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Families covered: Hovenden of Ballickmoyler, Hovenden of Ballyfoyle, Hovenden of Gurteen, Hovenden of Tankardstown Castle

Thomas Hovenden of Tankardstown Castle & Ballylehane Castle, Queen's Co. (d 1657)
m. Margaret FitzPatrick (dau of Thady FitzPatrick, 4th Baron of' Upper Ossory by Joan)
1. John Hovenden of Tankardstown 'Castle' (d 1680)
  m. Mary Butler (dau of Edward Butler, 1st Viscount Galmoye, by Anne Butler)
  A. Thomas Hovenden of Towlerton Park, Queen's Co. (d 1695)
  m. Jane Hovenden (dau of James Hovenden of Ballyfoyle by Margaret, dau of Henry Wycombe of co. Wicklow) @1@ below
  i. Thomas Hovenden of Towlerton Park & Gurteen, etc. (a 03.1744)
  m. Letitia Mosley
  a. John Hovenden of Gurteen (d 07.10.1797)
  m1. (08.12.1749) Mary Fitzgerald (dau of Thomas Fitzgerald of Moret)
  (1) Frances Hovenden
  m1. Stephen Fitzgerald
  m2. Bryan Stapleton
  (2) Margaret Hovenden
  m. Thomas Alley (cousin)
(3) Lancetto Hovenden (b 1755, dsp 19.03.1834)
  m. (1776) John Tubbs of Loftus Hill
  m2. Agnes Moore (dau of William Moore of Queen's Co.)
  (4) John Moore Hovenden (d 22.03.1829, Captain)
  m. (1802) Delia Warner (dsp 11.06.1803, dau of Charles Warner of Carlow)
  (5) Henry Hovenden (d 05.12.1827)
  m1. Frances Hovenden (dau of Piers Hovenden of Ballickmoyler) @2@ below
  (A) Francis Hovenden of Ballickmoyler (b 12.07.1802, d unm 06.02.1824)
  (B) Anne Hovenden of Ballickmoyler (dsp 24.03.1863)
  m1. Thomas Gregory (d 03.09.1831)
  m2. James Jackson Marshall (d 13.01.1857)
  m2. Maria Warner (d 02.12.1828, dau of Charles Warner)
  (C) Florinda Maria Hovenden of Ballickmoyler (b 06.12.1804, d unm 10.05.1884)
(D) Julia Hovenden (b 17.12.1805, dsp 20.10.1862)
  m. William Hovenden of Tierernane (cousin)
  (E) Harriet Hovenden
  m. J. Higgins
  (6) Moore Hovenden of Tierenane (5th son) had issue
m. (1812) Julia Warner (d 01.04.1865, dau of Charles Warner)
  (7) Thomas Hovenden of Gurteen (d unm 1869)
  (8)+ other issue - Pierce (d unm, Captain), Moseley (d 26.06.1826), Jane (d unm 03.1811)
  b. Piers Hovenden of Ballickmoyler
  m. Eleanor Hovenden (dau of Henry Hovenden, cousin) @3@ below
  (1) William Hovenden of Ballickmoyler (d unm 24.09.1804)
  (2) Anne Hovenden (dsp)
m. (1794) Thomas Phelan of Naas
  (3) Frances Hovenden (d 21.07.1802)
  m. Henry Hovenden @2@ above
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth (d 12.03.1809), Eleanor
  c. Mary Hovenden (dsp)
  m. Thomas Rutledge
  d. Jane Hovenden
  m1. William Greene
  m2. Nicholas Howenden (son of Arthur by Elizabeth Aylmer, cousin) @4@ below
  e. Margaret Hovenden
  m. (1736) George Stanley of Clonmore (grandson of George & Jane Burdet, aunt of Sir Thomas Burdet, Bart of Garrahill)
f. Lancetto Hovenden
  m. Gerald Alley of Quuen's Co.
  g. Anne Hovenden
  m. Thomas Hovenden (cousin)
  (1) son
  h.+ other issue (d young) - Henry, Giles
  ii. Henry Hovenden probably of this generation
a. Arthur Hovenden of Merrymount
  m. Mary Hartpole (dau of George Hartpole of Shrule Castle)
  b. Eleanor Hovenden
  m. Piers Hovenden of Ballickmoyler @3@ above
  iii. Nicholas Hovenden probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Aylmer
  a. Nicholas Hovenden
  m. Jane Hovenden (dau of Thomas Hovenden of Gurteen, widow of William Greene) @4@ above



Giles Hovenden (to Ireland)
1. John Hovenden of Killaban
  A. James Hovenden of Ballyfoyle (b 1586, d 21.11.1637)
  m. Margaret Wycombe (dau of Henry Wycombe of co. Wicklow)
  i. Robert Hovenden of Ballyfoile possibly of this generation
  m. Susan Bowen (dau of Robert Bowen of Ballyadams)
  ii. Jane Hovenden
  m. Thomas Hovenden of Towlerton Park (d 1695) @1@ above

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Hovenden of Gurteen)
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