James Bunce
  m3. Ann Sonds (dau of Sir Richard Sonds)
2. Mary Hugessen possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Evering of Alkham



John Harp (sic) of Wellington, Herefordshire
m. _ Cricktofte (dau/coheir)
1. William Harper 'of Wellington'
  Visitation shows William's wife as "doughter of Eustace Whitney" but she was probably ...
  m. ?? Whitney (dau of Robert Whitney son of Sir Eustace)
A. John Harper
  m. _ Bewpere or Beaupre
  i. William Harper
  m. Jane Whitington (dau of John Whitington of Panthley (Pauntley))
  a. John Harper of Amerley
  m. (1560?) Sybell or Eleanor Walwin (dau of Thomas Walwin of Longforde in Lugwardine)
  (1)+ issue (a 1569) - William (b c1547), Nicholas (b c1548), John (b c1551), Henry (b c1556), Elizabeth, Mary, Alyce
  b. Alyes Harper
  m. John Wilton (Welton)
  c. Margery Harper
  m. Thomas Shapam (Shipham)
  d.+ other issue - Thomas, Anthony
  ii. Mawde Harper possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Welford



BLG1952 starts with 2 brothers who we show as sons of ...
?? Harper of Ombersley, Worcestershire
1. Humphrey Harper
  m. (1583) ??
2. Philip Harper
  m. (1600) ??
  A. Edward Harper of Norchard, Worcestershire (bpt 1611, d c1672)
i. Edward Harper of Norchard (b 1654)
  m. Elizabeth Harward
  a. Philip Harper (b 1690, d 1747, 4th son)
  (1) Edmund Harper of Gosport, Hampshire (b 1725, surgeon)
  m. (1754) Susanna Strachey (dau/coheir of Thomas Strachey, uncle of Sir Henry Strachey, 1st Bart)
  (A) Tristram Harper (b 1760, only surviving son)
  m. Mary Jellicoe (dau of Adam Jellicoe of the Navy Pay Office)
  (i) Henry John Chitty Harper, Bishop of Christchurch, Primate of New Zealand (b 1804, d 1893) had issue
  m. Emily Weddell Woolridge (dau of Charles Woolridge of Winchester)
  (ii)+ other issue
  b.+ 4 sons and 6 daughters



Robert Hayward of Carsington, Derbyshire (b c1611, d 11.06.1701)
m1. Elizabeth Bourne of Derby (b 1620-1, d 12.06.1653)
1. Joseph Hayward of London (b 18.08.1647, d unm 12.11.1679)
m2. (04.03.1654-5) Ann Coates (bur 11.11.1718, dau of Rev. Peter Coates of Wingfield)
1. Benjamin Hayward of Cromford (b 09.08.1657, a 1687)
  m. (22.10.1685) Elizabeth Wigley (bur 12.02.1692, dau/coheir of Henry Wigley of Senior Field)
  A. Joshua Hayward (bpt 28.10.1686)
  m. Eleanor Colvile of Hull
  i. Benjamin Hayward of Minchin Hamoton, Gloucestershire (bpt 22.03.1709, d 13.10.1787, apothecary)
  m. Ann Seale (b c1714, d 1774, sister of Thomas Seale)
  a. Martha Hayward (b c1738, d 1777)
  m. Richard Brown of Minchin Hampton (surgeon)
  b.+ other issue - Benjamin (b/d 1740), Ann (b c1749, d 1763)
  ii.+ other issue - Anne Marie (bur 09.02.1715), 2 daughters (d young)
  B. Wigley Hayward of Senior Field (lead merchant)
  m1/2. Elizabeth Cooper (dau of _ Cooper, alderman of Derby)
  i. Elizabeth Hayward (d 1787)
  m. Edmund Hodgkinson of Matlock Mill
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - Samuel, Mary
m2/1. Jane Bradsby of Derby (relict of _ Nix of London)
  C. Robert Hayward
  D. Elizabeth Hayward
  m. (03.1705) Robert Mower of Winster
2. Robert Hayward (b c1659, a 1687)
3. Elizabeth Hayward (b 24.01.1661, d 1720)
  m. (23.04.1685) Richard Bateman of Hartington Hall (dsp 1731)
4. Hannah Hayward
  m. (19.11.1689) Rev. Nathaniel Scholes
5. Milicent Hayward
  m. (20.08.1697) John Davyes of Leicester

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