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Families covered: Hudleston of Hudleston (Hodelston), Hudleston (Hodelston) of Millom (Millum)

Commoners reports that "According to the York Manuscript, the Hodelstons derive their name from Hodelston in Yorkshire where they were seated for several generations antecedently to the Conquest. The pedigree begins with" the following Adam. Hutchinson adds an earlier generation, also named Adam.
Adam (of Hodelston)
1. John (of Hodelston)
  A. Richard (of Hodelston)
  i. Richard (of Hodelston)
  a. Nigel de Hodelston
  (1) Sir Gilbert de Hodelston (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  (2) Reginald de Hodelston
  (A) Sir Richard Hudleston of Hudleston (a 1205, 1227) BLG1952 starts with this Richard; dates from Commoners
  (i) John Hudleston, lord of Millom or Millum
Visitation (Cumberland) starts with this John and shows his son John's wife as Joan, dau/heire of Sir Adam de Millum. Commoners identifies this John's wife as Sybel, dau of Laurence son of Richard de Kirkbie, and his son John's wife as Joan, dau/heiress of Adam de Boivil of Millum (ie. agrees with Visitation). BLG1952 reports that John was "jure uxoris, Lord of Millom" and that his wife was Sibyl, dau of Lawrence de Cornwall. We presume that Visitation, and hence Commoners, got the generations the wrong way around and that this John married ...
  m. Joan de Boivil (dau/heir of Adam de Boivil (Boyvill) of Millom)
  (a) John Hudleston, lord of Millom (a 1300)
  Visitation (Cambridgeshire) starts with this John. Hutchinson, which does not name his wife, shows him as elder brother rather than father of Sir Richard.
  m. (before 1279) Sibyl (dau of Lawrence de Cornwall)
  ((1)) Sir Richard de Hudleston, lord of Millom (d before 11.1334)
  m. Alice Troughton (dau of Richard Troughton)
  Visitation (Cumberland) shows Richard & Allice as parents of Sir John (m. dau of Henery ffenwick), father of Richard, father of Richard, father of the SIr John who maried Jane Stapleton. As mentioned below, Visitation (Cambidgeshire) differs from all of the other sources on the next few generations.
  ((A)) Sir John de Hudleston of Millom (a 1335)
  m. Maude Pennington (dau of Sir William de Pennington)
  ((i)) Sir John de Hudleston of Millom (d before 28.11.1398) - continued below
  m. Catherine Tempest (dau of Sir Richard Tempest of Bowling)
  (b) Sir Adam de Hodelston (a 1275, MP) not mentioned by BLG1952



Sir John de Hudleston of Millom (a 1390, d before 28.11.1398) - continued above
m. Catherine Tempest (dau of Sir Richard Tempest of Bowling)
(1) Commoners shows the next few generations as Richard (m. Anne, dau of Sir John Fenwicke of Fenwicke), father of Richard (m. Margaret, dau of Robert, Lord Harrington, by Isabel Loryng), father of John (m. Joane, dau of Sir Miles Stapleton), father of Richard (m. Margaret Nevill).
(2) Visitation (Cambridgeshire) identifies this John's wife just as Catherine then shows Richard (a 24H6 ie. c1448!), m. Mary, dau of Sir John Freeston), father of John (m. Anne, dau of Sir William Tempest), father of Richard (m. Elizabeth, dau of Humfrey, Lord Dacres), father of Sir John (m. Mary, dau of Sir Henery Fenwick), father of Sir Richard (m. Margaret Nevell).
(3) Hutchinson shows John & Catherine Tempestas parents of Richard (m. Anne Fenwick) father of Sir RIchard (m. Margaret Harrington) father of Sir John (m. Jane Stapleton).
(4) We are following BLG1952 (Hudleston) which we presume was based on further research after Commoners (and the Visitations) and changed the order of the generations as shown below.
1. Sir Richard Hudleston of Millom Castle
  m. Katherine Harington (dau of Sir John Harington of Farleton)
A. Richard Hudleston
  BLG1952 identifies Richard's wife just as Joan. We had thought that this must have been Joan, dau of Sir Miles Stapleton, but then noted that there was another wife identified as Joan, dau of Sir Miles Stapleton (Stapylton), 2 generations later. That does not mean that this Joan could not also have been a Stapleton but for the moment we leave her identity just as ...
  m. Joan
  i. Sir John Hudleston of Millom, Sheriff of Cumberland then Cambridgeshire (d 06.11.1493)
  m. (c1440) Mary Fenwick (dau of Henry Fenwick of Fenwick)
a. Sir Richard Hudleston (dvp by 1487)
  m. Margaret Nevill (natural dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick)
  (1) Richard Hudleston (b 1476, dsp 05.10.1502)
  m. Elizabeth Dacre (dau of Humphrey Dacre, 1st Lord of Gillesland)
  (2) Margaret Hudleston
  m. Lancelot Salkeld of Whitehall
  (3) Joan Hudleston
  m. Hugh Fleming of Rydal
  b. Sir John Hudleston of Millom and Temple Guiting, Sheriff of Gloucester then Cumberland (b c1445, d 01.01.1512)
  m. (c1485) Joan Stapylton (d 13.05.1519, dau of Sir Miles Stapylton of Ingham)
  c. Sir William Hudleston or Hodleston of Sawston (Salston) and Dernford
  m. Isabella Nevill (dau of John Nevill, Marquess of Montagu, sister of George, Duke of Bedford)
  B. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas de Senhouse (a 1433)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Hudleston of Hutton John), Commoners (vol 2, Huddleston of Sawston) with some support from Visitation (Cumberland, 1615, Hudleston), Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Hudleston) and 'The History and Antiquities of Cumberland' by William Hutchinson (vol I, 1794, p527)
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